UPDATE: Summitt dislocated shoulder chasing raccoon

NASHVILLE - Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt dislocated her shoulder while chasing a raccoon off the back deck at her home Wednesday night.

Summitt had taken her golden Labrador out for a walk when they came back to find the raccoon on the deck at her home.

“I momentarily lost it,” Summitt told WBIR-TV. “The raccoon was about to attack. I just knocked it off the deck, and fortunately nothing happened but a dislocated shoulder, and it’s back in place.”

Summitt showed no signs of injury Friday, and she told the TV station the shoulder wouldn’t bother her at the SEC tournament. And she has learned her lesson about dealing with raccoons.

“When I realized what could have happened, it almost brought me to tears. It wasn’t very smart on my part,” Summitt said.

Meanwhile, freshman Angie Bjorklund and Cait McMahan of the Lady Vols were involved in a minor auto accident while driving to church Wednesday night.

Neither player was injured and Bjorklund will start today for the Lady Vols against Florida in the quarterfinals of the SEC tournament.

McMahan is redshirting.

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Comments » 67

hcjournals#206623 writes:

Coach...Hope you feel better soon. Hope you don't catch too much grief at the SEC Tournament! Take care.....

Gigavol writes:

I guess this is better than "I fell"

Einstein writes:

So Pat is now on the day to day list. At least Angie can play.

CrankE writes:

Hurt a shoulder chasing a racoon?! Please tell me that it was just recoil from the 12ga shotgun that hurt her shoulder. Country girl can survive.

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

Oh this is good. Wait till UConn hears about this.

eb502us#225637 writes:

Here come the jokes...........

madisonvillevol writes:

with that stare, i can't believe any wild animals would come anywhere close to her house!

skroutyboy writes:

I heard she nicknamed the raccoon "Geno."

bmaples writes:

skroutyboy -- LOL! Too true.

Hope all are well soon. Let's dial it up and take three in a row, get that SEC Tourney banner. Go Lady Vols!

mastergardenerlou writes:

Sic Smokey on GENO'

VolJunkie writes:

slovog, nice post (7:11) - I recall hearing that before the Memphis game Coach Pearl invited Coach Summitt to practice as he was looking to run more zone against Memphis and wanted her opinion ... wanted her opinion! Who would not want to hear from one of the finest basketball coaches ever. CBP definitely realizes the great situation he has at UT, everything I have read suggests these two have great respect for one another ... here's to a beautiful (and long term!) relationship.


PennVol writes:

Pat should've just let Smokey run out the house and chase the raccoon. He's a 'coon dog, right?

tigervol9802 writes:

She's since said she will no longer schedule any schools who have programs that study racoons.

drwfocus writes:

Hey KNS - surprised you did not check with the KPD about the girl's status at the time of the accident - you know - were there any drugs in the car, were they "under the influence", did they get a citation, were they REEAAAALY going to church? Aren't you pretty sure the KPD would give you any type negative feedback you need? Pat's program is obviously out of control. And maybe Pat was drunk when she fell off the deck? You should publish a column calling for her "to step down" - don't ya think????

Go Lady Vols, be great to number 8.

Shooter writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

vol_in_lsu_land writes:

Shooter, that would be Pokie Chapman at LSU. Pat Summit is a mother and was married for a very long time. Go take your innuendo somewhere else!

goeltzd#649642 writes:

That was no raccoon!

That was that sneaky Gino AreAnEnema!

VolJunkie writes:

drwfocus ... too funny. Thankfully John Adams did not write the column.

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

shooter, I believe that has something to do with Uconn recruiting practices.

man, beavers and coons...I've been away from the South way too long.

superk#226173 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

HotlantaVol writes:

There are times when it's okay to lie. "No, those jeans do not make you look fat." "Yes, it happens to all guys. It's no big deal." "I hurt my shoulder working out at the gym." See? It's not that hard and much less embarrassing.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

I heard the raccoon had on a blue sweater with a white "C" on the back. Something about a "s##t eatin' grin and scurring back to a Beamer with Conn plates. Just a rumor.

tngeoff is this what LL cocktails can do to a Procyon lotor?

Serious stuff, mparker, serious stuff.

CrankE writes:

Actually I think she hurt her shoulder blackening John Adams' eyes. That's probably the racoon we're talking about.

I bet we'll see her in a coon skin hat at the next mens BB game. Either that or Bruce will wear one to hers.

knoxtenor writes:

You just know the ESPN is now rooting for Pat and the girls to be a No. 1 seed so they can tell this story over and over on the air.

superk#226173 writes:

How come CrankE doesn't get his post removed? He used the word "coon" as have others on this post.

BUTCHug_JONES writes:

Maybe if we payed her more she wouldnt have to risk injury making her own hats.

Volchaz writes:

You just can't make some things up, this is too good. Thankfully, the LadyVols roll into Nashville clicking on ALL cylinders. Lets pull this SEC Tourney Championship out, Fowles awaits in the finals.....

BUTCHug_JONES writes:

thanks, but i was being serious

tigervol9802 writes:

Give me a break.

If anything, Summit's pay should be cut in half if not more. There is no justification from a financial standpoint that she should make what she does. It's a joke.

OldSchool1 writes:

I think you can still buy those coonskin hats in the souvenier store,Pat. You dont really have to make your own anymore!

superk#226173 writes:

Ohh the joy of visualizing what some of these posters look like. I visualize that some of them (if not all) are the same heavy set short haired orange clad women that sit near mid court at Lady Vol games.It's a hoot to see them when ESPN purposely pans, and zooms the camera on them. No big deal, it's just comical.

romevol writes:

Although I am glad they were not hurt, it is nice to finally hear about a student athlete in the news that don't involve drugs, drinking, shooting, hitting pedestrians, etc. Maybe they should start taking some of the football players with them to church. Go Lady Vols!!!

superk#226173 writes:

You know what they say.....tragedy plus time equals comedy. Although this is not "real" tragedy it is nonetheless comedy.

invisiblekid writes:

At least it wasn't a venomous duck, one of those could give you some trouble.

stroker writes:

Comedians all. Consider yourself nominated for best comedy writer.

invisiblekid writes:

KNS, how about a follow up story on the raccoon?

Basketball_Jones writes:

Glad to hear coach and the 2 players are ok....Boy thats a headline you'd never hear from the football program. 2 TENNESSEE FOOTBALL PLAYERS WERE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT WEDNESDAY ON THEIR WAY TO CHURCH....Yea right, change church to Mouses Ear

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

Coach, get out your shotgun!

I can dispel the rumor the coon was named Geno, if it had ben Pat would still be chasing it with a big stick.

On hte comment about her salary or raise. Pat and Bruce both earn their check and any raise they get. And no matter what we say in here or elsewhere, Pat and Bruce will maintain a solid relationship of Support!

JHite7 writes:

Hopefully the raccoon left...went to Mickey Dearstone's house and gave him rabies. I bet if Pat would have been bitten, he would have slit his wrists.

ps11824 writes:

I'm glad to check in here and see a good interesting story, because so far, the SEC Tournament has been BORING. The play by play is so dull. The so called commentators are about as knowledgeable as a raccoon. They love to talk bbut they rarely mention what's happening on the floor. Gosh why don't they call the game in progress? I don't mean to be negative today. I'm excited and nervous about the game with Florida. I always am. It's best if I work during the games. Keeps my mind clear and cool. Take it easy Pat. Leave those raccoons alone. They can be rabid not unlike those other varmints that post in here sometimes. As far as those Lady Vols driving to church, stay away from the varmint posters.

HotlantaVol writes:

"Waccoon? Siwwee, widdle Pat. It's wabbit season not waccoon season. Huh huh huh huh huh."

Elmer Fudd

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

airforceone, that is EXTREMELY funny.

I thought of several things I could say regarding coons and beaver, but I think I will just let the temptation pass.

HotlantaVol writes:

The Chattanooga ladies just laid a 45 point beat down on the UNC-Greensboro ladies. Is their mascot a raccoon?

HotlantaVol writes:

The Chattanooga ladies just laid a 45 point beat down on the UNC-Greensboro ladies. Is their mascot a raccoon?

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

correction, it was not a coon, it was her drunken ex-husband. damned hard to tell the differende at times.

HotlantaVol writes:

I'm seeing double.

vol88 writes:

AF1 stole my thunder with the coon skin cap joke.

I'm proud of her for even being at home. I figured she would be in the office watching film or making somebody run! I'm proud of her.

VolBall writes:

Where's that darn Smokey when you need him....

ps11824 writes:

Allow me to vent a bit right now as I tune in to the pre game stuff at the SEC Women's Tournament. Why is it that they feel the need to fill the between game spot with men's teams and coaches? The women get so little TV time anyway, they could at least fill these time slots with the women and the coaches of the SEC. You will NOT see any women's basketball features on the men's tournament. Come on, I love both games but let's be fair. You don't have to be so obviously biased toward the men's game.

GreerVol22 writes:

It reminds me of a time I looked at the wife with a twinkle in my eye.....put on the Superman cape and proceeded to swing from the ceiling fan.

you guessed it, no safety net.

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