Eligibility issue needs resolving for Warren, Williams



With Tennessee's first day of preseason football practice Saturday, the wait is on.

And not just for the pads to start popping. The Vols are also waiting on a pair of players to report and another pair to be deemed eligible.

UT is optimistic former Florida State tight end Brandon Warren will soon win his appeals to the NCAA and SEC after sitting out last season while taking classes at Pellissippi State Community College. The former Alcoa High School star can practice with UT this weekend but is not eligible to compete in games.

The Vols are also waiting on linebacker/defensive end Gerald Williams to complete the last of many hurdles he's been forced to overcome since signing with UT in 2005 out of Boyd Anderson High in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.

Williams only needs to pass one summer class at UT to be eligible. Since signing with UT, Williams has sat out a year, attended prep school and completed a year at junior college in San Francisco before enrolling at UT in time for the second session of summer school.

Of 18 prospects signed in February, all could still be deemed academically eligible.

Despite questions that have circulated about Marlon Walls, the linebacker from Olive Branch, Miss., is thought to be within reach of achieving academic eligibility.

It is unclear if defensive lineman Montori Hughes of Siegel High in Murfreesboro will be ready to enroll at UT. Hughes would have to enroll at a prep school or junior college if he's not eligible.

Prospects have until the end of August - the last day to add classes at UT - to be deemed eligible by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Receiver/defensive end Steven Fowlkes from Banneker High in College Park, Ga., and offensive lineman Dallas Thomas from Scotlandville High in Baton Rouge, La., are scheduled to report Friday. Neither is expected to have academic concerns.

Injury Report: Junior tight end Jeff Cottam has been slower to recover from the broken leg he suffered in spring practice than UT doctors had first hoped. Cottam has struggled to participate in summer drills and is expected to be limited in fall camp.

While UT would like for Cottam to be healthy in time for the Sept. 1 season opener against UCLA. The SEC opener against Florida on Sept. 20 might prove to be a more realistic goal.

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Comments » 231

wyomingvol writes:

Urban Meyer has prepped you well for 9 and 4.

gohawks1 writes:

But 9 wins doesn't necessarily get you a spot in the SEC CG, does it.....

LargeOrange writes:

Dave, good article, it is really nice to read some news about Tennessee on this site for a change. I have been wondering about Warren's status, but I am still not understanding why his eligibility has been so difficult and taken so long. I know Bowden refused to release him, then I read that was overturned by the NCAA, but why after sitting out a year is he not automatically eligible? I know someone on here will know and post. BTW, Dave, I think you have a little typo in the last paragraph. You say "While UT would like for Cottam to be eligible in time for the Sept. 1 season opener against UCLA." I think you might mean "healthy" instead of "eligible". Thanks for the news, please keep it coming.

scvolalum writes:

I don't know why all you gator fans feel the need to comment on the Vols' site. I think that by the time the beaten gators crawl out of Neyland this fall, it'll be apparent that our DE's did a far better job of applying pressure than yours. Here's a name you don't know yet--------but will: Ben Martin. Hey! I didn't say "Gators!"

gohawks1 writes:

Good point, gator4life.
Check that last paragraph, Mr. Hooker. It might need a little grammar work before the final print.

invisiblekid writes:

Both Williams and Warren look to be difference makers and we need as many of those as we can get. Big plays have been harder to come by on both sides of the ball lately. Hopefully, both of these guys get to see the field earlier than later. No big suprise on Hughes, wasn't expecting much from him this year anyway. News on Cottam doesn't sound encouraging, looks like Stocker and Aaron Douglas will get a bump in playing time or they may both take a back seat if Warren becomes eligible.

TommyJack writes:

Do not feed the gatorlopers.

pkaplan writes:

Thanks for the catch.

murrayvol writes:

IPOrange & gator4life: Actually 8 wins guarantees a trip to the Occupied City if they all come in the SEC.

murrayvol writes:

kaplan: We're all here to help.

voloffaith writes:

Ya'll have to understand that gator fans are so paranoid they feel they have to go on other schools web sites to feed their paranoia. What other logical reason would it be? If we break bad on them it shouldn't matter really...or again they feel if they don't defend the 'chompers' in any case that they might be deemed a bad fan. Wait maybe things are so bad on their own site that they had to venture to other waters to find some fun. I want to beat them badly,but with Timmy back and cousin Percy our hands will be full but nothing is impossible. Go Vols get all our recruits into school.

BSweet writes:

I agree with gator on the clearinghouse. Those guys need to get on the ball and stop dragging their feet. Their decisions affect kids' lives and they shouldn't be forced to wait as long as they sometimes do.

TommyJack writes:

gator4: It's just my mission. Go to GGX.

invisiblekid writes:

vol4gzus, it's been explained by most of our intrepid "gatorlopers"(outstanding btw TJ) that the SEC coverage is better here. Some have even said they appreciate the chance to actually talk football instead of the All Timbow, All the Time Network.

Agree with the point on the clearinghouse @ 9:20 gator4life.

invisiblekid writes:

Watch it sjt18, thinking along the same lines as me can be a little scary, J/K.

Bass_Vol_1998 writes:

I hope Cottam can return quickly. I think that Chris Brown is a big loss that no one seems to mention. He was very versatile and made some big plays last year. I look forward to reports on the practices, Dave and Drew usually have quality articles.

TommyJack writes:

G4: Nope, you do it. Could be your chance to become a dot commer.

murrayvol writes:

gator: Colonel Sanders was 62 when he whipped up those 11 herbs & spices. And Grandma Moses was even older when she first dipped a brush. McCain's 72 but looks 90.

Too old?? I think not.

andy112382#209793 writes:

Enough rambling and speculation of 'what might be' or 'what could be' this season.....LETS GET THIS SEASON STARTED ALREADY! After all, there IS a reason they actually play the games on the field, tired of reading predictions and projections which are nothing more than entertainment and peoples chances to sound like that know something!

Go Vols!!!

murrayvol writes:

Can't speak from experience since I haven't visited a Gator football site but I would guess it reads much like a UK basketball forum. Crazy as hell!

dfreeman writes:

Hey it's Nick Saban week on the discovery channel!! LOL

TJ - how's it going man?

Gator4life - I agree about the clearinghouse!!

dfreeman writes:

mcbrim - lately yes! During the Ron Zook days no!! LOL

dfreeman writes:

Mcbrim - in bball that would be Kentucky fans!

dfreeman writes:

I may even say that Alabama fans take the cake on the SEC and national whining crown!!

dfreeman writes:

Nope just since 2005!

TommyJack writes:

DF: Whut up main? The 'ell you been?

CoverOrange writes:

Congratulations to SJT18 for surpassing 5000 posts on this web site. I don't think anybody else is close to his lead.

CoverOrange writes:

gator4life, just curious, are you two people with one ID or are you a switch hitter at night? Just noticed a name change from this afternoon. No offense meant.

CoverOrange writes:

Last post, I swear.

Mr. Hooker, excellent article, thanks for answering some questions.
Now, step numero dos. Call the NCAA and ask "whut the heck is goin' on down there."

ZR writes:

The Gator fans are on here to collect Fulmer's big raise, because Florida owns Fulmer. Until Fulmer has the team ready to go and defeat Florida, expect more of it.

Vol fans can go to the Gator site and talk smack, but I do not own a microfiche to look up newspapers from the 1930s to talk smack to Florida.

TommyJack writes:

Turbo: You working on that 5000 yourself? lol

TommyJack writes:

Turbo: You need to pontificate more if you're gonna compete with the big boy.

soddydaisy777 writes:

The whole NCAA by laws is a joke to me. Gerald Williams is a big man. If he gets in and stays healthy he will be the real deal. Brandon is awesome coming off the edge. So quick. There's a chance he might come in on 3rd an long situation. But, more likely tight end.

BSweet writes:

With Cottam hurt, Brandon has a chance to come in and see immediate action at TE. If he performs like he did at FSU, we'll be in for a treat.

CoverOrange writes:

SJT, the rules (that I just made up) are a single login ID, not necessarily the same name. Being banned and returning under a different name means starting at zero. And everybody started at zero last year when the paysite dissolved.

TJ, I thought it an accomplishment when sjt was peer pressured into reducing his posts from 1000 words to only 500. LOL. Pontificate? No, I'm here to be a nuisance.

CoverOrange writes:

g'night, folks.

FWBVol writes:

mcfly, this site hasn't been up for 10 years. Yes, there are some whiners on the site posing as UT fans, but I know whiners at every school. The bottom line is while Florida has been playing football about 100 years, the Gators have 15 years of meaningful team history.

I have several friends that attended Florida, and Florida as does Tennessee and every other school has some arrogant, obnoxious fans. There is enough stress in my life without coming to a site that is supposed to focus on the Vols and then have fans from other school spouting their garbage and making cracks about my coach and team.

If Warren's eligibilty is resolved and he can pick up the offense, we will be in great shape at tight end. Williams can be another missing piece that will help what I think will be a vastly improved defense this season.

If we can get a little more pressure on the quarterback and step up a shade against the run, our defense should be in good shape.

Embarrassing losses aside, we were stil 10-4 last year and are defending SEC East champs until someone knocks us off.

junder13 writes:

I am going to get a lot of hate thrown my way for saying this but....several of these gator posters are among my favorite bloggers to read. But only the ones that are logical and, at times, tongue-in-cheek. It's a compliment that they actually read this KNS site. Obviously we have a good site for sports news.

With that in mind, let's try and be a little more civil with our rival brethern, fellow vol fans. I am a proponent of intelligent banter and DCgator, 99gator, gator4life, and even mcbrim can offer quite a bit.

DCgator and 99gator are two of the more insightful bloggers, imo. I also go out of my way to read our very own stj18 and savage.

Good banter and insightful comments make this site great. Hating on those who provide such raillery only detract.

On that note, I can only hope that our wonderous vacation from Ashley's miserable posts will continue...

LargeOrange writes:

sjt- your post at July 30, 2008 at 9:31 p.m. is exactly right. With Vol fans like we have on here we don't need too many enemies. I kind of like the Bammer and Gator interlopers, it keeps the perpetually negative VOL fans busy arguing with them instead of tearing down our coach and team and predicting doom and gloom.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


5000 posts huh? Dang that's a lot! Mostly words of wisdom. I always apreciate your posts, very level-headed and knowledgeable.


It's funny 'cause it's true.


Good article. Thanks for the update on Warren & Williams.

Sounds like we are going to need to get Warren on the field with Cottam out. I sure hope Cottam gets well soon. Those boys must've been raised on skim milk or something.

dfreeman writes:

TJ - blimey not too bloody bad mate!! LOL

BigVolinCarolina writes:

The NCAA Clearinghouse is very unfair to student-athletes. To keep kids in the dark about their eligibility until the end of August is too unfair.

With all the money they're raking in, they can--and should--figure out a quicker way to speed up the process.

dfreeman writes:

Didn't the clearinghouse tell G. Williams that he had to do a few things, and once he did them tell him that it wasn't enough??

That Kid deserves to play for us, and he must REALLY REALLY want to for all the bs he's had to go through!

cjraney writes:

gator4-"You do understand that this isn't a school website, right? It is a KNS website..."

Look at the URL at the top of your monitor reptile.

cjraney writes:

"I sure hope Cottam gets well soon. Those boys must've been raised on skim milk or something."

IBO- That's a good 'un.

LargeOrange writes:

Posted by LargeOrange on July 30, 2008 at 9:07 p.m. (Suggest removal)... Dave, I think you have a little typo in the last paragraph. You say "While UT would like for Cottam to be eligible in time for the Sept. 1 season opener against UCLA." I think you might mean "healthy" instead of "eligible". Thanks for the news, please keep it coming.

Posted by kaplan on July 30, 2008 at 9:18 p.m. (Suggest removal) - Thanks for the catch.

Kaplan, you are most welcome. Please continue to post articles from Drew, Dave and the others that report useful information about our team. And thanks for not banning me for my rants on the worthless and despicable John Adams. I noticed he hasn't written anything since being in Hoover, hopefully he is looking at real estate and interviewing down there. Whatever the reason, his silence is appreciated. :-)

TommyJack writes:

I can't believe some of you mopes have man crushes on the gatorlopers. Sad, very sad.

abnermc writes:

IP, love the comment abt 9 wins. The gators chose to ignore the implication.lol. I hope we beat Fla, but truth is I would take a trip to Atl. every year over that.

dfreeman writes:

Kingsport - hey man things have been good here, you? I actually drove through Kingsport last week on my way to and from Maryland.

dfreeman writes:

TJ - nothing to believe in anymore, first the fat boys break up, now this! LOL

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