In the end, Warren just catching up

UT wants to get ball in tight end's hands


Josh McNeil, center for the University of Tennessee Volunteers, talks about the candid shot taken by a Sports Illustrated photographer while he was at the bottom of a dogpile during the game against Florida.  This was McNeil's first appearance in Sports Illustrated.

See the photo at <a href=""><strong></strong></a>.

Josh McNeil, center for the University of Tennessee Volunteers, talks about the candid shot taken by a Sports Illustrated photographer while he was at the bottom of a dogpile during the game against Florida. This was McNeil's first appearance in Sports Illustrated. See the photo at Watch »

Four games into the season, there are more questions about Tennessee's offense than who should be the quarterback.

One of them is: Where's Brandon Warren?

The popular Alcoa product who transferred from Florida State was expected to be an integral part of the offense when the NCAA cleared him to participate this season.

Considering his year-and-a-half layoff from football, maybe that was expecting too much, too soon. So far, UT fans have seen only glimpses of the Freshman All-America form Warren showed at tight end for FSU in 2006.

He's caught five passes, including one in each of UT's first three games. His 42-yard reception against UAB is Tennessee's second-longest pass play of the season.

In UT's 14-12 loss at Auburn last Saturday, however, Warren was shut out and scarcely played - six snaps, according to tight ends coach Jason Michael.

"I think things will come,'' Michael said. "He wasn't as involved last week as we would have liked or as he would have liked.''

Warren admitted Wednesday he was frustrated at Auburn, but he continues to put a team-first face on it.

"You look forward to playing in big games like that,'' he said. "I'm in there on certain packages. We really didn't get a chance to get into those things.''

UT coach Phillip Fulmer said Warren is still catching up after spending the 2007 season away from football. The hiatus between FSU and Tennessee also included spring practice in 2008.

Michael, Fulmer and even Warren point to getting the 6-foot-1, 225-pound sophomore back up to speed.

"He's got to get his assignments and techniques,'' Fulmer said. "Inexperience, that's all it is.

"Let him do things naturally and he's going to be fine. He's certainly talented.''

Doing things naturally comes when you don't have to over-think assignments.

"When you're out there you've got to be decisive,'' Warren said. "If you're iffy about something, you're not going to play as fast. I'm feeling myself catching up more and more. I'm ready to help.''

Michael wants Warren to be able to help in the run game as well. If he's merely a passing target, it tips UT's hand to opposing defenses.

Luke Stocker is the starter when the Vols are in a one-tight-end set.

"Luke tries to play physical every single play,'' Michael said. "When you do that, more often than not things are going to work out for you.''

Warren has also played on special teams, returning two bloop kickoffs for a 17-yard average. At Auburn, however, he wasn't on that unit, either.

"That's not really been my cup of tea,'' Warren said. "I'm new to special teams at this level.''

Again, Fulmer said Warren had been hesitant and special teams are an area that emphasize aggressiveness.

"He's back on it now,'' Fulmer said. "If he's going to be here and be a good athlete, we need to get him on everything we can.''

Foremost, that includes getting him the ball as a tight end.

Jonathan Crompton's struggles at quarterback have affected every aspect of the passing game, especially second and third options on a given pass play.

But part of the scenario is defining what Warren does best as the Vols continue to assimilate a new system under first-year offensive coordinator Dave Clawson.

"Brandon's done a little bit of a bunch of things,'' Michael said, "and now we're trying to home in.

"Brandon's an explosive guy, a very athletic guy. You like him with the ball in his hands.''

That sounds good to Warren.

"I'm a competitor and I want to be out there to help the team,'' he said. "I just do what they tell me to do.

"I'm sure they'll find the best situation to put me in to give me the opportunity to play.''

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Comments » 105

volwalk writes:

WOW, this is not what I pictured 5 weeks ago. I remember all of us so excited about getting Brandon Warren and hear are coaches are 5 weeks later trying to figure out how to get this great athelete the ball. This team has SERIOUS problems.

ellisonfamily writes:

I have heard these kinds of statements from our coaching staff ("He's catching up"; "He's inexperienced") in reference to other players (Jabari Greer, Gerald Riggs, etc...) and about 4 and 5 star guys just before they became very average. Can someone say "player development"? How can so many excellent players become so average? It cannot possibly be the players everytime. And...while we're at it, how can so little be done with so much...?

OldNumber7 writes:

Yep. But Crompton can't throw 10 yards. Stephen's great play to Warren with his back against the goal line in the UAB game - that pass call was gutsy for a just off the bench "backup" QB.

ncvol17 writes:

Wait, wait, wait... we sure like to suck the air out of the room. How come FSU brought out the best in the kid in his 1st year. We say he's rusty?

Geez Vols....

chrisw2967 writes:

we have no coach that can develope these players ,they seem to get worse instead of better

vol52 writes:

Why do we have a tight end coach? I think a special teams coach would be better. We have had our heads handed to us this decade on special teams.

CampVol writes:

Put someone, anyone, in that can throw the ball in his general vicinity. He'll catch most of what he's thrown. Crompton couldn't get the ball w/in 5 yards of him.

NashvilleVol87 writes:

You guys nailed it - we've heard this story before with young guys. I read the story and was thinking "What would Nick Saban have done with this guy?" He'd probably have started every game and have 10+ catches at this point.These coaches have got to go.

CoverOrange writes:

Didn't everyone in the world know what Tebow was going to do when he was in the game his freshman year? Or Percy Harvin? Or Julio Jones this year? Or any number of other rookies for other teams?

What was it Fulmer once boasted about? Being able to tell the defense what you're about to do and still do it anyway?

News flash. UT's playbook is well known to opposing defenses.

lomas98 writes:

"If he's merely a passing target, it tips UT's hand to opposing defenses."

Stupid comment Michael. When we are in the G-Gun doesn't that tip our hand to opposing defenses too? How about running to the other side he is on? How about tipping your hat and throwing it to him anyway. He was a stud at FSU as a freshmen. With his size and speed he is a matchup problem even for SEC defenses. Problem is getting it to him from the QB.

"He wasn't as involved last week as we would have liked or as he would have liked.''

Maybe they just forgot to put him in the game. Wasn't that the excuse for not playing Hardesty against Alabama last year? If he was not going to be an integral part of the offense, why all the comments about his eligibility before the season started. They made it sound like him getting eligible was a huge advantage to what they practiced in the summer.

Pullingguard writes:

Comments made by coaching staff in this article just reinforces all the problems, With Fulmer it's always something that keeps talented people off the field. Its technique, assignment, blocking, toughness, etc., etc., and all the time the team gets kicked around, using every excuse for not correcting problems. Fulmer has never said, we got beat, we failed as coaching staff, and I will fix the problems... He has too many excuses why things are wrong and people not used... Sad situation.

Couchdummy writes:

I agree with the other posters!! Other D1 Schools who recruit talent put that talent to work quickly! Our coaches seem resigned to it taking 2 years of "learning" and "experience" in order for an athlete to contribute. Just another indicator that it our "teachers" (coaches) that are a big part of the problem!

Volomatic writes:

Very pathetic. The few times we have managed to get him the ball he didn't look rusty to me. And even if he's not up to speed on tight end spots put him in the slot like other tight ends do he is a playmaker like jones if he gets the ball in his hands he is going to do something with it. Speaking of jones he is only a sophmore if we let him finish the season out at qb just imagine what he could do next year something to think about coaches

Does anyone have a link to the story about how fulmore got where he is at today or what article it was in

bluetickhound writes:

This really is inexplicable. I mean, it's not fair to say that Fulmer never gives freshmen a chance to get PT (Ainge/Schaeffer, G.Jones, our entire secondary last year), but this simply sounds like they just don't know how to utilize his talent. What?? I thought for sure after the Luke Stocker dropscapade against UAB that we would get a heavy dose of B. Warren in the following weeks. That, like most of my hopes for team, was as wrong as Wall Street.

junder13 writes:

The negativity towards coaching regarding this situation is well deserved. If he was a freshmen straight from high school the coaching staff and foolmer could get away with this bull***t. He's not though. He was a freshmen All-American and was a huge match-up problem for LBs. It's a disgrace how these coaches cannot use natural talent and develop it. If they could dictate the flow of the game instead of letting our opponent dictate us, than maybe we wouldn't have to hear about Warren's lack of "technique". FSU coaches seemed to handle it pretty well. These coaches don't deserve talent!

khelton657 writes:

Warren was a Freshman All American, but we'll coach that out of him.

I don't understand why any talented tight end would come to UT....Witten gets 9 catches and 90 yards per game in the NFL..he got 1.5 catches per game with us...the other teams " took it away from us"....but NFL players can't, huh ?

thevoice writes:

Fulmer: "He's got to get his assignments and techniques," Fulmer said. "Inexperience, that's all it is."

Is that right? I wonder how he became a Freshman All American. By sitting on the FL State bench, hoping to get in? If you receive a Freshman All American from a BCS school and he can't somewhat immediately fit into your system, I believe you need to change your system. Is it all that different??

Play the odds game coach! So what if he misses an assignment or two throughout a game?

thevoice writes:

And another thing. How come you can get a JUCO transfer who comes from a totally different offensive scheme and insert him immediately, but you can't do that to a freshman All American? Once again, it's all about seniority and loyalty, to a fault.

caskew#218608 writes:

SI article about Nunes and the boobirds' influence on his decision....

miamiVOL writes:

how can anyone expect anything with an albatros if a QB in Chumpton , the kid is making a push for the BIGGEST BUST IN RIVALS.COM HISTORY

DennisVols writes:

3 times in the 4th qtr we barely need 1 first down to be in field goal range and our coaches can't find a way to get this playmaker in the line-up.
Go figure. Just how did we become 1-3 again?

creepykev#228270 writes:

I saw a few passes sail 10 feet over Warren's head. His look of disgust said it all. I had tickets for this game saturday, but I really don't want to go now. When does basketball start?

coach75 writes:

knoxvillians and others boycott pilot until a change is made, that might help. thunder, drop the hammer. list of possible replacements;
1. Bill Cowher
2. Jon Gruden
3. Riley( i think he is the oregon state coach)
4. Tony Dungy( later giving way to Peyton)
5. Steve Spurrier
6. David Cutcliffe
7. Bobby Johnson( has vandy in the top 25)

QB_10 (Inactive) writes:

VolFans- as Thursday approaches and Phil has been able " grade every pass" You have to wonder what these young employees are thinking. Why isn't our CEO making the decision, maybe he has told them in private and it has not leaked out to the media just yet. I just look at this and ask what else does a young man like Nick Stephens need to prove himself or more importantly what do the fans of VolNaition have to see to know that Jonathon Crompton is not capable of managing the field. He admitted to the media last season “I quit playing last year because I knew my season was over." this is not the type of leader I want to go into battle with. Will Nick Stephens make some mistakes, yes he will, but I like the muster this kid shows, A 3rd and 8 from the 3 and throwing a perfect strike (not seen very often from #*) leading to a 42 yard gain. In addition to his 15 minute interview showed that he can handle some pressure.Imagine having your first interview for a job being taped and shown to a million people. Let alone being interviewed by 8 people looking for a word to play Spin Doctor with....

As game day approaches and the coaching staff makes the decision to either play The Gun Slinger aka Nick Stephens or The " I am the man" aka Jonathon Crompton...JC talks cheap and your play has proven you are not an SEC QB. But that is OK, get your free education at UT and be a team player and gracefully step aside. In life you will not always win everything and adversity builds charcter..Ask Nick Stephens..does not sound like he was given the same shot you were in the spring. Only the coaches know the truth, but the media has leaked that Crompton was given the position regardless. Nick Stephens also had to sit on the sidelines and watch his teammates throw helmets, shake their heads, watch Arian Foster wonder why can't someone just put the bread in the basket, seeing your offensive coordinator throw his hand in disbelief, your head coach playing psychologist at Auburn trying to get you motivated...and millions of fans demanding a change.

I wish Nick Stephens and his teammates good luck as Season #2 rolls out on Saturday...If he does not start how ever many fans show up at Neyland Stadium they will Voice their opinion in Boos not Whews....

A memo to Dave Clawson, go down and work the first half on the sidelines and assist Nick Stephens in leading the offense to multiple first half touchdown drives..something that has not been seen since Eric Ainge's playing career (which seems like a lifetime). Dave Clawson after you see that your decision was correct and #17 is your future QB and Field Leader...go back to the penthouse and let the QB position take the pressure off the Defense and punting game..Just make the decision and announce that Nick Stephens is playing so your employees and shareholders can rest easy and focus on the task at hand the first series against NIU....

WeLoveTennesseeVols writes:

in response to CoverOrange:

Didn't everyone in the world know what Tebow was going to do when he was in the game his freshman year? Or Percy Harvin? Or Julio Jones this year? Or any number of other rookies for other teams?

What was it Fulmer once boasted about? Being able to tell the defense what you're about to do and still do it anyway?

News flash. UT's playbook is well known to opposing defenses.

Yea, like the Democrats playbook is known to everyone except the Republicans.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Have we all forgotten that until your place in line comes up, you do not appear on the charts.

Berry is a rare, rare exception. Watch Crompton start Saturday.

chrisw2967 writes:

Fans Treated to Free UT Football DVD with Game Program Purchase

Oct. 1, 2008

Football fans visiting Neyland Stadium for Saturday's game against Northern Illinois will be welcomed with a special offer from the Vol Network. The first 1,500 fans to purchase a souvenir game program will receive a FREE Tennessee Football DVD.

The video showcases the sights and sounds of the University of Tennessee football program and the many traditions that make it such a cherished part of so many people's lives. Special features include: the Vol Walk, the "Volunteer Navy", running through the "T", the "Kickoff Call-In Show", the Pride of the Southland Marching Band, and special interviews by former Tennessee football players.

Souvenir program vendors can be found in and around Neyland Stadium beginning five hours prior to kickoff. This year's official game program has over 175 pages of full-color content including updated stats, rankings, player features and lineups.

better hurry up and buy a program so you can get your free dvd but make sure you buy a program first , what a joke.
since its only to the first 1,500 fans you shouldnt have to get into a big hurry, i think thats all they are expecting.

MidTennVol writes:

So I guess the message from the staff is that this freshman All-American transfer simply wasn't ready to contribute at UT?

And still isn't? Needs to learn "assignments and techniques?" Needs to watch Luke Stocker to learn how to play TE UT style?

I never played organized football and therefore have no right to question anything about the Tennessee program...


it seems odd to me that an All-American TE is now a 2 behind Luke Stocker.

OhioVol3 writes:

It's pretty simple. The Tennessee coaches talk about what a guy can't do or isn't doing...UF, LSU, UGA coaches talk about what their guys CAN do. The results speak for themselves.

Imagine how poorly the Vol coaches could have made Percy Harvin look...

jmanvolfan writes:

Remember Jamal Lewis did not know how to pass block so he didn't get to play until after FL killed us. Same old story over and over.

TommyJack writes:

in response to pdhuff#552644:

Have we all forgotten that until your place in line comes up, you do not appear on the charts.

Berry is a rare, rare exception. Watch Crompton start Saturday.

Say it ain't so, PD.

mmhartz writes:

A complicated, intricate offensive scheme [like UT's] executed poorly will get you beat every time. A simple, concise offense scheme executed well will win you championships [just ask Nebraska].

Simplify the offense and get the best players on the field. It is the team's best chance at winning. BTW, it appears that is what is done by Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Florida, etc.

fedupvol writes:

Great Comments from y'all....that ridiculous "coach speak" is ABSURD...inexperience, assignments, yadayadayada....just pitiful EXCUSES from clueless coaches! Wouldn't be surprised to see him transfer to another school...but I hope not...PATHETIC....coaches should do what jc should do just SHUT UP and quit making excuses every week!

Jshoop writes:

Part of the reason Warren isn't playing at tight end is that Stocker blocks very well. If you watch him in the games, he hits someone hard very play. Vols offense is not designed for tight ends to catch the ball.

With that said, why can't Warren play receiver or even running back or two tight end sets. Heck, put him in the GW-gun. He is a great athlete. Play im at QB. He should be on the field.

TommyJack writes:

Brandon: You can't just come in here and expect to start. Nevermind talent. You wait your turn. It's the Philly way.

Striker writes:

This season has done something to me, for real. I have been the strongest supporters of College Football since the mid 80s. These overpaid Coaches, are quickly killing my fandom. Thats what drives me so crazy! These 8th grade quotes made by guys making millions in this time of economic disaster????? And to think that its football coaches guys, not doctors, or someone inventing the longer lasting light bulb, but football coaches.

Im sorry, but i dont see how a great high school coach couldnt muster up a .500 season at any Division I program, for double his high school pay. Its maddening!!!

I know im not the only one, and im seriously concerned that this nonsense may kill my passion for the sport all together if something doesnt change soon. To anyone reading, i can promise you that this has nothing to do with being "fair weathered".

Most everyone is growing more and more sick of it. The root of all evil is money folks, and its what is driving this train wreck. Remember, every great empire has fallen. It looks like our beloved Vols have took the fall under Fulmer. Sure they may somehow find a way back. But keep this in mind, they may NEVER come back, and certainly wont under his leadership.

Peace out

GerryOP writes:

"He's got to get his assignments and techniques," Fulmer said. "Inexperience, that's all it is."

Well, golly gee Coach, he wasn't too inexperienced to go from high school to FSU in one season and become a Freshman All-American. What happened between then and now? Did he all of a sudden lose his God-given athletic ability?

"Let him do things naturally and he's going to be fine. He's certainly talented."

No, no, no. Coach Fulmer doesn't want any great athletes "doing things naturally." He wants them doing things "The Phillip Fulmer Way" ... or they sit on the bench. There is no room for some danged super-star-athlete in the UT football game plan.

"When you're out there you've got to be decisive," Warren said. "If you're iffy about something, you're not going to play as fast."

Brandon, where did this "iffy" thing come from? Don't recall you doing many "iffy" things two years ago for FSU. Who planted that negative "iffy seed" in your head?

Coach Clawson, what happened to the statement you made during your introductory speech last January? I believe it went something like "We want to design the offense around the capability of the players, not force the players to fit into a predefined offense." Did someone convince you that you were too inexperienced and iffy to do that at Tennessee?

blhvols#536551 writes:

in response to TouchdownTenn:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The last 3 words of your post apply to you for your classless name calling

beef4davols writes:

It amazes me how bad our coaches are at getting talent on the field. You can't tell me that we couldn't come up with a package of plays designed to get an All-American TE the ball. Are we so proud of our offense that we won't change things around to "get our playmakers the ball"? I know that our Offense has been doing just fine the way things are and to suggest changing anything just to get an All-American the ball is insane. Phil is a complete failure at developing talent, and now that the talent is being spread around throughout the SEC his true colors are coming through, and it ain't pretty!!

dirtdobber1 writes:

TommyJack- good point- look at Jamal Lewis and Jason Witten, im sure there are several other examples as well!

Are you kidding me?????? How long does it take for a man to learn : run down the field 5 yards and turn around?

I can tolerate a lot of things, but this is a bunch of phooey! The easiest throw in football is to the tight end! not a lot to learn there coach!

Must be running the MUSTANG PACKAGE on offense now!

beef4davols writes:

All Posters:
Let's make a list of players that have gone down the path it seems Warren is on now. I will start:

Derrick Tinsley (Percy Harvin type versatility, ran reverses at UT)

O.J. Owens (Big -time recruit, never contributed at UT)

C. J. Leak (maybe, no way of knowing, moved to TE senior year and never played)

Brett Smith (this name represents any receiver not name Stallworth, Washington, or Meachum to play after '98)

Here are a few to start, let's see how long this list can get!! It seems UT can't think outside the box enough to get versatile players that don't fit the "UT Football" style on the field!!

dvols writes:

he got in for six plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heck thats two offensive series!!

way to go brandon!!!

GerryOP writes:

Only our Coach Fulmer can take a Freshman All-American and turn him into an iffy, inexperienced rookie.

Vol13 writes:

If Fulmer had a Ferrari parked in his garage, he'd lose the keys to it and stand out there telling everyone what a great car it was, how it handled, how fast it went, etc.

That's our "complicated" offense in a nutshell. We'd rather tell the media how complex the schemes and assignments are. All the while, overlooking the fact that we waste (on average) at least two year's of a kids eligibility at the skill positions. Earth to Fulmer - these are 18-22 year old kids. Use the KISS method to teach them. It doesn't help that you are a DA yourself though.

A complex offense doesn't mean jack squat if you can't teach it to your pupils.

darbhoo writes:

Let me get this straight...Freshman All-American tight end at FSU although "inexperienced" just out of high school. Now Brandon Warren is "too inexperienced" and "rusty" after being exposed to "real" coaches at Tennessee. Thank goodness the Vols can help him out by putting him on special teams where his ability to catch passes can be maximized. As Bobby Bowden would put it, "Dad Gum It".

Another prime example of making less out of more. Wonder if Brandon Warren is wondering if it was worth all the time and hassle?

rockytop4ever writes:

This is yet another case of our coaching staff not developing talent. Warren didnt have any problems getting on field as a freshhman at Fla. St. I have thought for a couple years now that the coaches were not getting the players up to the level they need to be. This team does have raw talent. A lot of it. Surely all these 4 and 5 star guys are not busts. This is on the staff. Every now and then you get a player like Berry that needs no coaching but most guys need those skills refined to play on this level. Fulmer said the coaches didnt get stupid over night. I agree cause this has been going on for years now, not over night.

voldoc writes:

Hey coach; You said last week that you had been head coach for fourteen years, won over a hundred games,...etc and that you all of a sudden just didn't get stupid. So, how can Warren go from high school to a BCS program All-American in one year and suddenly is too inexperianced to start for a 1-3 team?

This whole situation is embarrassing. We fans didn't just get stupid either.

chad_t31 writes:

Didn't read all the comments...had to get right to mine so I apologize if I am repetitive...

This is typical UT coaching. With the exception of eric berry (even our staff couldn't miss that one), no freshman ever sees significant playing time. Sophomores barely sniff the turf. Every school in the country plays their talent, no matter what classification albeit we don't have a julio jones or a a.j. green but still, our system is too difficult for freshmen and sophomores to grasp. What a crock. FSU makes warren a freshman all-american and we have him playing behind a guy who can't catch a pass (no offense stocker, just making a point). Unbelievable. By the way, speaking of 5 star players, where the hell is chris donald?

law_vol writes:

In the BAMA/UGA game, the announcers kept saying how uber fantastic the play-calling was in the first half for BAMA. When was the last time you heard that said about TN? We can't get too worked up over Clawson, because clearly he was not given the keys to the offense like Fulmer indicated when he was hired. The "get the ball in the hands of the playmakers" mantra and the quick slant and multiple formation looks that were promised have all evaporated. That isn't because Clawson doesn't understand football, it is because Fulmer is too conservative to let it loose for fear of losing. But wait, that is exactly what is happening anyway.

I don't fault the coaches for not wanting Warren to play street ball and just run around and catch it. That offense hasn't worked out to well for FSU lately, and UT's goal isn't to just get its players on lists. And maybe it will take time for Clawson to recruit the players he needs to make his offense work. Hell, if you look at our recruiting list, that is exactly what he is doing because a good number of the commits/targets are a lot more academically capable than we normally go after which means he is trying to load up with solid players who will be able to grasp the system. However, even though I hate Urban Meyer for being overrated,in his first season, when he saw that the lovely spread wasn't working with Leak and his other personnel, he was nimble enough to change things up mid-season to work around what he had. Then, when the recruits came in the door he could run his old spread system.

Fulmer, you are going to be driven out the door at this pace, so please just give Clawson the green light to get creative and just relegate yourself to clapping and grinning/grimacing on the sideline.

FSU writes:

That shows you want coach Fulmer knows about football. Here is a kid that played for FSU started as a TRUE FRESHMAN and was a FRESHMEN ALL AMERICAN. I fill sorry for this kid. FSU would not release him (witch I don't plan them he is a great football player) he had to go to JR college and then gets his release to play and now COACH FULMER said he is not ready to play WHAT IS UP WITH THIS. Bobby Bowden one of the greatest coaches in college football plays him as a TRUE FRESHMAN he makes FRESHMAN ALL AMERICAN and FULMER said he is not ready to play. This is what is wrong with this program. Fulmer used Randy Sanders as the hang man in 2005 and look what he has done at UK. I DO NOT BLAME THE NUNES KID FOR NOT COMING TO TENNESSEE WITH THIS COACHING STAFF UNLESS HE CAN PLAY DEFENSE. TENNESSEE GETS THESE 5 STAR, BLUE CHIP KIDS IN HERE AND NOTHING. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT READY TO PLAY UNLESS YOU PLAY THEM IN A GAME. LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER SEC SCHOOLS THAT ARE WINNING AND THEY ARE PLAYING TRUE FRESHMAN. I have lived in the Knoxville area all my life and I have never been a big Tennessee fan because they get all the big time players in here and teach them nonething. It would be amazing if we got someone in here (other then a former player ) to COACH THIS TEAM. I thought the object was to get team unit play as one all that good stuff but I think it is about how much money you can make PHILLIP FULMER IS NOT WORTH $2.4 DOLLARS HE MAY BE WORTH $50,000. Look at Cutcliffe at Duke boy I would much like to pay him $2.4 million. Philli its time to go and bring in some new blood that wants to win, wants to help kids be better football players, and better people from true freshman to seniors. ALL WE HAVE NOW IS A GUY THAT LIKES TO MAKE NOTHING BUT EXCUSES INSTEAD OF FINDING WAYS TO WIN.

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