Pocketful of change for Crompton

Vols to use their QB in more versatile role

Despite having more speed than his predecessors, Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton is a pocket passer.

But when the Vols face UAB in their home opener Saturday (TV: WVLT, 12:30 p.m.), expect to see Crompton - and the pocket - on the move a little more often.

UT coach Phillip Fulmer said the Vols will look to move the pocket by rolling Crompton out more often than they did in a 27-24 overtime loss at UCLA.

"It's part of our package, and we want to use it a bit more," Fulmer said. "Jon has the ability to throw it on the run. He's a good runner with the ball if he gets a chance to. It's just part of our package that after coming back and critiquing ourselves, we would have liked to have done it a little bit more."

By rolling the quarterback out, Fulmer said, an offense is able to slow down an opponent's pass rush as well as put increased pressure on certain parts of the field.

"That just helps because it gives me the run-pass option," said Crompton, whose longest rush went for 10 yards against UCLA. "If nothing's there I can run and get a few yards and keep the down and distance at a normal state, if not better than normal."

Normal is key, Fulmer said.

"I'd like Jonathan to be Jonathan," Fulmer said. "He's very capable as a runner. We're not going to run the option or a whole lot of quarterback draws or those kinds of things, although we do have the quarterback draw in.

"Some of the zone-read stuff, I'd just as soon have Gerald Jones running as I had Jonathan. If he (Crompton) can move out of the pocket and make a play running or make a play by scrambling and throwing it before he crosses the line of scrimmage, that's just a plus for us. And he is capable of doing that."

First, though, Crompton says he's a pocket quarterback.

"I am a pocket quarterback, but I can escape the pocket if I have to," he said. "I'm pass first, run second. That's how it is. If the pass isn't there, then I'll run. But I'm going to try to emphasize it being there and run at the last second."

Donald Progressing: Despite the fact redshirt freshman Chris Donald did not play against UCLA, Fulmer said the linebacker has progressed to the point where he can help on special teams.

"Chris is doing real well actually," Fulmer said. "We didn't get him a chance to get in the other day, but he's really worked hard and started to mature like we would like for him to. (If) he continues to work hard, he's got a good future here at Tennessee."

Injury Update: Tennessee enters this week relatively healthy. Cornerback Dennis Rogan (strained abdominal muscle) practiced Sunday, as did Crompton (ankle, concussion).

Aside from safety Demetrice Morley (finger), who was wearing a cast last week, the Vols escaped UCLA without any major injuries.

Tickets Available: In addition to single game tickets remaining for UAB, Northern Illinois, Mississippi State, Wyoming and Kentucky, Tennessee has a very limited number of single-seat, non-renewable season tickets available this season.

Those season tickets are available for $315 and must be purchased by telephone (800-332-VOLS) or in person at the Thompson-Boling Arena ticket office.

Single-game tickets are also available for purchase online at UTsports.com.

Drew Edwards covers University of Tennessee football. He may be reached at 865-342-6274.

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Comments » 97

byobbio writes:


Reasonavol writes:

This is serious news worthy. Next we will here that the recievers may both block and catch passes, but catch passes first. That is just the way it is.

Reasonavol writes:

I know hear is with your ears and here denotes a location.

BigVolinCarolina writes:

"It's part of our package, and we want to use it a bit more," Fulmer said.

Seems like everytime we make a change, it's always been "part of our package". Well, why do we have to wait so long before we start seeing effective things on the field?

bigtimevol writes:

Plenty of qb's have had an inauspicious start such as Crompton. It appears that Crompton has the raw talent. It's time to play loose, run the ball, play defense, throw when we need to, keep the team in the game, and win some ball games.

PaulTheVol writes:

With UCLA D-linemen in Crompton's face all day, couldn't we have unwrapped that package then and rolled Crompton out of the pocket? Are we really going to need it against UAB?

BTW...ESPN radio reported on Saturday morning that "Pac 10 coaches" laugh at how simple SEC schemes are. Based on the results at Cal and UCLA I'm guessing we are one of the teams with simple schemes.

eb502us#225637 writes:

Crompton rolling out? Can someone please tell Clawson he's a game too late. No doubt, one of the worst called offensive games in UT history.

PepperGrinder (Inactive) writes:

Maybe they should have listened to the sportscasters during the game. They were commenting on how they should roll crompton out of the pocket. Everyone could see that they needed too.

NeylandWest writes:

I love the armchair coaches on here. It's almost as if you guys are there in all the meetings, watching the film, preparing a plan and burning the midnight oil.

Yes, it's frustrating to lose. No, I'm not satisfied with 9-3 or worse. I'm not. There used to be a saying on the Hill..."It's hard to be humble when you're a Vol."

Maybe a little humility could start with the fans.

jmbigorange#280428 writes:

eb502us...As far as the worst called UT games...I think Sanders would have to hold that trophy.

el_duderino writes:

I'll be an armchair coach all I want. It would just seem obvious that the coaching staff would want to use Crompton's ability to it's maximum. Rolling Crompton out should have been part of the game plan last Monday. You have a QB that's mobile you use it, not act like he's got concrete shoes on and leave him standing in the pocket like a sitting duck. At least they've "studied" the game film and come up with a solution.

GatorHater326 writes:

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... I was going to write something of some significance but until the team and COACHES show us something on the field it is a waste of energy to write about what we should do... we all wrote on here last year about what we SHOULD do ... it didn't change a thing and it will not now unless the coaches and or players decide to take it upon themselves to win some games. Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performances .... Prior being the Key word

xvolx writes:

I wouldnt pay 315.00 to watch this team eat a bale of straw. Although I believe fulmer and chavis could.

PreventUT writes:

I, for one, would rather see 100 posts about football, including sophistic coaching philosophies, than to scroll past 100 posts that quibble about, questioning the sincerity of one another's allegiance to the vols...

hcjournals#206623 writes:

Why do you negative idiots blog here? To see your pathetic negative attitudes in print? Nobody cares. You are wasting the time of those of us who want to read about and discuss football. You need to be on reality shows. You have the cut throat mentality of a "Lost" cast member. You are slinking into every article. You have a sense of entitlement that is not deserved. If you were part of the coaching staff, everyone would hate you. If you were part of the university, everyone would hate you. If you were tailgating next to real Vols, yes, everyone would stay away from you. Please stop and just.......go....away....or have the courtesy to not ruin it for the rest of us. You are putting a downer on something a lot of us love. Tennessee Football. If you love it too, realize we don't want to be bummed out continuously by your negative faux humor.

Don't go away mad. Just go away. or be REAL fans, and buck up......

PreventUT writes:

Thanks for adding substance to my point HC

xvolx writes:

if i were part of the coaching staff, i would resign before someone backed a truck up to my house. who died and made you post god.

murrayvol writes:

Neyland: Without the armchair coaches you'd be the only one here.

PreventUT writes:

xvolx: I hope you're not directing that qustion towards me. I was simply replying to what NeylandWest had said. And I DEFINITELY wasn't agreeing with HC.

murrayvol writes:

hc: You need to get some rest. A six game winning streak will wash away all that nasty negativity. Good night and good luck!

newtonrail writes:

EB always attacks the OC. Poor Cutcliffe. In this case he's right. Aside from not running the ball nearly enough when we were having success; we should have rolled Crompton out to protect him. UCLA made that adjustment in the 2ND half and Clawson didn't. Cutcliffe did roll Ainge out last year when necessary to get him away from pressure. Everyone cites last years sack stats, but they were low partly because of getting the QB out of harm's way.

PreventUT writes:

What happened? Am I missing the link? I thought John Adams was going to answer his questions on Monday.

Please hurry, I can no longer take not knowing where you got your "sweeet" leather jacket.

volunteer_cowboy writes:

the last thing crompton needs to be doing is rolling out, he couldnt hit his WR and him standing in the pocket. WHAT IN THE WORLD MAKES ANYBODY THINK HE CAN THROW MORE ACCURATE ON THE RUN!!!! THIS IS A JOKE

TVT1 writes:

"I am a pocket quarterback, but I can escape the pocket if I have to," he said.

You can??? Sorry but I'll believe that when I see it. I still say you are not an SEC QB.

pdhuff#552644 writes:

I am glad we can at least warn UAB about our plans. With their D they need a lot of help.

But, so do we. Televising a 0-win game is amazing. I had the cans ready to go, but now I can save them for N. Ill.

Life is good.

richvol writes:

This is so typical of Fulmer. I told my son while we were watching, and before the announcers said anything, that they should roll him out to relieve the pressure up the middle.

Why do the coaches not see the obvious? It's plain common sense. Maybe that's been the problem the past ten years...a lack of sense. That's what I'm beginning to think. Especially every time I see the prevent.

richvol writes:

Forget Chris Donald...why didn't we use Gerald Williams at end to pass rush the QB on those last two drives for UCLA. I guess Fulmer and Chavis don't feel (I'm sorry, I almost said think) he has learned enough to rush a QB when he passes. He can only tear up offenses in practice...not real games. DUH!

jasonn1970 writes:

I'll never understand why they didn't try and roll Crompton out against UCLA. Better late than never I guess......

OrangeMandM writes:

How many times is the Hitler video gonna get on the post board. Kinda old....

jmbigorange#280428 writes:

NEWTONRAIL... I don't know what games you were watching last year but i hardly ever remember Ainge rolling out of the pocket. Ainge ran like a newborn deer. The reason the sack total was so low was because Ainge was VERY good at knowing where to go with the ball. He was also VERY good at feeling pocket pressure and getting rid of the ball before taking a sack. Cutt's scheme was geared towards that also.

PharmDVol writes:

Moving the pocket and letting Crompton throw on the run is a great idea. Unfortunately, it should have been a half-time adjustment in the UCLA game rather than a bye week implementation. I don't claim to be a an offensive genius, but even I know from playing NCAA football on the PS3, if you are getting pressure from the defensive line, you move the pocket.. Good to know that Foolmer is workin' like heck to "right the ship".

Truevol writes:

I guess Fulmer figured out that they better roll Crompton out after he was "madder than heck" watching the film. We need Skip Hotlz.

xvolx writes:

rolling out against ucla wouldnt have helped. ucla d line was stunting on every pass play. never stunted on run plays. someone on tenn. o line was a valuable key to ucla d line. could have been the shifting of o line by tenn. sorry job of blocking by tenn. o line anyway. they must have read way to many articles about how great they are before game.

NeylandWest writes:

murrayvol - you have a point, without the arm-chair coaches it would be a very empty room, but at some point those same arm-chair coaches need to step back and stop taking themselves so seriously.

VOLatile writes:

8:26 post - "Ainge ran like a newborn deer."
Dude, that is hilarious. Funniest thing I have heard (or seen) all morning. My old man used to say that an elephant falling out of a tree was faster than Casey Clausen. Unfortunatley, my Pops is a huge Bama fan. Makes football season fun, though.

tmartin writes:

i am a bit concerned in the fact that fulmer says chris donald has improved enough to play special teams but not well enough to play linebacker. that is the whole problem with special teams, fulmer does not take it serious enough and that is why it continues to cost us game after game whether it be missed fg's, blocked punts, ko and punt returns against us and so on. did anyone else catch what florida does for special teams? its a competition for players to get on special teams, everyone one included, even starters. if you make special teams, you get special treatment from the coaching staff. HINT HINT

1998natlchamps writes:

Do we have anymore secrets to give away to UF. Maybe we should put a gag order on Fulmer as well.

BigMix writes:

For the folks that are still around that were around for the 1951 NC, what was it like going nearly 50 years without a NC? Of the nearly 100 years of Tennessee Football does it matter at all that the current coach is one of only two coaches that have ever won a NC in Football. Why don’t you moaners, pisssers, whiners, Jack Lalanne and perfectionists dump Tennessee and root for a program like USC that plays in a soft league, wins conference championships every year, wins a NC every other year and for gods sake would never ever lose to a team as marginal as UCLA. You could add years to your life by doing so.

BigMix writes:

tmartin, the competition they have for special teams in Florida helped them firmly plant their feet at 3rd place in the east last year.

OldNumber7 writes:

1998natlchamps, that's what I was thinking. Thank heavens Fulmer and the KNS were not in Normandy on June 5, 1944.

I disagree with xvolx on the point that rolling Crompton out would not have helped. With Crompton passing poorly, UCLA loaded and mismatched the line so that blocking became virtually impossible. At that point, when you see the opponents attack, best thing to do is move away from it - shallow passes to tight end or other can break up the pressure and restore QB confidence. What folks are ticked about is that it was in Fulmer's plan yet he couldn't do the math real time to see Tennessee wasn't doing it - terrible ingame adjustments by his staff for nearly 2 decades.

hcjournals, we are talking football, feel free to join in.

BigMix writes:

When 100,000 people don't flow into the city of Knoxville on game day, WhitePine. Don't hold your breath. There are seemingly greener pastures within a days drive.

dlobh writes:

how about we try to RUN the football too???

beachvol writes:

Rolling out is a good adjustment if needed. It was needed against UCLA (and didn't happen). We hope it isn't needed against UAB. If it is, then by all means make the adjustment, but don't roll him out just to say you did. Passing from a roll-out is harder than in the pocket assuming there isn't a defender in your face. Put Crompton in a position to succeed, depending on the circumstances.

TommyJack writes:

If our OL can't protect the pocket against UAB, then woe be upon us the rest of the season. (I think woe be be upon us anyway, but we shall see)

VolFanInAtl writes:

Let's hope he can run on that pinky... err ankle.

"rolling out against ucla wouldnt have helped. ucla d line was stunting on every pass play. never stunted on run plays. someone on tenn. o line was a valuable key to ucla d line"

Even if what you are saying is true rolling out would have given Crompton and the receivers more time. Crompton tried to "stand in" and force the throw.

If the defense was keying on us somehow we need to straighten that out right away... it would explain a few things.

BigMix writes:

"If you were tailgating next to real Vols, yes, everyone would stay away from you."

We tailgate with a minimum of around 30 people at home games and they come from all walks of life. If you talk sheet like some of these priks on here do, it better be done in stride. It took me an extra day to buck up hcjournals but, now the family is ready to see old friends, bounce around in Volunteer Village, try and slap some fives at the VolWalk and see some Tennessee Football.

fishportion writes:

i was unable to watch the UCLA game...instead I listened it on the Vol Network....and of course did not have any desire to catch a replay...but during the radio broadcast, Tim Priest kept talking about Crompton's poor mechanics, poor footwork, dropping the shoulder etc, I havent read or heard about that being addressed...and I don't see how a quarterback who is supposedly a pocket passer that is struggling in those areas benefits from throwing on the move.

VolFanInAtl writes:

I don't think we can put all of the blame for not rolling out of the pocket on the coaches. It's something Crompton needs to learn to "feel." All roll outs are not designed roll outs.

I do agree that the ability to adjust to what UCLA was doing was sorely lacking.

law_vol writes:

HC - "You are wasting the time of those of us who want to read about and discuss football." Why is it that every time I read the posts I see you complaining about posters instead of talking about football?

BigMix - Most of the posters don't expect perfection every year. I, for one, just long for the days of being considered relevant, and COMPETING for championships (NC or SEC). Being valadictorian of summer school last year and hanging in against a hurt LSU team doesn't count for much. I wouldn't have had a problem with going 10-4 last year if the games we lost were close ones in the fourth quarter. Like 2006 with Florida at home. Stung to lose but at least it was a game.

VOLatile writes:

Rolling out is one of many items that needed to be addressed in real time. There is a consistent theme with the inability of the TN staff unable to make adjustments during a game. This surfaced years ago. "We will watch the tape...." At that point, it is too late. How about, Now! Make a decision, man-up, and execute! Holy phooey this is the same conversation (venting) that takes place every year! I am tired of the excuses!!!!

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