UT's advisory on Phillip Fulmer

The follwing is the media advisory from the University of Tennessee on Phillip Fulmer.


Monday, Nov. 3, 2008

(865) 974-1212




University of Tennessee Director of Athletics Mike Hamilton and Head

Football Coach Phillip Fulmer will hold a press conference today 5 p.m.

Eastern time in the Neyland Stadium Media Center to discuss the future

of the football program.

The press conference is closed to the public. Satellite coordinates are

Horizons II Transponder K11 12120 Horizontal. The feed will be

available beginning at 4:45 p.m. UTSports.com also will live stream both

audio and video of today's press conference.


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Comments » 28

Volunatic writes:

Thank you for all you have done for UT, Mr. Fulmer! GO VOLS!

volnbig11land writes:

Thanks and good luck in the future Coach.

HilltopperVolPhi608 writes:

Yes, thank you for all that you have done for this great football program. Best wishes to you and your family in your future endeavours.

reachkim00 writes:

See ya, take Clawson with you too please.

GO LADY VOLS!!!!!!!!!!

yeavols#228407 writes:

Thanks FULMER..you made the right decision. There is no shame in holding a job for 17 years where championships were achieved, streets named after you, and money was made! You will be part of the UT family for ever. You will always be remembered for a coach with class and did great things for us. I am sure we'll still see you on the sidelines every now and then..

stv#253218 writes:

The true Vol Nation loves you Mr. Fulmer.

shipperman#280095 writes:

Re: Butchisback

Get real. Fulmer has been good for and to the University of Tennessee and like all good coaches, has run his course. You put up all the inflated numbers, why not put up the numbers for just the last 6 years? I love the Vols, and appreciate Coach for all he has done, but we all know that the decline has been in the making for a few years now.

tennisvol writes:

Thanks Coach Fumer for all you've done for UT and the state of TN.

hueypilot writes:

I understand you're upset Butch, but everything was down and not going back up. Phil's body language ten days ago when we gave the ball back to Alabama because we jumped offside on a punt said it all. He slumped his head to his chest. I think he realized he was just not the man to lead Tennessee out of this trough. The team's performance against a very average South Carolina team confired his feelings. He will go down compared to Neyland as Tennessee's greatest coaches, and we all owe him a huge thank you for what he has done for UT football. And frankly in the last few years, the in-state talent has been getting away. Recruiting, always his strong point had begun to suffer. You know that. I hope you'll be back next year. I will and would have regardless of who coached, but it was time for a new guy.

voltime writes:

Good Luck Coach!!!! We wish you and your family only the best! You will alwlays be a true Vol

JeepJeep writes:


Since 2005, Phil is
15-15 in the SEC
27-20 overall
with 3 games left over (all 3 potentially losses)

What good does it do with a great recruiting class when you don't know what to do with it.

Eric Berry is our best player on the team, and if he was on a different team, he'd be up for the Heisman.

Phil has lost touch with the team and the crowd, and we all just simply wanting a change.

If you're not there for games because of a coaching change, then you are a pathetic NON Fan. The rest of us will will be there next year!!!!

I'll give you my address, so you can mail your tix to me.

Phil, thank for the run, but it's just time for a change.

Volchaz writes:

I'm sure we'll all be watching... Its really the best thing to do this now, instead of waiting. Now we can look around without feeling bad..

ps11824 writes:

ButchIsBack, everything will work out for the best. Coach stayed one season too long. It's unfortunate and I wish he could have gone out on a winning note. However, I hear the hurt in the tone of your post but you are not alone.

Never fear, the University of Tennessee Volunteer football program will return to the status of contender. We will be back with an all new coaching staff as Phillip Fulmer enjoys his family and loyally supports the Big Orange. That's the man he is.

DennisVols writes:

The new head coach, whoever that may be, has some big shoes to fill at UT.
It was not the wins or the losss that coach Fulmer will be remembered for. Though a National Championship will forever be ours because of your hard work.
It is the character of the man. His contributions to the Jason Foundation is just one of many off field commitments Fulmer made to create the family first platform.
Other marks by coach Fulmer:
Selection as National and SEC coach of the year in 1998.
*The first Tennessee team to post 13 victories in a single season, a record in 1998 that included an SEC championship and Tostitos Fiesta Bowl win for the national title.
*Back-to-back SEC titles in 1997-98 and five Eastern Division crowns in the last 10 years. *The Vols have won or tied for the division title seven times under Fulmer.
*A record of 45-5 from 1995-98, the most victories over a four-year span in school history.
*Six seasons finishing in the top 10 nationally and 13 seasons ranked in the top 25.
*Seventeen Tennessee players have earned first-team All-America honors, including offensive tackle Arron Sears and wide receiver Robert Meachem in 2006 and placekicker Daniel Lincoln in 2007.
*Sixteen first-round NFL selections since 1993 and a total of 90 players selected overall. The team's five first-day 2007 NFL Draft picks were the most of any school and UT has led the SEC with the most players on opening-day NFL rosters each of the last two seasons.
*Fifteen bowl games have welcomed the Vols, including 12 January bowl invitations.
*In two of the last three seasons, Tennessee football has led the SEC in Academic Honor Roll recipients
SO I wish you well coach Fulmer. I hope this is handled with class and with the honor you deserve for your commitment not only to the University of Tennessee but to the many players, fans and people you have touched through your years of service.

SomeGuy writes:

ButchIsBack is a classic Univ. of Fulmer fan which makes him equivalent to a Bama fan or a UF fan. Besides the UofFulmer alumni who else today is crying in their beer? Answer: Bama fans and Gator fans. This is a great day for UT fans. However, we're one down and one to go. The one to go yet is Hamilton. We've got to get rid of him before he is allowed to have any input into the hiring of CPF's successor.

doverton#635371 (Inactive) writes:

Thanks Coach Fulmer for all the memories you have given us as UT's coach. You are truly a great man and a great coach too.Thanks for all the time and effort and sacrafice you have given The University of Tennessee. May God bless you and your family always.You truly are and always will be a Volunteer.

softball writes:

coach, its all my falt, I was at the national championship game and said a prayer that if we could win just one national championship in my lifetime thats all I would need. prayers do get answered and I apologize to coach fulmer for costing him his job. God bless you coach and thanks for the memory's

BubbaVol44 writes:

Thanks, coach. You were able to take us to the next level (largely due to signing Peyton and all the guys he recruited to UT--Cutcliffe deserves an assist). I'm sorry you were not able to keep us there very long. I can't feel sorry for you--you've only earned about 1/4 of your buyout. Enjoy your retirement as a UT legend.

cwisenhower#637741 writes:

I bet you all of the head coaches in the SEC are in shock. Thank you so much Phil. Thank you thank you thank you for everything.

airvols#371403 writes:

Thanks Phil, your still the man!

mgdchvol writes:

Phillip Fulmer = Volunteer

Volunatic writes:

Thanks for everything, Coach! You have been a great representative of our University. GO VOLS!

G8er_H8er writes:

Coach Fulmer and family have really struggled with this the last several weeks. It has been especially hard on his wife, Vicky, and Coach's daugthers. Phillip loves this university and football team. He takes every loss to heart. However, that being said, it was time to make a change. Let all VOL fans hope and pray that the correct hire will be made and Hamilton will hit a HR like Pearl, not ones like Dickey made with Houston, Green, Peterson, etc.

ps11824 writes:

What has transpired today proves: Money can't buy success, nor win college football games. Money cannot buy happiness.

MemphisVol writes:

thanks for the memories phil! you had a really great run! GO VOLs GO!!!!!

Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

I hate this...but Phil missed out on something. The wrold has moved to 'continuous improvement'. Obviously the last 8 years have been tough on the Vols, mostly in the recruiting wars, but also in Phil's conservative approach to gaming.

Last year I defended Phil all season except fot the Bama game (okay, I think I did, anyway). I think that, well, the progarm stagnated as maybe Phil didn't bring in enough new blood in his coaching ranks, maybe it was just Phil.

To every Vol fan that thinks Phil is a fine man: I fully agree. I really wish he could have been 'promooted' to assistant AD in charge of football operations, or some sort like that. he deserves to be around vol ball until he chooses to leave.

Well, anywayk, another era gone by.

jimr07 writes:

Posted by 98reax on November 3, 2008 at 2:29 p.m. (Suggest removal)

What has transpired today proves: Money can't buy success, nor win college football games. Money cannot buy happiness.

no but it is way ahead of whatever is in second place.

Colliervol writes:

98reax, no, money can't buy happiness but you can dang sure rent a bunch of it.

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