Fulmer statement on Alabama subpoena

Phillip Fulmer Statement Regarding Alabama Subpoena

From Davidson County All-Sports Picnic

“I do have to be a little bit careful - a lot more than I’d like to be.

I was getting out of the car and was tossed a piece of paper that I picked up, stuck it in with a whole bunch of things that I had been reading on my way in from the airport and handed it to Bud Ford to put in his briefcase and forgot about it. I got a bunch of questions (from the media) about a subpoena that I hadn’t seen.

I wasn’t expecting a subpoena but maybe every time I go to Birmingham I probably will be expecting a subpoena. As it turns out its some sort of subpoena to do something, and I will let the attorneys all handle that. The issue is its all crap and they are trying to use the press trying to use a day that’s very special to the Southeastern conference for players and the coaches.

Because they can’t win legally they are trying to play the game in the press I am more than a little PO’d about any part of that. It’s sad that a few publicity hunting lawyers in one of our sister states want to keep open a chapter of history that has long since been closed and as far as I’m concerned will stay closed. Obviously this is an effort to distract our football team or distract me in some way. The last time this happened we won the division with two freshman quarterbacks. We won’t be distracted I had a good conversation with the commissioner about it.

About being in Birmingham, I wasn’t trying to mislead anybody. I hadn’t looked at anything.”

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Comments » 44

drone#208075 writes:

Again did any news about the football team occur today? Seems coach has it right - just something to play out in the media. How about some real football news?

tngivem6 writes:

no kinding drone....
I come on here to hear media news and all I get is this ..."its all phooey."
Fire'em up Phil!!!

gavol writes:

The SEC should review this recurring situation and consider moving Media Days from Alabama. Media Days has turned into the Comedy Hour. Alabama once was a football State. The poor state of football in Alabama can be blamed only on the State. Show some pride in the Crimson State, and JUST PLAY FOOTBALL. Bear would be ashamed of the wimps and their new attitude.

tngivem6 writes:


gavol writes:

Fulmer should sue the SEC for forcing him to be subject to frivolous law suits by making him attend these Media Farces in Bama or fining him.

RJ_Vol writes:

YES, YOU GO GET THEM, COACH FULMER!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself.

"The issue is its all phooey and they are trying to use the press trying to use a day that’s very special to the Southeastern conference for players and the coaches."

"The last time this happened we won the division with two freshman quarterbacks. We won’t be distracted I had a good conversation with the commissioner about it."


DennisVols writes:

Some joker trying to sue the NCAA an apparently has some friends in the legal community in AL got a judge to forget about a 15 day waiting period after a subponea is issued and shows up at media days to try and gain publicity. This is pure BS and I agree with another poster on the earlier story. Move the Media Days out of Bama. Would serve em right to losse the possible millions that is spent there this week.

burntorangeVOLffle writes:

What did Coach say about the team, KNS? We have three, YES 3, articles on this now and not one about the team.

I don't usually get on the KNS about reporting but dang, this is effin ridiculous.

Smallmike4pres writes:

Hey for you guys upset about this being the story, let me give you the other topics the fat one spoke on:

"We have got a darn good football team & with a few lucky bounces & no injuries, we can have a dang good year. We're working like heck to get better & we're excited to death about our seniors."

There you go, that's why this is the story morons.

mike2ray#532619 writes:

This just proves once and for all that these Alabama people are trash. They are terrible people on the inside and out. They are beneath Coach Fulmer. Coach, you handled this much more diplomatically than I would have. You're a gentleman. Now, when they come to town in October, I want to hang 70 on them. Fire the boys up, Coach!

volwalk writes:

True Vol fans,

Since the KNS doesn't want to report about our football team and the interviews during media day. I found that you can go to www.secsports.com and click media days...they have the comments and some video footage of the interviews that have taken place today. Ayers, Foster and Coach Fulmer did a great job today and I am very excited to see the product that will be placed on the field this year.


pdhuff#552644 writes:

Phil, say nothing else about this, period.

It needs no help in snowballing. As most attys tell their clients, zip it.

They orchestrated this to a tee. From now on, nada.

WorkinLikeHeck writes:

Foolmore didn't know about the subpeona all day long just like he "wasn't aware" that HArdesty was suspened for the Bama game or just like Coker was missing his counseling sessions which led to him being kicked off the team conveniently after the South Carolina game.

WorkinLikeHeck writes:

At least Foolmore talked to teh media today for pretty much the first time since the end of Spring practice.

BornNBredAVol writes:

everyone go vote for knoxville for titletown on espn.com

VOLMAN40 writes:

mcdillweek has no life

VOLMAN40 writes:

that would be mcdillweed

unkind regards for Gator retards

mattlock writes:

Haven't they heard of ambulances in AL? Those boys are missing out on some good chasin'

Vol2Die4nLC writes:

Well, the Alabummers lost another Linebacker, Osaben said he was medically dis-qualified....... But we really now he's serving time and they would'nt let him out on a work release program.......

KnoxVol_in_TX writes:


...Our team has worked really hard during the course of the off season. Starting back in January, we had a couple of issues, off the field distractions that weren't very pleasant for us to deal with. And to our team's credit, to our coaches' credit, particularly to our seniors' credit, we haven't had anything that's come up really since February. I like that. I think that says something about our focus and our attitude, about what this team could and hopefully will be about.

We're certainly in a process right now with our football team growing, new offensive coordinator that I'm really excited about, new quarterback, in the same year, is a challenge, defensively, of getting back and playing at the level that we expect to play as we did against some teams last year, Arkansas, for an example; Georgia, in the championship game against LSU, to play at that level consistently is certainly a challenge.

The growth of our team from a leadership standpoint, I have made a list. There's about 11 or 12 guys on the offensive and defensive [sic] side that look like they can be outstanding leaders for us.

Then at the bottom of it, the question mark is, Will they do it? That's the big question as we go into the fall.
So not without our challenges as we go into this football season. I am excited about the fact that you're always looking for ways to motivate your football team any way that you can. I appreciate y'all's help picking us third or fourth in the East. Has served us pretty well at different times. We'll certainly use that.

I think we're probably at the best time in my 16 years as a head coach in this conference with incredible coaches that are in this league. You just look in our division, Vanderbilt played everybody tough and to the end. Had some big wins.

Georgia finishing second in the country. South Carolina in November was sixth in the country. Florida had a great football team and the best player in the country in Tim Tebow, and a couple of guys around him that are really special.

I guess we just happen to be playing in the best division, in the best conference in the entire country. So always a challenge. That's just the Eastern Division. LSU wins the National Championship on the other side...

Every year, even after 16 years, this time of year, last few days of vacation, you're thinking and writing notes down, everything you see wherever you are reminds you of something. You're getting ready to play. My wife usually says, It's time for you to go back to work because we're not paying enough attention to her.

I'm excited about this team and about getting back to work and seeing where we can go with this team. I'd a lot rather be playing for the SEC Championship in December than to be picked first in July in Birmingham. So we'll see if we can make that happen.


KnoxVol_in_TX writes:

That's it. I am gone from this site. Dont read John Adams' stories. F@CK JOHN ADAMS! GO VOLS!

1manningfan writes:

you know this situation today could have been alot worse, where is the security for these high profile coaches( shove it this time fulmer haters) this could have been really bad. This needs to be addressed. I hate alabama and and there fans but im not blaming them for this one, this guy needs to be fired and question for his actions today. Because what if this was an attempt to hurt coach today just bc some dumb redneck ran out of things to do so he decided to hurt another teams coach bc hes rivalry to his favorite team, and all upset cause Fulmer hurt his feelings. This guy should be ashamed and feel classless for the timing of this incident. Mike Slive should look into this and take action.

GerryOP writes:

Un-freakin-believable. Phil, buddy, you did this one to yourself ... You're just beggin' to be the main attraction at the next pig roast!

eefor10c writes:

There should be rules about posting the same messages on most of the articles. That way stupid you-know-who would at least have to write something different.

GerryOP writes:

So Elmer, what do you think about Fulmer's statement? Or do you just jump in here to criticize other posters?

GerryOP writes:

You too Daddy'O, do you have any comment about Coach Fulmer's statement?

Sir, you have a nice day.

Vol2Die4nLC writes:

It was John Adams who threw the subpoena at Phil-beo.................

gnm53108 writes:

pd...100% agree.Phil shouldnt give them squat.I wouldnt even acknowledge their existence.
As to other posters reguarding AL fans.I love a good joke,and nobody loves beating AL more than I do,but this isnt about AL fans.This is about one jerk booster and a two bit law firm trying to get some pub.
I go to the AL-TN game every year.They could play in Bagdad(or birmingham,same thing)and I would still be there.Now that we play them on the odd years in Tuscaloosa,I really enjoy the trips.We have ran across acouple of bad apples everytime down but the vast majority of their fans are there to have a good time and watch the best football game of the year.
Now dont get me wrong,the last two trips down there could have been alot better,but that had to do with the VOLS,not AL fans.

JohnnyU writes:

I can't believe this thing is still alive. Give it up already Gallion. This has become a sad joke. No, its beyond that now, its an insult. Since this thing first became involved in our consciousness we have become involved in a two front war in the middle east and I have seen twenty year old Marines blown up. We cannot be concerned in perpetuity over whether or not two Alabama assistant coaches had their civil rights violated over...... I cant even remember. GET OVER IT!!!! Unbelievable.

LargeOrange writes:

GerryOP, you are starting to sound like McGator or heaven forbid Workinlikeanidiot. It should be obvious to you that CPF was ambushed and set up in Birmingham freaking Alabama and you choose to side with the Bammers and criticize Fulmer over this? Pigroast comments? Get a grip, you are OD'ing on the Hater-Aid.

richvol writes:

Once again, the proven guilty are trying to say it's someone else's fault. Be a man...stand up, shut up and take your punishment.

This has been a public service announcement to the the state of Alabama.

Greyback_Vol writes:

Pretty much agree with most of those on here. It's pretty stupid.

On the flip side, I wish Fulmer had prepared his statement a little more carefully. There was a lot of rambling and it really didn't sound very intelligent. I understand he was upset and didn't have much time, but I would have liked to read something a little more intelligible.

GerryOP writes:

LargeOrange, I am not siding with anybody. But, Coach Fulmer's proclivity for making inane and embarrassing statements makes him an easy and sad target for criticism.

You do recall "pixie dust", "workin' like heck", "solved the tackling problem in a 30 minute meeting", "didn't know that Hardesty did not play", "their speed surprised us", "we were only 3/6/27/whatever plays from being undefeated", "the opening onside kick did not upset our rhythm", "my main job as head coach is educating and mentoring", "won't know until I check the tapes", yada, yada, yada? The saga continues.

Like the Adams column, this incident was inappropriate and uncalled for. However, Fulmer's reaction to both was ridiculous. Guess I expect more from a $2.4 mil a year executive!

TommyJack writes:

Doesn't it stretch credulity to think CPF did NOT know he was being served? I'm not hating on him...just seems like he should be more media savvy after all these years. Button up Coach and let the spinners handle this. 38 days.

LargeOrange writes:

True enough GerryOP, speech making is not his strong suit. I agree he should stick to what most coaches do, which is string together 7 or 8 cliche's and not speak off the cuff very often. aybe with some of the money we are saving over our main rival's coaches salaries, we should hire a good PR guy/speech writer for him.

GerryOP writes:

LargeOrange, re: PR person. Totally agree. Coach Fulmer with an ad hoc open microphone seems to be a prescription for disaster ... or just plain silliness! You would think he would have learned that by now!

volnation200973 writes:

would not expect anything less from the u of a , cry cry cry 6 and 6 4 million a year woo hoo. the bear is dead get over it!

LargeOrange writes:

I just watched the WBIR clip of CPF speaking in Nashville, I thought he did a pretty good job -
The best line (This is) "a night to celebrate Tennessee Football with all of our Middle Tennessee fans, and I am a new granddaddy and I don't give a phooey about anything that happens in Alabama." Hear Hear!!


VolFanInAtl writes:

I like it when CPF gets fired up. I bet he'd be fun to play for.

Greyback_Vol writes:

I know I complained about Fulmer's statement ,but over the past few years I've enjoyed seeing Fulmer become more candid with the media. I like to see coaches throw the politically correct stuff out the window and talk like normal folks.

That said, there is a difference between candor and sounding like you've got about as much sense as a sack of rocks....

feathersax writes:

Criminal "Tide"...rhymes with cried, lied, died, spied, slide, & other words that perfectly describe those bama-crammers. Guess Logan Young & the car dealer from Chattanooga are delivering subpoenas these days. It's gonna be fun burying those creeps at their own capstone this fall.

VolFanInAtl writes:

You can almost feel Phil's lawyers standing in the wings... squirming around... thinking, "Shut up Coach. Oh please God let him shut up."

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Phil simply must quit dancin' when they strike up their tune.

Phillip - you cannot win. Many of the "press" are not your friends and view your status as much different than you perceive.


TommyJack writes:

PD: The cheers, perks, azz kissers, money, etc...it's bound to skew CPF's perception.

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