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Bobby Maze, while playing for Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College, makes a reverse layup against Coffeyville CC in the NJCAA regional basketball tournament.

Photo by Kelly Glasscock

Bobby Maze, while playing for Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College, makes a reverse layup against Coffeyville CC in the NJCAA regional basketball tournament.

Tennessee found the solution to its point guard issue when junior college All-American Bobby Maze signed a basketball letter of intent Wednesday to play for the Vols next season.

“Stevie Wonder could see this is where I needed to be,” said Maze, who transferred from Oklahoma to Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College last year. “They’ve called me ‘The Solution’ here, so you do the equation: What better place could I be?”

It certainly adds up for Tennessee, which announced last Friday that incumbent point guard Ramar Smith would not return to the team.

Maze, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound seasoned point guard, averaged 20.7 points, 6.7 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game last season and led the Blue Dragons with 55 steals.

Maze arrived in Knoxville for his visit Tuesday and fell in love with the campus and facilities while growing even more comfortable with the coaching staff.

“The plane landed and I breathed in that Knoxville air,” Maze said. “You see those seats in the arena and how high they go up, and all the sellout crowds, the Jumbotron screens everywhere, the practice facility. You have every tool here to be successful.”

Maze said he has some classwork to finish up to gain full eligibility, and said he has no doubt he will get that done.

“This is a done deal,” Maze said. “I wanted to play on a team where I had a chance to win a championship, and the players here at Tennessee are the best players you could want to play with.

“I like how everyone bonded on this visit.”

Maze said the relationship between Hutchinson head coach Ryan Swanson and UT assistant Steve Forbes was a factor.

“That helped me a lot, just knowing Coach Forbes was the guy who gave Coach (Swanson) his first job,” Maze said, referring to Forbes’ stint as head coach at Barton (Kan.) Community College. “Then you’ve got Coach (Bruce) Pearl, and how all of the coaches made me feel like I was a part of the family.”

Maze said he plans to enroll the first term of summer classes at UT and take part in the Pilot Rocky Top summer league at Bearden High School in June.

“I’m definitely going to play,” Maze said. “I’ll give you some summer league action.

“I haven’t seen this much orange in my life. I know basketball is a real big deal here, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Maze visited Cincinnati last weekend and was scheduled to visit Kentucky this weekend.

“There’s no need for me to go visit Kentucky,” he said. “There’s not a better situation than this.”

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Comments » 240

dfreeman writes:

aMAZEing!!! Welcome aboard!

WVVOLFAN writes:

176 days until "It BB time in TN'
Go Vols, welcome aboard Bobby.

Ironcity writes:

Glad to have another point guard. To get one this late that has played in a top conference is very fortunate. Now lets make sure he graduates so both UT and Oklahoma can benefit!

Silent_Fulmer writes:

yawn....oh, I mean, WOW! I like that countdown better than Ashley's WV!

JeffBleedsOrange writes:


maholt49#632667 writes:

I assume the guy can play...just hope he has the smarts to stay in school and graduate. The rate we are going with our academics a scholarship will taken away by the NCAA.

tennesseePhatz writes:

All Tennessee needed last year was a true point guard that could shoot the ball when needed. My confidence level in Ramar, Howell was pretty bad. They just never showed up when it counted. Ramar will never develop a jump shot. Next years team should be awesome if the point guards play up to the potential expected. All of the other pieces of the puzzle is in place so we should be competing for a SEC title and taking one step at a time. First all must pass their grades to play and stay out of trouble. Go Vols

spikeyd10#222219 writes:

A very nice catch.....and the timing couldn't be better, if he has half the skills people say he has....Maze, T. Smith, Hopson, Chism, and Prince sounds like a pretty potent starting five to me. Welcome to the BIG ORANGE NATION Bobby. Keep your nose clean, and CBP will afford you the opportunity to be successful in his system. I think as much as Bobby Maze was looking for an up tempo system, CBP's system was looking for a Bobby Maze. Anyone agree?

BADGES0413 writes:

Dear Knox News,

If you do a little research you can find a picture of this guy that is more foucsed. My great grandfather started a little company many years ago and took some really good pictures that still hold up after 100 years. I will pitch in a buck and a quarter if it is a cost issue.


Fidel Kodak


I really like this pick up, Point Guard has been a Problem since CJ graduated.

MrBamSeydu writes:

hahaha, this is awesome!!! players are committing to UT before they even SEE UK's campus saying things like "it's not even worth my time".

UT basketball > UK basketball

CoverOrange writes:

McB, please go to the pencil sharpener, your point is missing.

What is Bobby's middle initial. I'm hoping it's an A.

invisiblekid writes:

WD40plusVol, what are you talking about, McRib makes a fine point. Maze saw the error of his ways and realized that UT was a much better choice than Maryland.

bowerst#242774 writes:

The dream is becoming a reality, and Knoxville, Tennessee is becoming a basketball town. Thank you, Mr. Pearl.

tennesseePhatz writes:

Don't Judge me wrong about Ramar and Howell. Howell could get the ball up the floor without turnovers. He just lost his confidence and never regained it. He wasn't an assist type of person who would penetrate and dish it off if needed. Ramar just couldn't shoot a jumper and was out of control at times. Any good team has to have a guard that can take the pressure off the wing and post players, otherwise teams will zone you up and force you to play their style. Now if these guys are as good a mentioned, it's all fair play. You have to bring it to the Vols next year and be ready for anything.

gobigo00 writes:

I hope all the attitude is what this team needs with the loss of Duke, and not something that wrecks what has made this team such a close group. Maybe it's the way the KNS has spun this with the mug shot photo and taking all Mazes' "me" qoutes that gives me an uneasy feeling about this guy. I'm sure BP knows what he's doing. Good luck BM.Go Vols!

lilmoorevols writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

GreerVol22 writes:

"Stevie Wonder could see".....not exactly PC but funny. lets just hope "The Solution" is not another "The Future" alah Kelly Washington.

UTvols12342000 writes:

The greats have always had attitude, always had an aire of confidence about them. Think Bird, Magic, Jordan. They couldn't help it. When you master something mentally and can play at a level above your peers, it is just natural to exude that aura. If you are forcing it, of course, then please take your lil butt and go home. It is really easy to judge, IMO. How do they practice and what is their work ethic? If you work like Legend Lofton, then you can walk the court at TBA with as much confidence and attitude as you like.

Go Vols!

superk#226173 writes:

Looks to be a fine upstanding member of the community.

VU writes:

Congrats on the commitment of your newest thug. I'm sure Ramar and Duke won't have anything on this dude.

volfaninVA writes:

Before anyone goes and throws Jordan Howell under any more busses, just remember... his game began to go south about the same time his teammate and roommate, Chris Lofton, confided in him about the situation that he was going through. He was the only player on the team that knew about Lofton and kept it to himself. I'm willing to cut Jordan a break here.

volunteer4life2 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

VolNot writes:

You boys are cracking me up! You have a pretty good year (Sweet Sixteen and all), recruit a couple of HotDogs with ATTITUDE (but lacking in ACADEMICS) and now you are the new basketball experts of the world and the standard of excellence for the SEC. Don't get me wrong -- Coach Pearl is great. He has inspired more life into VolBasketball that anyone since Ray Mears. But until you can take it to the next level, both by winning and by the character of your players you are kidding yourselves. Maze didn't visit UK because UK had investigated him and found serious flaws in his character and academic commitment. Maybe Coach Pearl can tame his attitude and inspire him to become a fine student-athlete (rather than merely athlete). I hope so. If he can and does you may have found a winning point guard. Time will tell.

volsthetruth writes:

Lets look @ the facts... If I was a head coach (MD) Would I take a guy thats 2 credits short (can go to summer schoolto get them) or sign a guy who was charged with Rape and was let go by Butler Univ. (I think Im not 100 % about the school.) Who would you choose? B.Maze has never SMOKED where are yall getting this stuff from....

vol88 writes: back when you beat us.

in anything.

invisiblekid writes:

Yep, those recruits that Calipari has signed are angels, nothing says class like being linked to a murder investigation involving your cousin:

invisiblekid writes:

Depends on your religion General but personally I disagree.

wagee12 writes:

McBrim fish, you're damned right we'll take him. Now, go tickle your mommy with feather duster! Tiger High fans, eat your heart out, BTW, all-time basketball mark now stands at Tennessee 12 wins, Tigger High 7 wins. How does such a great and powerful basketball school have such a losing record to a school with very little enduring tradition in hoops??? University of Mempho, suitcase, community college!

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

Wearmemphis, you say that even the players that get kicked off Memphis' team graduate? Other than pointing out how easy it is to get a degree from Memphis, what was your point?

invisiblekid writes:

On the topic of tattoos for a second, Angel Garcia was named to have the best tattoo by the Courier-Journal in Louisville:

invisiblekid writes:

My mistake...wrong link:

knoxvegas75 writes:

OK why can't we all just get along. Memphis does have a good program, and so does UT.

We both have had problems with our players and other school officials. We have each has our own scandals and I bet we both will have more to come.

College life is a time for young men and women to develope and learn from lifes lessons.....

hey at least we arn't San Diego State Fans and Alum.......
just get over your bitter fights....

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

I never have understood all the hostility from Memphis fans. I usually pull for Middle Tennessee, Austin Peay, Tenn. Tech, Memphis and all the other mid-major schools in Tennessee, whether they are OVC, Sun Belt or Conference USA. They're all like our little sisters, and we should pull for them to do well.

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

Actually, of all the mid-major schools UT has played in either football or basketball, Memphis has given us a better game than many of them.

VolCane7979 writes:

I LOVE THESE MEMPHIS FANS!!!!!!! It's great how pathetic and insecure they are that they feel the need to come on a Tennessee website and point out how much further they advanced in the tournament. Since they can't beat us in ANYTHING, even basketball, they have to toot their little horns about something. One football win in 1996 and, well, ummmm... hmmm. 66-62. See your non-championship butts next year, boys.

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

marc_ash, I think you just got called a name. That must really hurt. I wish you a speedy recovery. Wearmemphis, there's no need for such violence.

VolCane7979 writes:

Oh, and, of course.... you just bring your butts as usual and we'll bring the paddles.

invisiblekid writes:

Nice job of cherry-picking the facts to try and make a point in that 6:23 post WeAreMemphis.

"Tyreke Evans had been joined by his 16-year-old cousin Jamar Evans in the front passenger seat. In the back were friends Dwayne Davis and Rasheen Blackwell. Tyreke told police that as he prepared to leave, he heard Davis and Blackwell yell as they saw someone approach the car: "Go, he's about to shoot." When he heard a shot fired, Tyreke said he ducked and stepped on the gas, nearly hitting a fire hydrant. He also told police that he heard a second, louder shot and saw Jamar putting a silver-handled gun in his sweatshirt pocket."

He was driving the vehicle, questioned by the police, and related to the suspect, sounds like he had at least some connection to the crime.

Problem with these Memphis folk, they don't understand the concept of living in a glass house and not throwing stones.

And for the record, if beating Memphis is our only goal as you say, then we have already surpassed those goals, more than once.

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

I'm glad Memphis fans don't care about losing a regular season game. I was afraid that UT might have hurt their feelings by spoiling their perfect season. But, evidently, if wearememphis is to be believed, it didn't even matter to them. That sure is a relief.

jasvol writes:

Weare memphis: Your illogical garbel made me remember why I never went back to my hometown once I GRADUATED from UT. The entire city has 'stepchild' syndrome. After years of whining, You finally get an NBA team. And you Memphians still can't get get over being a 2nd class town. And the worst part is Knoxville is still the better town and University.

VolCane7979 writes:

VulCane? You just took stupid to a new level. I hate Memphis posters, but I can at least respect most of them because they can make some point. You fail on all accounts. What's the score of the Louisville game? Ummmm, I think the score was: who the hell cares and how does that relate to this discussion or anything between Tennessee and Memphis, retard? I think that was the score.

Ironcity writes:

WEAREMEMPHIS what a moniker! BABABABABABABABABBABABABBABABBABABABABABABABABA!! Not sure why you would come here to respond to a recruit? Why do you care so much about UT? Were not in your conference. You should be more fired up about Houston and UAB and Ark Little Rock and all those programs that you have to compete with every year. If you hate UT so much then ignore us if you can.

invisiblekid writes:

WeareMemphis, anyone that makes an insensitive remark like this one has absolutely no right to lecture anyone on class:

"By the way, what does that eyedrop tatto mean that half your players are sporting??? One for all the dead homies, murders or what. Does Little have one??"

There is no defense for what Little did but did you for one second think about the Gutweiler family?

rootin4volz writes:

Take THAT Cincy and UK!!!! Welcome aboard Bobby!

invisiblekid writes:

"I live in Indianapolis not MEMPHIS or knuclvul so dog your own state all you want, you live in it." So that makes you a bandwagon fan? Pathetic.

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

This is getting a little too rough for me. Hope everyone has a happy Mothers Day. I sure would love to see mine one more time. Go Vols!

rockytop47 writes:

I think I would rather lose in the Sweet 16, than have one of the biggest chokes ever witnessed on television. That championship game was funny! That three by Kansas. Great coaching all they had to do was foul and the game was over. Hey have Cal call Pearl. He has a few game tapes of Tennessee winning a close one by not allowing the three (fouling before they shot and putting them on the line for two)! Oh yeah, obviously they don't take math over there. No wonder your graduation rates are so high! Cal good recruiter, but a very bad game coach. Anyone can coach a blowout, but the close ones take skill, which is why Memphis will never win a title with him there.

knoxvegas75 writes:

Wearememphis: there "Halves" not "Periods" wrong sport.....i guess they didn't teach that one at tiger high.....

invisiblekid writes:

I agree completely wkb12, all programs have their problems but these Memphis fans beat all when it comes to digging up trash without taking their own out first. The worst part is this guy isn't even a homegrown fan.

Razzle writes:

Great news Mr. Maze is gonna be a Vol.

Just wondering if the Memphis crybabies go to the Kansas Jayhawk talk boards and act like 7 year olds like they do here.

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