Fulmer's offer is enough for Revis

Rhea County offensive lineman commits to Vols

Kevin Revis signs with the Vols



Kevin Revis came to Tennessee’s football camp hoping to pick up a few trade secrets: pad leverage, footwork, etc. He’ll leave Tennessee’s camp a Vol.

“It’s amazing,” the 6-foot-3, 265-pound offensive lineman from Rhea County High School said Thursday. “It’s a huge blessing. It was a huge surprise.”

Revis had one scholarship offer before Thursday. The lone invite came from former UT offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe, now the first-year coach at Duke.

“I just had one from Duke and that’s it,” Revis said.

Then, Revis was called into UT coach Phillip Fulmer’s office following morning workouts Thursday.

“He said ‘We want you to be a Tennessee Volunteer,’ ” Revis said, recalling Fulmer’s invitation.

Revis was flanked by his father in Fulmer’s office. Both were ready to wear orange jerseys immediately.

“My dad was extremely happy because he raised me a Tennessee Vols fan,” Revis said.

Revis was ready to commit on the spot, but wanted to make sure he was making the right decision. A quick call to his mom and high school coach — along with a short prayer — sealed the deal. Revis was a Vol in 15 minutes.

“I knew that’s where I wanted to go,” he said. “That’s where I needed to be.”

Revis said his toughness and tenacity were aspects of his game that UT coaches said warranted a scholarship. Being an in-state prospect also helped.

“I’d say that played into their decision with me a little bit,” Revis said. “I’d definitely say I’d go a little harder against the Floridas and Alabamas.”

A 3.7 grade point average and a 28 on the ACT also helped Revis’ chances.

Revis said UT coaches told him he’ll play center in college. After signing in February, he’ll have a season to play behind UT starting center Josh McNeil in 2009.

“I’m just going to come up there and work as hard as I can,” Revis said.

Working hard won’t be an issue, especially at UT.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Revis said of committing to UT. “There’s no other school in the country I’d rather be at.”

Revis is UT’s fifth commitment for the 2009 class. He joins tailback Toney Williams of Milton High in Alpharetta, Ga., running back Dominique Allen from Henry County High in Paris, Tenn., receiver Je’Ron Stokes from Northeast High in Philadelphia, Pa., and athlete Damien Thigpen from Stonewall Jackson High in Manassas, Va.

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Comments » 89

VolPride_13 writes:

Hey, a lot of the guys who were stars for us in the last couple of years have been 3-4 star prospects coming out of High school, so i'm not worryin'!!!

hcjournals#206623 writes:


Tap on the brakes. In state recruits sometimes don't get the credit they deserve from the national press. He already has the height. If he shows up next year at 300 and in monster shape, he may be a good one.....

IBleedOrange444 writes:

Welcome to the Vol family Kevin. Good to have you aboard!

cmoore7 writes:

Great news! Does anyone know how many commitments we had at this time last year/2 years ago? Keep it rollin'!

chrisw2967 writes:

hmm. I never heard of him and I live here and I sure didnt know we had anybody being recruited by Tenn or any other school as far as that goes , I usually make it to a couple of games a year and get the paper every week and this is first I heard of this and Rhea County isnt even that big of a place but oh well anyways I hope it works out

thesavageorange writes:

Revis was also being recruited by Georgia Tech, Auburn, UCLA, South Carolina, Indiana and Louisville.

Just because a kid doesn't get an immediate offer from every school recruiting him before he plays a snap as a SR doesn't mean that they weren't going to.It is common practice to get some kids on campus to evaluate before offering.Tommy Tub has become a master of this and it has fared well for him.Remember he sent his entire staff after a supposed 3* last yr at the last minute.Plus every coach out there figured out pretty fast that Revis and his entire family was orange blooded.

Will jackson is also at camp and has severall offers including G Tech,NC State,Ole Miss,and W Va, yet CPF pulled the trigger on Revis 1st.Think there might be a reason?Not saying Jackson won't get an offer ,but it does say something about how Revis performed at camp w/ guys like Stavion Lowe being there.

Silent_Fulmer writes:

Wow, this guy is almost as big as me!

Ralph_Crampton writes:

WE've had a score of recruits fron Rhea county over the years..but only a couple did the vols any good....Andy Kelly, and "termite" Bobby Bringle of Spring City were very good players. Bringle a "scatback" could break to daylight with just slightest blocking up front. Of course, Andy Kelly, Vols Quarterback, was uncanny in locating open receivers. Just before the second world war..Dayton had several terrific prospects enrolled at UT. They were Horace Mansfield, one of the great high school backs in Tennessee history, Herb Walker, a blocking guard that would litterly explode in your face, " Ham Langley", a tough offensive guard that made mince meat of opponents who attempted to double team him. These three terrors were recruited by coach J.( Gab ) Gabbert, who produced the top teams in Rhea County history. All three were recruited by Vols' Coach Neyland, and if not for the war, this group of recruits were called by many as one of the top classes ever recruited by the Vols' and the prospects were from all-around the country. Tom Siler, the late writer for KNS called the recruits the best ever at Tenn. Too bad, the recruits soon were headed to the army, navy, marines etc. We would never know how good they could have been. Perhaps the prize of the Dayton group was Mansfield considered by some as the top running back in Eastern part of the U.S.

txvolsfan writes:

jcherrie, as many bust as big times!!!
interesting stuff.
I agree lineman are tough to gauge because they will either develop good fundamentals or be lost

rllipscomb#212376 writes:

Usually a 5-star recruit has the physical tools but might blow the mental aspect. But some kids just don't get the visibility via multiple camps and so forth to get on the radar of recruiting services. So they might be "only" a 3 or 4 star recruit before they sign with the home state school.

The other thing I have seen is that if multiple big name schools start looking at a kid, then other big name schools start approaching him. The whole thing snowballs and the ratings start going up. Suddenly a 3 star recruit is a 4 because "everybody wanted him".

Then look at the pro draft. These guys have unlimited access and testing, and they get to pick who they want in their slot. Look at how many busts there are there.

Frankly, I am shocked that the colleges do as well as they do.

Brama writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

jcrewvol writes:

can we switch him to d-line?

Einstein writes:

He will get bigger. Academically he is in great shape.

thesavageorange writes:

mcbrim, OG Jon Halapio a UF commit is a 5.6
5.5 to 5.7 are all considered the same type prospect.So I guess Fulmer and Meyer are both idiots huh.Or maybe neither are.
Rivals grade system:
5.7-5.5 All-Region Selection; considered among the region's top prospects and among the top 750 or so prospects in the country; high-to-mid-major prospect; deemed to have pro potential and ability to make an impact on college team.

No no no no sir, kindest regards to you!

99gator writes:


i wouldn't know this guy from adam. congrats to him and to tenn. i hope the kid is happy and successful and wish him nothing but the best.

but, please stop with the recruiting rankings don't matter garbage however.

give me all the 5* and i'll give you all the 3* and we will see who wins.

you can't name a recent national champion that does not consistently get high profile recruits or finish high in the recruiting rankings on a year in, year out basis. and the teams that battle for conference titles have the highest recruiting rankings within the conference. there are one year flukes, but not on a consistent basis.

the exceptions to great program that don't have high recruiting rankings are schools that don't play anyone with high recruiting rankings. west virginia is an example.

IBleedOrange444 writes:

UF takes 3-stars too. Besides, the lower rated prospects are usually the ones to commit 1st. The 5 star guys who have their pick of the best programs in the country usually wait it out and take some officials before they commit. It helps to land those commits later in the game when you've already built up a nice class with early commits. As far as Revis is concerned he got a 28 on his ACT, he loves the Vols, and he's got the frame to grow into a great O lineman. If there's 1 position that we can coach them up at it is O line.

WorkinLikeHeck writes:

He's bigger than McNeil at least.

99gator writes:

don't misinterpret that last post either. they can't all be five star kids in a class. wake forest has done an outstanding job of evaluating talent off of the radar and developing them into good football players.

i am not trashing this kid who just committed. he may be outstanding. he may be average and become outstanding. he may be outstanding and decides he likes weed. i have no idea.

i just don't want to hear that recruiting ratings don't matter when all the top teams usually have top notch classes.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


They go hand in hand. When you are winning at a high level you are going to land the best recruits. When you are landing the best recruits you have a better chance of continuing to win at a high level. When you play in the SEC East all the wins are high level!

99gator writes:


i would like to be enlightened as to which schools have high rankings and don't have the results on the field. and which service was it that came to that conclusion.

the only school i can think of like that is florida state....because their kids never get in school.

always good to know i am an idiot. guess texas, lsu, oklahoma, georgia, ohio state, etc, have just been lucky.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


I wasn't talking about anyone in particular. I don't know much about UF's recruits, and I don't really care. You won't find me on their message board trolling for some new info for the scouting report. But I do know that pretty much every big program will end up with some 3 stars in their classes. Also, it is early in the evaluation. Two of our recruits had no stars on Rivals until this week. Now one of those former 0 star players is the 4th rated fullback in the country.

thesavageorange writes:

99gator , I understand what your saying ,but I think coaches are doing a better job of evaluating prospects instead of letting the recruiting services do the footwork, including Meyer.Over the last 2 yr's UF has signed 13 players in the same group as Revis.How many will contribute, who knows, but for some reason he didn't wait untill the last minute just to fill the class.These rankings are also updated every month so who knows were everybody will be come febuary.

mcbrim1998 ,I know you were just taking a friendly jab, but Meyer inked Sam Robey last yr and he was 6'3 253lbs.Point is ,most guys in HS who are Halapio size are completely out of shape.(notice they don't list his squat or 40)Guys like Robey/Revis will gain weight through workouts where guys like Halapio will have to lose lbs 1st then regain muscle mass.If I were on the other side I would say the same thing though.

WorkinLikeHeck writes:

little sjt, your break is over and your shift is about to start again. LOL!!!!!!

Vol13 writes:

"Posted by ButchIsBack on June 12, 2008 at 5:30 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Actually Gator, one of the services went back recently and compared the top 10 teams over the past few years and looked at their recruiting ranks. It was all over the board and many of the schools that ranked the highest in recruiting was not even close to the top 10. Their conclusion, ratings are subjective. Big surprise. But your comment is that of an idiot. Just an opinion of course."

Well, whoever wrote that article didn't do an iota of research because that is completely wrong. Here are the winning percentages for 1998-07 (Top 10). I only see one team on the list that doesn't recruit in the Top 5-10-15 in a given year.

Boise State - Does not recruit in the Top 15
Ohio State
Virginia Tech
Southern Cal

WorkinLikeHeck writes:

Keep in mind Butch also thinks Rod Delmonico is a great baseball coach and said he was getting interest from Miss St, Auburn and UCF about their baseball openings. None of them even considered that guy for their head coaching positions.

Vol13 writes:

Said Revis, "I committed to Coach Bill Battle.....er......Fulmer on my unofficial visit."

BigOrangeVol29 writes:

Nice to see a local kid make well, I've never been silent about the fact that it has been frustrating to see some of the area talent head elsewhere when there is a great institution in their backyard. I will give credit where credit is due on this one, nice job Vols, we can always use some of the "Big Uglies" and this kid is apparently a diamond in the rough. Look forward to seeing you in Orange the next 4 or 5 years young man, welcome home.

gnm53108 writes:

Welcome aboard Revse.Now here's hopig our new offense can get back to running the ball with athority.I really miss us being able to say were going to run up the middle,on 3rd and short,and there aint a daggum thing you can do about it.

99gator writes:


it is true for defensive lineman and offensive lineman as well. all of lsu's d-lineman were heavily recruited as were florida's d-lineman of 2006.

gnm53108 writes:

That should be Revis.
Not enough koolaid yet.

thesavageorange writes:

sjt18 ,I was refering to his 5:34 post not the other one.But yes I do try to conduct myself w/ a certain degree of integrity.Thanks, I appreciate the compliment.

thesavageorange writes:

TouchdownTennessee ,I agree.

99gator writes:

i am about to go on a long rant....so bear with me.

talent matters. period. ratings matter. period. not always, but most of the time.

we live in a dream land where rocky balboa is a symbol of what can be. that it takes heart and that heart will win. will over skill. wrong.

talent matters.

lawrence taylor played throughout his whole career with a drug problem. mickey mantle was a drunk. the early 90's dallas cowboys were the best football team i have ever seen and were a complete mess off of the field.

there is a reason everyone went scrambling to find out where scout and rivals had this kid rated. if ratings don't matter, why check.

florida won a national title because they had a two deep nfl defensive line (they were all highly recruited kids). lsu had a disgustingly good d-line and those guys were all highly recruited. so, yes, they can't scout those out of high school too.

99gator writes:


i said earlier they can't all be studs. my comments really are not about this kid.

it just bothers me when people say ratings don't matter.

they do matter. it ends up showing up on the field and it ends up showing up at the nfl draft in most cases.

Ralph_Crampton writes:

The group of Vols recruited just prior to Pearl Harbor was according to the late Georgia Tech coach Bobby Dodd the greatest collection of high school stars up to that time ever recruited by one team in the south, according to KNS writer, Tom Siler, the wily coach Neyland and the Vols were set to perhaps rule football in the south for years to come. ..but then came the war..Hitler, Togo, and Pearl Harbor. As it turned out we would never know.

ncvol writes:

You know it's great to be a Tennessee Vols.
Welcome to UT, Kevin. Go Vols!

gnm53108 writes:

ncvol:It's even better with cold frost-brewed koolaid!

thesavageorange writes:

99gator, I know what you mean.My post was in the making as yours was being posted.I got pulled away and didn't get to read it in time.

My point would be that individual ratings don't, but the class as a whole does.The more 4-5 * guys you have the the more you will have that actually turn out to live up to that billing.It's all about percentages.Your brethren on the other hand seems to dissmiss or dog every guy that isn't a 4-5 *, unless they play for the gators.

invisiblekid writes:

Rivals says the kid squats 460 lbs and he made a 28 on the ACT so there are at least two things he brings to the table, some natural strength and smarts. Glad to see him in Orange, he should make a good heir apparent for McNeil.

orangebloodgmc writes:

Welcome, Kevin. You'll do fine. But now that you have committed to us, don't be so unwise as to go ahead and take visits to our rivals. Some of them would set you up for disaster while they were "taking care of you." It has happened more than once.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

vol13 6:13- hard to argue with reality, but some will. This course has stayed us into the ditch.

Anymore of that old koolade left?

TommyJack writes:

It's about being a "true vols fan" and having orange blood run thru your veins...ratings, smatings....true orange veined kids matter...about heart, not ratings. Give me a true TN kid at #2 over #5 rated out of staters anyday. Stay the course.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


I've got plenty of koolade for everyone. What else are we going to wash these fritters down with?


I think that is the 1st time anyone has ever been able to post anything to the effect of, "Wow, I agree with what TDTN AND Ibleed said!" It must be an omen. The perfect storm is brewing! I can see it taking shape in the reflection off of this big cauldron of koolade I'm stirring. Gotta get ready for the season. How many days 'till football time in Tennessee Ashley?

Bigger_Al writes:

55% of the Top 20 recruits of 2005 (all 5* recruits) now have criminal records.

This guy is a smart, hard working achiever with impressive physical skills. I'm hoping he plays with the fire of another under-rated Kevin from back in the day - Kevin Mays.

Welcome the the NATION, Kevin!

miamiVOL writes:

he picked TN over AU , ill take it

ncvol writes:

gnm53108 Don't drink koolaid but I do love the Tennessee Vols. Whose team do you cheer for?

abnermc writes:

Gator 99, you always visit our site w/ your subtle put down of our fans, our coaches ,our team,etc & imply how great oscar is.Yes, you ran up the score last year ( it was an 8 point game late in 3rd quarter I believe before the back breaking interception?) But how many 3 * players from the SEC east were in Atl in December?

Ahh, mcwhatever is back.Ditto abt you except you aren't subtle. Go home.

Vols 11- 1 this year. lose to Fla again. Ga will be the usual disappointment. Go Vols.

vtvol#210290 writes:

sjt18, that was good research of the top linemen and their respective recruiting ratings.

Sounds like this kid has the frame to build the body of an ALL-SEC lineman upon.

ncvol writes:

gmn53108 Just read some of your posts and I see that you are a UT fan. Never know if someone is being insulting or not about the koolaid drink.

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