ESPN Classic to show UT-UCLA tonight

The Tennessee game with UCLA will be reshown at 7 tonight on ESPN Classic, ESPN announced on air today.

The Vols lost 27-24 to the Bruins in Monday night's game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

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PennVol writes:

A classic for all of the wrong reasons.

makdadvol writes:

Who cares. If your a UT fan that ain't no classic. Just a disaster.

TommyJack writes:

Only thing classic is the coaching meltdown.

ctownvol writes:

I would watch it again, but my tv didn't make it through the original airing.

WVVOLFAN writes:

i already ruined the carpet puking last night. haven't made it to lowes yet to replace.

BigVolinCarolina writes:

No need for the coaches to watch this. Just look in the mirror and that'll save you 3 hours in the film room.

utboy92 writes:

The coaches should have their noses rubbed in it, they should all watch it tonight.

jclowers writes:

Chavis will watch this tonight and say...I think our corners were still a little close to the line. The worst part about this is that the coaching staff and players all are talking about Foster's fumble. They all act like he lost it for them. It's all Chavis' fault, he's the one who told our defense to go out and rush 3 down lineman, drop the 4th into coverage and give all the recievers at least 10 yards of cushion. If we play like we did in the 2nd half in 3 weeks we may win Tebow a second Heisman in just one game. It will be another great year on the hill. How long before all the callers and comments start calling for Fulmer job...again?

nyyvol21#669431 writes:

LOL Thank God I can't get ESPN Classic on Comcast...

MajorVol writes:

The whole nation is loving this stuff.

rusty_shackleford writes:

The "Prevent Defense" prevents the defense from making a stop.

murrayvol writes:

You folks watch a lot of football. Anyone care to explain the logic of a corner playing 7 yards off the LOS on 3rd and 4?

gobigorange writes:

It was a classic Chavis f@#$ up.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

murrayvol 3:45 - it's to assure they get some more work on D.

Something to do with lettering or maybe holding their 11th place SEC ranking.

jclowers writes:

murrayvol - don't worry we will work like heck to get better.

In all actuality, it's become John Chavis defensive philosophy in the second half of a game that we are leading. He believes that by playing his corners off the ball he can "keep everything in front of them" and not give up the big play. So he usually has 4 D-lineman, he rushes three of them, drops the fourth into coverage and has his secondary play beyond the first-down line.

The reason why it is flowed logic is because UCLA had really only thrown more than 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage four times during the game and those went to Willingham, Morley, Berry and McKenzie (all four Vols). Therefore our secondary was playing really good against the deep ball and we should have just stayed with the same game plan.

INSTEAD Chavis goes back to playing not to lose instead of playing to win. And we lost...this is why at the end of the year we probably will be hiring some new defensive coaches...

Right now Tennessee has bypassed Michigan and Virginia Tech as the laughingstock of the nation so far this year. At least ECU and Utah were actually supposed to be good.

Coach_Joe writes:

jclowers: I agree whole heartedly!

The Bruins will probably wind up being around 6-6. Which will only make us look worse. Look what Cal did to us last year and then didn't do so well the rest of the season. They went to a bowl game and all that, but they sure didn't live up to their hype. Even after making us look foolish.

Coach_Joe writes:

But then it's hard to win a game when the opposing teams best defensive player is in your own backfield tackling your qb and coughing up the football.

The sad part is he WILL become UT's all time leading rusher. Which puts him ahead the likes of Jamal Lewis and Travis Henry. And he won't even be remembered for the rushing yards. All people will think of when they think of him is all the fumbles and now tackling his own qb!

volsfan327 writes:

No thanks, once was MORE than enough!

MoVol writes:

The late great Jack Buck said it best: "The only thing the PREvent DEfense accomplishes is the mispronounciation of two words."

imnotwithphil writes:

Coach_Joe -

We're going to have a losing season this year - so we won't need UCLA's help in looking bad. We'll "achieve" ugly all on our own...


PS - Hope all of the Philbillies are happy - especially all of those spoiled NFL brats that wrote the KNS last year. This program deserves a joyride through hell ala Nebraska, Texas A&M, Bama, Florida State... that's what Philbillies get for putting their coach above their school and program.

Come on Philbillies - where are you hiding?

murrayvol writes:

I think Norm Chow likes the PREvent DEfense. Thanks for the feedback guys. Now, if I can just find those charts.

tnbanker_govols writes:

You guys wanna here my next Bama joke......

UT will beat Bama by 2 touchdowns this year!!!!

University of Tennessee Football is undoubtedly the biggest joke of the year.

mattlock writes:

Why are all the analist(sp.) talking about how great this game was? This game was totally unwatchable for the first three quarters and was only exciting in the end because we let a average UCLA team continue to stay close.

I am a lifelong fan and I HATE watching UT football these days. Even when we happen to win, its gut wrenching the whole time. . .and it will be until the GUT is removed. I can watch this poo-poo much longer. . .its ugly football.

jadebuddy writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

budd#207344 writes:

If you want this to end just stay out of Neyland. Don't give your tickets to somebody else . Don't go sell them. Just take the hit this year and send the message. That is what mikey and haslam and the big tiime boosters understand. No matter how much they love phil, they love money more and when he starts costing them money they wil throw him overboard in a heartbeat.

tenacjim#211887 writes:

I'll watch "The Departed" instead.... a bullet to the head is quicker and likely less painful.

cjraney writes:

I hope we stick with the running game better this time around.

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

Ok, I didn't see this coming. Good grief.

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