Getting to know the new Lady Vols: Alicia Manning

Off to college part of family travelogue

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Before Alicia Manning left the nest, her parents flew the coup.

They had their reasons.

Manning's father, Jeff, is an electrician and work was available in, of all places, Maui.

Dad departed for Hawaii about 10 months ago. Two days after Manning graduated last spring from Etowah High School in Woodstock, Ga., her mother, Virginia, was Maui-bound as well.

"He got lonely I guess ... my mom ... one of them got lonely,'' said Manning, a Tennessee women's basketball freshman.

Dad's Hawaii job is temporary so the parents will be returning. In the meantime, Manning's adjustment to college life includes a unique twist on time management.

"I don't really get homesick, but it is kind of weird having my parents as far away as they are,'' Manning said. "Not only are they far away, it's a six-hour time difference. I can call them and it's like 5 o'clock in the morning. Or when they call me, it could be like 2 o'clock in the morning."

You list Pat Summitt as a celebrity you admire. Is it weird being coached by somebody you think of in those terms?

"Yeah, I've always looked up to her growing up. You never dream of getting a chance to get to come here and actually fulfill your dream. It's pretty nice."

You haven't asked for her autograph have you?

I've already got it. I went to the (summer) camps.

Has she yelled at you yet?

"I don't know what her yelling voice is or her like stern, talking voice. I'm not sure. I'm sure it's coming."

You and (Connecticut freshman) Caroline Doty are friends, do you talk a lot?

"I actually need to call her. I haven't talked to her since the whole Elena (Delle Donne) thing went on, Elena going to Delaware. Because I wanted to know what was going on with it."

Is it disappointing that you two aren't going to get to play against each other?

"We were going to do the whole 'I'll go there, if you go there.' But it just didn't really work out that way. Yeah it is kind of disappointing. I wanted to play with her but if anything I wanted to play against her. But I think we'll see each other sometime down the road."

Did you talk about the (regular-season) series being canceled?

"We did but it wasn't like every-day conversation or anything like that."

You mentioned your older brothers (Michael and David), did you tag along with them?

"Oh yeah ... I used to play with the neighborhood kids and all their friends football, baseball. I was kind of like a little Tom Boy growing up. They kind of toughened me up a little bit."

How tough were they on you?

"Well, until my dad stepped in and started helping me out."

What did they do?

"Nothing too serious. Just kind of pick on me. Isn't that helping you in the long run? Now I can stick up for myself."

You freshmen are roommates, what do you talk about after hours?

"When it gets to after hours, it's pretty much everything but basketball."

Any complaints to the RA about loud music or horseplay?

"We're friends with our RA"

One of Manning's favorite hobbies growing up was doing skits and recreating music videos with her friends. There's one floating around the Internet featuring her as MC Hammer.

"I need to delete that,'' she said, laughing. "It made me look like a guy."

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Comments » 11

ncvol writes:

Welcome to the Lady Vols and know that you will at sometime get that stern Summitt stare. She is the best....
Hope you will be reunited with your parents soon. That must be hard.
Go Vols....

BillVol writes:

I used to live in the Towne Lake community in Woodstock, where Etowah HS is situated. Very proud to see one of our own become a member of the world famous Lady Vols.

BTW, since our LVs will play anyone, about a game with the Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens? To see the LVs in Newark would be incredible.

utvolz#637682 writes:


Welcome to the Big Orange Nation. What ever Pat tells you to do, death stare or not, DO IT to the best of your ability and you'll do just fine!

Looking forward to seeing you contribute to the greatest Lady Hoopster program in the Nation!

Frank (broadcasting live from Manchester, TN!)

ladivolfan writes:

Only 20 more days!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Welcome to the big stage, young lady. Wish you the best.

johnlg00 writes:

Based on the accompanying photo, that must have been a heckuva make-up job to make her look like a guy(:-D)! Welcome aboard, Alicia! I'm looking forward to seeing you on the court.

sgtvols writes:

you have to be the best to play with/for the best.

SomeGuy writes:

Alecia is a great kid who has achieved something millions dream about - getting to play for Pat Summitt. I wish her the best.

ladivolfan writes:

Oops. Sorry fans. We'll have to wait one more day. It's 21 days to the first game. I guess I just got too excited.

pammyvol1000 writes:

Alicia, look forward to seeing you play on the big stage as pdhuff describes.. It is a much bigger stage and good luck.
Go show the world that the Championship team still rocks..


Timed_vol (Inactive) writes:

what ya wanna bet that she turns into a solid ballplayer?? you can just tell by the interview.

in the odd chance you see this, Ms. Manning, there's a pretty simple concept: for maybe 94-percent or more or ballplayers, college is the last run at it. Enjoy the heck out of your time at UT and with Pat.

30 years from now, you can say 'I played for Pat Summit!!' For NOW, you have a spot 1,000's of other women basketball players would love to have. Have Fun!!!!

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