Serious? Chism decides not to wait for ending

Drama plays out at Rocky Top League

Tennessee forward Wayne Chism found that out at halftime of Toyota’s 104-96 win over the News Sentinel Wednesday night.

Former UT players Dane Bradshaw and Rashard Lee let Chism know he needed to pick up his game after the News Sentinel led by double digits in the first half en route to a 52-50 lead at halftime.

Chism didn’t play in the second half and left the bench before the game concluded at Bearden High School. He could not be reached for comment.

“I just told him I wanted to see the real Wayne Chism,’’ said Toyota coach Rick Campbell. “I know it’s a grind for him throughout the year, but I’ve got to cover the other guys who are playing hard. Everyone on this team wants to win.’’

Bradshaw, who was best known for his competitive fire during his UT playing days, said there are times for fun and times to be serious.

“We got down by 12 or 15, and we were like, ‘let’s take this seriously,’ ” said Bradshaw, who played for Toyota last season. “Wayne was just trying to entertain the crowd, but sometimes we need him to be more serious. We’re trying to win out here.’’

Chism, the second overall pick in the league draft, was 4-of-10 shooting and 1-of-2 from the free throw line for nine points when he left the game.

Former Eastern Michigan player and first-team All-CBA player James “Boo” Williams played Chism even during Monday’s first game. Chism had 19 points (7-of-14 shooting) and 13 rebounds, and Williams had 18 points (9-of-15 shooting) and 13 rebounds.

Former Carson-Newman standout Andy Tipton, an unsung hero on the Toyota team last year, said the team takes itself seriously.

“Coach Campbell is real competitive, and he wants people to play hard,’’ Tipton said. “That’s the only way to play basketball. If you don’t play hard, you don’t play at all; he (Campbell) doesn’t care who you are.’’

Former UT standout Ron Slay, who scored 30 points for the News Sentinel in the loss, said Chism is only hurting himself by not doing his best.

“Wayne has to keep his head in it, but I know this is kind of how Wayne is in pickup games,’’ Slay said. “But he can definitely make gains in his game out here and work on things. You’ve got to use this league to your advantage.’’

Slay, Bradshaw, Lee and Damon Johnson — all European professionals — certainly play hard.

“I love Wayne; he’s a great kid,’’ said Campbell, a former Lincoln-Memorial assistant. “Maybe we can work out a trade if it will help him. I’m a huge fan of the Vols and I want to see him do well.’’

UT captain Tyler Smith had yet to arrive for his 9 p.m. game when Chism left the gym, but he heard about the situation and said he planned to seek him out.

“It is competitive out here, and I know Wayne has been working hard on his game,’’ Smith said. “Maybe someone just touched a nerve. I’ll ask Wayne about this; we need to talk about this.’’

Bradshaw joked with Slay that he’s worried about the News Sentinel’s team chemistry after they fell to 0-2.

Slay fired back with a smile: “It has been horrible so far.’’

Notebook: The News Sentinel played without incoming UT freshman Phillip Jurick, who is out with an undisclosed foot injury. ... UT center Brian Williams did not show up. ... Incoming UT freshman Renaldo Woolridge isn't enrolling until the second term of summer school (July 7) and might not play in the league.

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Comments » 71

VolPride_13 writes:

Chism needs to stop being a crybaby and take some constructive criticism from some older guys, he should get serious, even if it is a pickup game!!
He can tune his game and get ready for the upcoming season by playing some Pros.

jelyhupla writes:

Chism does not give any effort out there. The last game tonight was awesome. Pegram hit a 3 to send it to ot then another to win it as time expired in ot. I was very impressed with Maze and West as well.

VolPride_13 writes:


byobbio writes:

Did he take his ball home with him?

BillVol writes:

Wayne Chism is the most intelligent person on our team and in the RTL. I give him the benefit of the doubt on this. Lay off of Wayne.

MrBamSeydu writes:

Wayne Chism is a baby. This is exactly why he isn't already in the NBA and probably why he won't end up there when it's all said and done. He is lazy and doesn't have the motor to compete for an entire game. I don't care if it's a pick up game league or not----- You never walk out on your team like that. Period.

I just lost a lot of respect for him.

MrBamSeydu writes:

BillVol: In no way, shape or form is Wayne Chism the most intelligent member of UT's basketball team nor the RTL. Where in the world did you get that? Have you heard his interviews????

Him leaving the court makes him a prima donna. Not a smart prima donna.

BillVol writes:

yem, Wayne interviews pretty well from what I've heard. He is also one of the few basketball Vols who has earned the right to wear the torch patch (signifying academic excellence) on his jersey. I don't know what happened tonight, but I give Wayne the benefit of the doubt.

Who is the obnoxious announcer at the RTL games, by the way? He is making me sick to my stomach.

amyslins writes:

and on top of that....lay off of him???? seriously? the guy walked out on a game! oh yes we should lay off of him. maybe he had something in his eye and just went to get it flushed out and just never came back. HE WALKED OUT!!! that is childish. maybe he should have played for jerry green!

cwisenhower#637741 writes:

Did anyone else cringe this year when he fired up a 3? I mean c'mon, luckily he hit a few of them, but he's not C. Lofton or J. Smith, he's Wayne Chism. Keep it under the rim buddy, you're doing fine. And work on your FT's.

Silent_Fulmer writes:

WOW...all I can say is I would rather have this happen in June then Novemeber. Nobody's perfect and people have their moments. Everyone is different. Wayne is Wayne. I love big Chism and always will for the way he is. That doesn't mean he's perfect. When you have this much talent coming into a season ego's will be bruised. It's different at the top...I would rather be dealing with this than wondering how we could possibly get 20 wins in a basketball season.

Ironcity writes:

Quite frankly who cares!!! Its a summer league game. Its all part of growing up. Wayne has always been a little immature.

Volnation90 writes:

I was at the game and Chism didn't leave until midway through the 2nd half. He just sat on the end of the bench waiting. I know it was wrong and immature for him to leave when he did. But if the Coach wanted more out of him the least he could do is actually play him in the 2nd half and give him a chance to show his true ability. Personally I think the Coach should have acted differently toward Wayne and given him a chance in the 2nd half since he WAS on the bench and didn't leave at halftime. Not all players respond the same way. Go Vols.

aivol writes:

Chism stayed the entire game, although he did not play in the second half. He sat on the bench. Don't know why it says he left at halftime. I was personally there and saw him there.

byobbio writes:

I think Coach Campbell should be fired.

jclowers writes:

In the end it's a glorified pick up game. Chism was our most consistent player in the SEC and NCAA tourneys this past year. He will be there ready to go when he's actually wearing orange.

FishTacos writes:

When I first saw the headline I thought he was injured. Thank Goddness that wasn't the case. Heck with him on the bench there is less chance of an injury.

BillVol writes:

Who is the coach of Wayne's team? I gather he is the true culprit here. Coach Campbell??? Who is he?

IBleedOrange444 writes:

I think Chism has a tendancy to wear his emotions on his sleeve a little bit, but a lot of times that means he's wearing a big infectuous smile. He's a good guy and a great ball player, and he wears the Orange proudly. He'll be fine. It's just the RTL.

King53 writes:

did he not pull this same kind of stunt his freshman year at Vandy?

richvol writes:

Wayne's behavior last night is the same attitude he displayed last season when he would put up ill advised threes. In virtually all cases he had no business taking those shots...even Coach Pearl would shake his head. The fact that he made one every now and then makes it worse.

The comments from the other players about him wanting to "play" when he should be working is spot on. It is an immature and selfish attitude that caused his walking out last night and selfish shot selection last season.

There were times last season when Wayne would impress everyone with his ability. Then there were the times when he would display what Ron Slay talked about...not doing his best. However, it does not only hurt hurts the team. We need Wayne to play his best at all times this year for us to get past the sweet sixteen.

Let's hope he realizes what a poor example he set for the new players last night and admits his mistake.

eb502us#225637 writes:

Maybe he left to go change his diaper? It's the fricking RTL and he's having a temper tantrum and doesn't want to play. I would just kick his arse off the team and let him learn his lessen.

b_neas writes:

All you that said he got lucky and hit a three every now and then apparently do not know what a good % is. Wayne made 33% of his 3's, not great, but not a bad %. I think what made it look worse was sometimes when he would shoot them. Some were at bad times. But i remember quite a few that were a key points in the game. So lay off the "stop shooting 3's" arguement. His ability to make those makes the big guy guarding him come out and frees the lane up for other to cut or penetrate. I do agree about Wayne wears his emotions on his sleeve sometimes. That being said very few times, if any, did I notice him during the season dragging butt. He is a very very key player on the team next year, and his reaction in the RTL in no way should be compared to how he may act during the "real" season. Stop blowing things out of proportion.

dvols writes:

these teams mean nothing or these leagues. they are summer practice sessions, and that is all. lighten up coach whatever.

wc just tryin to move da crowd!

GoVol writes:

Some guys never change. When Duke went out last year due to his heart condition you could immediately see a drop-off in Chism's 'effort' because he wasn't being challenged for playing time.

Chism appears to be lazy and only 'works' when he really has to. Not a good trait for a team game.

BigOrangeHustler writes:

He'll be ready for the real season. so- all you playa-hatas, lay off Wayne's nuts.

b_neas writes:

Go Vol - If what you said was true CBP would not put up with that and have him on the bench. If you do not give 100%, 100% of the time you sit on a team CBP is coaching. But i guess you can see things he can not?

UT_LAW_2011 writes:

One of the great things about how Coach Pearl runs his program is that he puts teams together that are deep enough for him to use the bench as a teacher.

That is especially true this year.

I don't think this is anything but a player not getting along with a Summer League coach, for whatever reason {it doesn't matter}, but if there is any lasting problem into the season it will be corrected rather quickly.

In Bruce We Trust.

volguy41nlouisiana writes:

I am a Chism fan...but not in this matter if its a summer league or whatever the case may dont just quit....theres no crying in basketball....suk it up....take a lil criticism and play...its a game for gods sake...and the biggest thing...theyre little kids out there who idolize him....horrible example he set there....I love him...but he made a poor judgement call...but i think he will see the err in his ways...GO VOLS

volguy41nlouisiana writes:

I am a Chism fan...but not in this matter if its a summer league or whatever the case may dont just quit....theres no crying in basketball....suk it up....take a lil criticism and play...its a game for gods sake...and the biggest thing...theyre little kids out there who idolize him....horrible example he set there....I love him...but he made a poor judgement call...but i think he will see the err in his ways...GO VOLS

volguy41nlouisiana writes:

I am a Chism fan...but not in this matter if its a summer league or whatever the case may dont just quit....theres no crying in basketball....suk it up....take a lil criticism and play...its a game for gods sake...and the biggest thing...theyre little kids out there who idolize him....horrible example he set there....I love him...but he made a poor judgement call...but i think he will see the err in his ways...GO VOLS

volguy41nlouisiana writes:

oops....sorry...button bad....aww screw it goin home

spikeyd10#222219 writes:

King53: I think the instance you are talking about at Vandy, was when Wayne had an asthma attack. If you don't have asthma and have experienced one...its not a pleasant situation. I agree when you commit yourself to play in a summer owe your team 100% effort, and that means taking the good with the bad. Nobody REALLY knows what happened, but everyone wants to be the first to pass judgement. The same people that are busting Waynes nuts over this are the exact same ones that will sing his praises when he knocks down one of those "I'll-advised" 3 pointers at the buzzer to beat Florida or Kentucky....or maybe ....just maybe it will happen against Memphis!!

b_neas writes:

If morons like Griffin would not seem to make it a big deal but publishing it, then these kids that idolize him would never know anything happened and would not be disappointed. Get over it people, its not a big deal.

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

This article is posted in 2 places, and in the other place there are only 2 posts, but this one is informative:

Posted by volchiq on June 19, 2008 at 9:45 a.m.

The comment at the end on Brian Williams is a little misleading. This morning on the radio they said that they spoke to UT staff that said Brian Williams was urged not to play because he had a strain in the weight room that needed to heal. I guess he still could have showed up, but he might not have wanted to answer all of the inevitable questions.

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

Oh, I guess they took that comment about Williams not showing up out.

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

I really like Wayne. But he was wrong to do this.

This is a great learning opportunity. If Wayne is to big for this league, he is too small for Tennessee. He made a comittment to a team to play, and he owes them his time on the court or on the bench.

Oh, and as to his shooting "3s", he shot .322 from three point land last year, fourth best on the team. Actually shot better from three land than Gordan Howell, albeit Gordan had his issues. A Post player hitting better than 30% from there, damn sure causes defenses to have to shift and pick him up in the half court, or at least damn sure lean that way, and that opens it up for everyone.

alfrizzle097 writes:

The Vandy thing WAS an asthma attack. You never know. He may have been seizing up a little the other night. Or maybe a coach thought he was in a real league and decided to abuse his power. The league is for show. Let him show his stuff. And yes, it is about winning. But come on!! Do you really think they had a better chance at winning without him?

Its really not a big deal. The thing about him being lazy? I think that has more to do with his asthma. The first year and a half he was here, I honestly think the asthma was bothering him more than they let on. He would seize up a little and lay off to let it pass rather than irritate it more. The last half of last season, it finally seemed like the conditioning work payed off. Or maybe he just got his act together...

Orange4life writes:

If you really want to get better, then you approach everything with 110%. proven fact he don't. Good role model and teamwork bro

BigOrangeVol writes:

I love him too and like Slay, he plays to the crowd and tries to have fun. His smile is infectious! But Wheezy is Wheezy and that’s all there is to it. The deal at VU was reported as an asthma attack; if I recall he took a poke at a player in route to the dressing room but looked like he was mad and wanted to fight. Chiz is a junior now and it’s time to man-up. If Dane, Ron and Rashard think he was dogging it then I'll take their word on the situation. I think it’s time to call fellow Jacksonian Al Wilson to pay a visit to Wheezy and discuss heart, drive, determination and fortitude. Doing the Ron Mercer…work hard on one trip down the floor so you can take the next three trips off ain’t gonna cut it with Pearl much longer. With his work ethic, Negedu may push him to the bench anyway. At any level, bailing on your team is selfish and immature. C'mon Wayne be a leader!!!

b_neas writes:

Ash - I never said cover it up. But, what will get reported next? That he did not wash his hands after using the facilities? Like i said Wyane does not have character issues and does not play lazy. If either of these were true he would not get any PT for the "real" team at the university. get control of his players? Pearl has a short leash and that was proven by him booting two potential starters off the team. I would dare to say that he has as good of control of his team as anyone top program in america. Unlike previous UT basketball coaches.

b_neas writes:

Who is to say he was just not having asthma problems but did not want to say? He does not have to give a reason for everything he does. Put yourself in his shoes. We are all assuming way to much here.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Man doin' his thing.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


Good posts.


Were you on the bench? Were you even in the building? You don't know any more about what happened and why then anyone else reading this article so you shouldn't assume the worst and blast Chism and especially CBP! WTF?

He might have been having another asthma attack or he might have had a prior obligation that he had to leave for. I'm sure there was a reason he was the 2nd overall pick in the RTL draft, and I'm sure he'll be just fine once the real season rolls around. Heck, he'll probably be just fine by the next RTL game.

IBleedOrange444 writes:


Yeah, that was real classy of Pelphry to be talking trash to our players too. There's two sides to that coin. Glad you were watching though. I sure as heck wasn't watching Memphis playing their C-USA "foes". I did catch some still shots of your thugs trying to b!tch slap the UAB fans like they were their baby mommas though. Nothing says class like beating a woman.

yabadabadoo1026 writes:

IBleedOrange444---------"maybe he had another obligation that he had to leave for"???????----now what kind of non-committment to team would that show if other obligations are scheduled around these games when hes supposedly the stud of this team----youre pulling straws here in defense of enexcusable behavior just as b_neas is----if he has any dream of NBA and hes no legit candidate at all now he needs to realize such is not the stuff that marginal prospects need on their reputation

b_neas writes:

Ash - That's a terribly harsh accusation comparing him to those two. This is the only instance of him ever doing anything like this. People can not be perfect. Cut him a break. At least he is participating in the league, unlike others on the team (i do not think Price is participating). I will say this, if he is not into the league, he should not be playing. It does make him look bad to do what he did. Still though he is human so he is going to do things wrong sometimes. Lets just not crucify him the first time it has happened.

b_neas writes:

Ash - Fans do not pay, it's free!! As i mentioned before he does not have to explain anything to anyone outside of his RTL coach and his RTL teammates and he may have done that it's just that beloved Mr. Griffin did not want to publish that because it is not near as juicy a topic.

IBleedOrange444 writes:

Also, none of the quoted comments from his coach or teammates address the fact that he left early. Tyler Smith's comments do, but he's not on Chism's RTL team, so like b_neas said, he may very well have informed his coach and teammates about why he left and it just didn't make the article.

My point is, there is no closure in this article, and Chism has never done anything to warrant the negative comments that are being thrown his way in response to this very vague and uninformative article.

b_neas writes:

I see it now, next article title:

"Pearl to leave UT"

In the article it will state that his brothers, uncles, second cousin saw him wearing a Duke shirt 8 years ago.

Thats about how vague and assumptious this one on wheezy was.

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