Receiver Rogers, DT Herbert commit to Vols

Adkins finds more in San Francisco pipeline

Zach Rogers signs with the Vols

Zach Rogers

Zach Rogers

Greg Adkins can recruit near or far.

The Tennessee offensive line coach picked up two commitments for the Vols on Saturday from receiver Zach Rogers of David Lipscomb High School and defensive tackle Edwin Herbert of City College of San Francisco.

While most believed the 6-foot-2, 175-pound Rogers would end up with the Vols, Herbert was much more of a surprise.

Physically, Herbert is quite an addition. The 6-3, 290-pound Herbert has run the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds and has bench pressed 225 pounds 35 times.

Herbert, who registered 48 tackles, three for a loss and six sacks last season in junior college, was being recruited by Nebraska, Wisconsin, Arizona, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and San Diego State. UT, Nebraska and San Diego State were the first to offer a scholarship.

“My dream has always been to play in the SEC,” Herbert said. “Also, coming from City College, players have a lot of success at Tennessee.

“It felt right.”

It should. Two former City College stars went on to star at UT. Offensive lineman Albert Toeaina and safety Gibril Wilson started the majority of two seasons for UT.

Linebacker Gerald Williams, who originally signed with Vols in 2005 and is enrolled at UT, was Herbert's teammate last season at City College.

"That was a part of it," Herbert said. "We're good friends."

Herbert originally signed to play for Army out of Armijo High School in Fairfield, Calif. During a stopover at a military prep school, Herbert wasn’t too sure he was suited to the military lifestyle. After former coach Bobby Ross left West Point, Herbert was sure he needed to seek a different path.

Herbert said one of his primary reasons for committing to UT was the chance to start immediately.

“I’m not cocky but I’m confident in my ability,” said Herbert, who will enroll in January and have two years of eligibility remaining. “I’m going to go in there and compete. The one thing I can say is no one ever works harder than me.”

Herbert was sure to gain even more college interest following an offseason in which he’s focused on his physique. Herbert ballooned to 310 pounds from 300 after last season. Then, he dropped to 275 by March. Now, he’s back at 290 thanks to some newly added muscle.

Physical ability, as Herbert tells it, is just part of his game.

“I’m a real aggressive player,” said Herbert, a self described run stopper with room to improve in pass rushing. “I fire off the ball real quick. I have a hit-you-in-the-mouth type of mentality.”

While Herbert relies on hitting, Rogers relies on running. With his college decision behind him, Rogers can focus on running towards another high school title for David Lipscomb, which won the Class AAA title in 2008.

“The distraction that comes with all the recruiting, it can get in the way of the team aspect,” said Rogers, whose 4.47 in the 40-yard dash was the fastest laser timed run at the Nike camp in Athens, Ga., this spring.

Rogers, who has run the 40 in less than 4.4 seconds on a handheld watch, said Auburn finished second for his services. Rogers received offers from Vanderbilt, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas Tech, Duke and Oklahoma State.

Rogers admitted that the Vols had fallen at times in his list because of UT’s offseason coaching changes. That was something he was determined to remedy.

“I felt that it was my duty to go up there this summer and really get to know them,” Rogers said of UT’s new coaches. “That’s what I did.”

Rogers said playing next to his brother, junior receiver Austin Rogers, was also a huge factor.

“I know it’s going to make my parents as proud as anything to see their sons lined up together for Tennessee,” Rogers said.

Zach Rogers was the constant target of rumors from December to as late as last week. Many said it was just a matter of time until he committed to UT, if he hadn’t done so already.

“Well, I’d say you’re right now,” Rogers said with a chuckle. “People have been saying that since I started being recruited. They’d like to see me and my brother playing together.

“I wasn’t so sure at times.”

Rogers said he’s willing to redshirt his freshman season, but only if absolutely necessary. Zach and Austin Rogers have never played together. The 2009 season will be their first opportunity.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to play as a freshman,” Zach Rogers said.

With Rogers and Herbert, UT has 15 commitments for the 2009 signing class, which figures to be comprised of approximately 25 members. That won’t take long, especially if Adkins continues his run of success.

“He’s a real, real nice guy,” Herbert said. “He always makes me feel comfortable, makes me feel relaxed talking to him.

“He’s never pressed me at all.”

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Comments » 180

bobbyutvol writes:

thank you Zach you will be a big asset to the vols. Good luck

1manningfan writes:


Congrats welcome to Tennessee....GO VOLS

movol77 writes:

Go BIG ORANGE!!! Go Fulmer go! Welcome Zach!

LanceR24 writes:

well there is another good one, oh and first lol.

LanceR24 writes:

darn not first lol

RJ_Vol writes:

Good news! Zach is a true gentleman. In other words, he has fantastic timing! We "carry on" despite the tiny, dishonorable Crimson tempest turning in its own little honey wagon.

TommyJack writes:


HighlanderVol writes:

yessssss welcome to the vols . keep it up guys keep it up

pammyvol1000 writes:

Zach.. welcome to BIG ORANGE COUNTRY!!

HighlanderVol writes:

Who next to commit to the big orange ??????

HighlanderVol writes:

THINKS sjt18 you the man :)

thesavageorange writes:

sjt18, I can confirm.We have our 1st DT.

RJ_Vol writes:

sjt18...We will certainly keep our fingers crossed. That could be huge!

LanceR24 writes:

yep i just saw on rivals Herbert committed today

TommyJack writes:

Savage: So this guy could presumably be of immediate help, right?

turner_c writes:

Hopefully, we can get DT Akiem Hick from Sacramento CC too.

pammyvol1000 writes:

Marlon Brown would be a nice addition.

thesavageorange writes:

TommyJack ,Yes sir.The biggest plus of a JUCO is that they have been in a real weight program for 2yr's.Herbert maxes 465 on the bench and throws up 225 33 times.He is also very athletic.I'm kinda busy today, but I will throw out a couple other things I think will happen over the next few weeks a little later.

RJ_Vol writes:

Savage. Any press release on this, yet? Excellent news!

thesavageorange writes:

RJ_Vol ,It's in the works, but it is official.

TommyJack writes:

Savage: Great news. thanks

RJ_Vol writes:

Savage. Thanks! I think we have done very well w/ early committs. How good do you think this will get when all is said and done? I say a "top ten" class, but I don't have near the credentials to make that prediction.

gavol2572 writes:

savage comes through again!! Hey Sav maybe you should consider your own Vols recruiting web site!! I'd be a frequent visitor

Volunteer writes:

I was concerned that this latest incident with the "bammers" may hault our recent recruiting success and stop our momentum....glad i was wrong... Welcome to the Big Orange Army fellas!

GerryOP writes:

Great news!

Volunteer writes:

I also noticed the offer that Rogers had from Oklahoma State, wonder if trooper has been stomping around his old grounds here in Tennessee looking for recruits???

gohawks1 writes:

Keep 'em coming!

volroadwarrior writes:

nafslov has another agenda. One I won't mention here. However, Austin made some great catches in heavy traffic. I still recall him bolting into the end zone with TDs against Vandy and LSU while taking tough hits. Unfortunately nafslov and some of his kind don't like the way he looks.

TommyJack writes:

Why could Herbert not enroll in Fall and play immediately? How does this work?

FWBVol writes:

TommyJack, I would guess it has something to do with Herbert's academics. That's not saying he's having any problems at this time, but rather, if he wasn't a qualifier coming out of high school, he has to pass so many JC hours before attending a 4-year school.

Waldorf writes:

A D-tackle?!?!?!?!?!?!

Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

volroadwarrior writes:

It seems that Herbert was a catch. A 4* at 290 looks good. I am sure we will get more DTs as the recruiting year continues. Let's find some more Hendersons, Harrels and Reggie Whites who are big, fast and have nasty attitudes.

smokey90 writes:

This great news regarding Rogers and Herbert.

Is there rumors of Hicks committing today?

rockitwithrespect writes:

i posted a comment

TommyJack writes:

FWB: Thanks, makes sense.
We keep this up, the Bama game may be the Rollover Bowl.

bobbarbilly writes:

That's what I'm talkin'about!!!Go Vols!!!!

thesavageorange writes:

gavol2572 ,It's been in the works.However the main benefactor is my brother-in-law whom lost his daughter a few weeks back, so I backed off.

I'm checking on the Hicks rumor.

pammyvol1000 writes:

I am so sorry.

murrayvol writes:

sjt18 @ 3:06: All that AND a sub 5 40!! Does he also leap tall bldgs. in a single bound?

TommyJack writes:

Naffy: I bet there are lots of echos in the room at your fanclub meeting.

volmattna writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

TommyJack writes:

Let's hear it for SAVAGE and his quest for a recruiting website! Hear, Hear!

thesavageorange writes:

pammyvol1000 ,Thanks.

Posted by murrayvol on July 26, 2008 at 4:18 p.m. (Suggest removal)

sjt18 @ 3:06: All that AND a sub 5 40!! Does he also leap tall bldgs. in a single bound?

No.That would be Tim Tebow.

pammyvol1000 writes:

I see your point but let's give the other brother a chance to prove he can catch the ball.
Jonathan C. will be the difference.

volmattna writes:

I would like to see gerald jones get thrown at 98 times! Guarantee he would have more than 56 rec. Bottom line put the playmakers on the field if were gona beat fla, ga , bama we have got to play the best players. GO VOLS!!

smokey90 writes:

I believe UT just extended an offer two days ago to Herbert.

pammyvol1000 writes:

I don't care who you are.. that's funny!

pammyvol1000 writes:

Volmat: me too!

thesavageorange writes:

smokey90 ,That is correct, however they have been in pretty constant contact since June.They had layed out a plan, and it's no coincidence they offered right after Davenport committed to LSU.

smokey90 writes:

savage do you know where Herbert played HS ball? Was he recruited out of HS or did he come a 4* in JC?

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