Auriemma passing Summitt as highest paid coach

Connecticut women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma has received a new five-year contract that will start at $1.4 million per year and increase $100,000 annually for the life of the deal.

Excluding bonuses, Auriemma’s contract will vault him ahead of Tennessee’s Pat Summitt as the highest paid coach in the women’s game.

Summitt’s deal, which runs through 2012, paid $1.225 million this season. Bonuses pushed the total payout to at least $1.65 million after the Lady Vols won the SEC tournament advanced to the Final Four and won a second consecutive national championship.

Bonuses also are available to Summitt based on the team’s academic achievements and national coaching honors.

Auriemma’s deal has bonuses for NCAA tournament and Final Four appearances along with national championships and coaching honors.

“This new contract is a direct reflection of the University’s commitment to me and the commitment that my family and I have to the University,” Auriemma said in a release.

Summitt’s base package of salary, TV/radio, endorsements and public relations increases to $1.275 million for 2008-09.

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TommyJack writes:

Well, hair gel is expensive.

houvol#438636 writes:

Something has to be done now with Pat. This cannot be allowed. Pat defines womens basketball and is the greatest coach ever. Step up UT and do the right thing.

Hunter writes:

How much of Geno's money is expected to go in brown paper bags for recruits? Or does he just pay ESPN directly? Remember, that is a work expense and a tax deduction.....

ladivolfan writes:

Just imagine what UConn would have paid out if they had Pat.

chrisw2967 writes:

who cares he will never pass her in wins and morals. Im sure if she wanted more money she can get it anytime she wants. he will never be talked about in the same breath as Summit , he will never be anything more than scum and a cheater

alfrizzle097 writes:

UT should not pay Pat Summit more. They should not pay Fulmer more. They should pay Pearl no more than $2 million a year.

I am a student at the university. Remember that the university is about education first. They just boosted tuition again by a significant amount. Due to budget cuts and spending deficates, the university is making program cuts and eliminating several majors. I've been told that the athletic department ends up donating to academics. That is the way it should be. Don't cut into those donations with increased pay. All three of the major coaches at UT say that academics come first. Let them put their wallets/purse where their mouths are.

Anytime someone is making more than one million dollars, I have trouble feeling sorry for them. Paying Pat more just to prove a point isn't the right thing. Showing a dedication to enlightenment and education are.

volaboard writes:

Well said Al.

bd330794#206783 writes:

To quote a classic movie, "When was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a chemistry experiment?"

cobbwebb writes:

geno may have more loot but pat has more titles geno is a good coach but a lousy person he is a bum a rich one but a bum when he wins eight titles come talk to me until then coach summitt is womens basketball nuff said

knoxtenor writes:

Geno: Goes home to play in his pile of money.

Pat: Goes home to play in her pile of trophies.

'Nuff said

budd#207344 writes:

Mr. Frizzle I hope you are not taking business courses. First of all the athletic department has no impact on the academic side of the school. Yes they do donate money every year. They can afford to do that because they have coaches that put fans in the stadium/arena and make money. Those coaches are there because they are paid well and they have certainly earned the pay. Especially Pat Summit. She typifies the American Dream of someone who worked hard, did it the right way and has most certainly earned everything she has. The same is true with CBP and CPF. Saying they should give up their wages because the state legislature is full of thieving, lying scum who worry more about themselves than their country is like trying to justify a windfall profits tax cause gas costs too much. If you do not like the program move to Europe but do not ask for hard working people to give up what they have earned.

BIGEJ writes:

Face it, college is not athletics or academics; it is a business; and that is okay. A business that teaches and plays sports but a business none the less. The marketing "face of business" gets the financial backing. UT is a great institution but do not live under the premise it is a school "only" this coming from a proud graduate of the UT Engineering Department, 1986. Go Vols.

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

What Budd said and more. Vols athletics recieves not a dime for the University or the State.

Athletic Department pays all of the players costs, tuition books the works. Also pays all the Coaches, and yes it does contribute to teh Academic side of UT.

BUt all the facilities and anything else is paid for with Donors, ticket sales, concessions, etc.

You will hate this, but the Teams belong to the fans not the Students.

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

We want and need National Championship level Coaches, and those command a high Salary.

Fizzle be grateful for any monies the AD gives to UT. It doesn't have to.

CPS has back to back Championships and you don't think she deserves to make more than Geno?

Oh and CPF donated $1 million to the school last year, get off your highhorse.

snowvol writes:

Alfrizzle097, while what you're saying is sensible on one count, it misses the mark on a whole bunch of others.

In a nutshell, go to any member of the BOT or Administration and ask them if the money they spend on coaches Fulmer, Pearl and Summitt generate a commensurate, or increased, return on their investment. I think you'll find the answer is a resounding "yes."

You'll also find that to be the case at places with massive sports budgets like Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, USC and Florida.

While I agree paying to keep up with the Jones's - or Auriemma's, in this case - seems a bit ridiculous, it's economic reality within the confines of remaining competitive athletically. In fact it's reality, period, irrespective of whether we're discussing college coaches, private business or a major public corporation. And make absolutely no mistake: Keeping a competitive athletic edge at a major university like UT often means keeping coaches at fair market value.

And ultimately Al, the benefits are felt by an entire university community. Yes, tuition and fees go up but the impact individuals like Phillip Fulmer, Bruce Pearl and Pat Summitt have on the financial side of a university can indeed be measured - if what they were paid didn't add up to benefit UT in dollars and cents/sense, you'd see different coaches, lower salaries and, most likely, results not quite at the level UT demands and usually receives.

And the latter would ultimately translate into less money coming into the university.

BSweet writes:

I am not normally a trash talker, but there is no way Gee No Class Auriemma deserves to be paid more than Pat. He doesn't come close to her. And as for the comments about paying coaches less and giving more to the school, I believe that several of the coaches donate money back to the school in the form of scholarships. Besides, as a business, athletics generates a very healthy income. If not for the hard work of the coaches, they may not make near as much. They deserve their piece of the pie. Imagine what tuition would be without athletics chipping in. Then you would really be feeling the Big Orange Scr@w!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

I guess the tanker load of gel put him over the top. I guess recruits get a 5 gallon bucket.

Wonder how much ESPN subsidizes of his take.

tedpat#209381 writes:

Come on now, Does anyone think Pat cares what Geno makes. Pat has too much class, she did not win eight National Championships worrying about how much money some joker up here was making. Ted from Maryland

knoxnewsuser writes:

Gino is smart to sign a new deal before he wins another championship this year, then he will get a raise after UConn wins it all. They now have the best player in college and might get the best player from high school if she comes back.

orangebloodgmc writes:

No matter how much they pay him, they can never buy class.

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

Take out Tarasi and UCon and Geno have nothing really.

Take out Parker and Pat has six national titles and 27 straight Sweet "16s"

Cherokee writes:

It might be worth noting that in terms of buying power, what Pat is making in Knoxville will probably go further than what Geno is making in Storrs (not that either one is hurting to pay the rent, LOL). But the cost of living in Connecticutt is almost certainly higher than in Tennessee.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

I've said this a few times....

this year will be Pat at her 'basic coaching' again. No Candace to save the day. Remember, we had a pretty good dry spell between chamique and Candace.

Uconn was able to take advnatage, as were some othe schools.

It is hard to say which she likes better. It IS VERY NICE t0 have the best player in the game...but it's fun to teach as well.

DekanGator writes:

Trust me Vol Fans.... UF and Jermey Foley would pay every nickle to Pat and more to have her at Florida....We would be happy to fill the O'Dome with 17k fans per game, National TV games every week, year after year.
The $ she makes for UT I would think pays for all the Female sports combined,
She makes more money for UT than any female sport in the NCAA. and most male sports!

BillVol writes:

We should not attempt to equal what UConn is paying Geno. Women's basketball salaries are not in line with the revenue they generate anyhow. This is all about political correctness, which is destroying our nation.

DekanGator, the O-Dome only seats 12,000 tops. How would you fit 17,000 in there? You must not know much about the U. of Florida. Lady Vol basketball might bring in more than other programs, but there are only about five programs that are serious about women's basketball. And you are wrong to say that the LV hoops program makes more than "most male sports." If I were oswego, I would ban you from this board.

Cherokee writes:

Butch, in fairness it should be noted that Summitt built UT's program from essentially nothing, and she was barely out of college herself. It took several years to begin to compete with the USC, La Tech, Old Dominion, Texas schools that had a head start. Geno did not have to spend several seasons doing that.

IMO, Auriemma is a good coach who is not in Summitt's league as a coach or as a person.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Buy BrillCreme stock.

lnbadger320 writes:

alfrizzle097, you might want to wake up and enter the real world.

piledriver writes:

Ev'bidy known Pat ain't in it for the money. But it sure helps though. Remember HRC and the glass ceiling.

rocky_topper writes:

I'm still hoping (ooooops, i meant to say waiting) for Geno's heart attack to take him outta this world. He is a ruthless, cheating, classless human being. He'll need the extra money however to pay Elena Delle Donne to come back to U-Conn or maybe give the $$ to her parents to make her come back.

Al, the UT Athletic Department operates off of donor contributions as well as monies made from fans/alumni attending the games. While some of the donated monies are in fact given to academics, the donors expect this money to remain for athletic purposes and kept for athletic departmental use. The donors and alumni are well aware of how to contribute to the academics at UT if they choose to do so.

Education still isn't free for most, and being a graduate from UT as well as an avid fan, I expect my VASF and BoostHer donations to remain with the Athletic Departments; not academics.

ladivolfan writes:

rocky topper, that first sentence is out of line.

jbc writes:

Exactly how much do the athletic departments give to the university each year?

andefromtn#212139 writes:

Whoa everyone, if you understand the rivalry between UT and UConn, you had to know this was coming. I realized the moment Pat signed her newest contract that UConn would need to bigger with Geno the next time his contract came up. It's part of how it's done. It's what drives up pay for all jobs.

Geno is a good coach, and even if I don't like UConn, I can respect the man for developing UConn into a force in Women's College Basketball. Many of their fans dislike Pat, that is the nature of the rivalry between the teams. Giving Geno more money than Pat won't make him better than Pat. He'll have to earn that and while he's proven he is good, he isn't the best yet and if Pat continues to coach he may never be. Money doesn't change that folks. Patricia Head Summitt is...well the summit of coaching excellent for this moment of time in basketball.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Hair gel is deep as I go funning Geno.

Man brings pizazz to the game and recruiting with ESPN, but not much else. If he was as good a coach as he thinks he is, he'd never lose a game.

ZR writes:

I believe the Athletic department had to borrow a couple million dollars from the University 2 years ago.

Maybe I am wrong, but I just do not think Pat Head is at risk to leave UT. Face it, she is just about overpaid right now from a "business" perspective to which some keep referring.

HotlantaVol writes:

Pay the coaches. It's worth it.

Please don't ever say that we as alumni don't benefit from the athletics at Tennessee. Not only has the athletic department donated consistently $500K to $1M per year to the academic side, we also get the benefit of name recognition. Athletic success has made the University of Tennessee one of the most recognized schools in the US. Has anybody ever gone into a job interview and had a prospective boss say, "University of Tennessee? Never heard of it"? Of course not.

If two job candidates are equally qualified in every way except that one went to a university with whom I am familiar, like Tennessee, and the other went to Podunk College in Bumville, ID, I choose the candidate from the major university because with a well-known school, I recognize certain assumptions are likely to be true: accreditation, high standards for incoming students, cash flow to pay for those chemistry experiments and highly qualified professors who design them, etc. You can't necessarily make those same assumptions with Podunk College.

Trust me. It's worth it. Pay the coaches.
Proud to be a Vol Engineering Alumus.

rocky_topper writes:

ladivolfan, maybe out of line for you; but certainly not for me. i speak to an honest mind, and that is how i roll!

go lady vols

jdcdjc#246285 writes:

I love sports, mostly I love Big Orange sports. I am talking about college level sports. Salaries have gotten out of hand. When sports coaches are paid more than the Teachers & Presidents of the Universities, it has gone too far. Pro athelets are paid way too much, getting 6M or 11M a year and more to do something you love doing is just plain crazy. One more thing is the fact that Geno is not worth more than Pat. I love football but for what Phil has done for UT, he is way over paid. Now all the rest of you can jump all over this.

robertjones11#1340074 writes:

come on guys, don't feel bad for Pat. 1, we are still one of the few states with no state income tax, plus the cost of living here is a lot less. overall i'd say her money goes further here. Go Vols!

UT_LAW_2011 writes:

You know what I missed? When Pat Summitt ever broke her word or asked to have a contract renegotiated when someone else got a raise.

Pat Summitt has tons of class. She's built an incredible program here. It's going to stay that way.

This debate is just an abstraction and in no way based on Reality.

Full of Sound and Fury, signifying Nothing.

TommyJack writes:

What debate?

brokebackvol writes:

Something that nobody has mentioned is that Pat isn't likely to go anywhere, while Geno is more likely to have his ears open to other offers, WNBA etc.

UConn is ensuring he doesn't leave - UT doesn't have to worry about Pat - she could have left a long time ago, but probably won't until she is ready to retire.

I hate this animosity between UConn and UT folks - we're all Americans, aren't we? Wishing someone would have a heartattack?? Let's show class regardless of what other team's fans do.

volfan#207874 writes:

Sorta makes you wonder as to the intelligence level of the "powers that be" at UCANT when Jell-O Ornery Enema is drawing a higher salary than coach Summitt. Hasn't all three major coaches at UT donated a million dollars, from their own pockets, not their sports dept.,back to UT? Even the previous sports announcer at UT, one John Ward, donated mega bucks to UT? Has anything of this magnitude happened at UCANT?

pendav#661488 writes:

Hey Rockytopper


UT_LAW_2011 writes:

Billvol: "We should not attempt to equal what UConn is paying Geno"

Houvol: "Something has to be done now with Pat. This cannot be allowed. Pat defines womens basketball and is the greatest coach ever. Step up UT and do the right thing."

Alfrizzle97: "UT should not pay Pat Summit more."

That Debate TommyJack.

Which, as I mentioned, is pointless because Pat Summitt is a class act who is not interested in firing up contract renegotiations any time somebody gets a raise.

When we get closer to 2012, there will be an extention and she will be compensated in line with being the winningest coach in College Basketball.

And without Delle Donne, UCONN isn't going to be the prohibitive favorite anymore.

LadyVolFanForever writes:

I don't like Geno either but I really dislike hatred. I wonder about some of you folks....

Both Pat and Geno are great coaches but Pat is also a great teacher and has loads of class. I'm sure she isn't worrying about someone else making more money than she is. She has a job to do, she loves that job and she is doing it.

She deserves more yes, but very few things in life ar far. She has a great challenge this year and she is focused on that and teaching young women how to be successful in life itself !

rockytopron writes:

This is a non-issue that shouldn't even be on this website. Its irrelevant to anything that happens on the court.

Go Lady Vols!
#9 in '09!

TommyJack writes:

Rockytopron: It's news. It's relevant. Good reporting KNS.

pendav#661488 writes:

Hey UT fans

This is a UT web site. Why all the interest in Geno & UCONN????

TommyJack writes:

pendav: You don't think LadyVols fans have an interest in UConn???

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