Oku claims he hasn't made choice

David Oku was ready to set the record straight when reached by telephone on Wednesday night.

The tailback from Carl Albert High School in Midwest City, Okla., has not committed to any of the colleges recruiting him, including Tennessee.

“I don’t know where that stuff is coming from,” Oku said of the persistent Internet rumors to the contrary. “I’m not committed anywhere.”

Oku said he will announce his decision next Wednesday. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound tailback is choosing between Louisville, Michigan, Nebraska and …

“Tennessee somewhat,” Oku said, “but not that much though.”

The Vols were thought to be in good shape with Oku early this summer. That was before UT picked up Jarvis Giles from Gaither High School in Tampa, Fla.

Both are considered among the top-100 prospects in the nation.

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pammyvol1000 writes:


vol1994 writes:

wow, someone posted on another thread he was most likely committing to UT- looks like he is not will not do so..

Don't blame him though- we are set at running back for the next 4 to 6 years since we have one or two guys committed already.

voloffaith writes:

heyzeus? Is that it Kosmo man?

I feel fairly confident in our backfield if the youngins are as billed and stay healthy and eligible.

cobbwebb writes:

thanks hooker for peeing in my cheerios!

PreventUT writes:

Bamablows: never use my kinky Vegas line again!

byobbio writes:

Here's the thing. In the SEC you need some good power backs and then you need the once-in-a-long time pure speed running back. And that's what we have in Oku. In Clauson's new offense, albeit not seen in its entirety yet, we need more than one playmaker. We need a playmaker at running back and until someone proves that he is just that, we need to bring in the superstar. This Oku guy is a superstar. We need him. He may not necessarily need UT, but trust me when i say he will make Tennessee go from being somewhat competitive to downright intimidating. And i like that.

cobbwebb writes:

prevent - thats pretty good! oku could be a brian westbrook type in clawsons offense.

VOLS85 writes:

Here are some comments from real reporters:


Scroll to the bottom, have a gander, and stop listening to Hooker.

MrBamSeydu writes:

Hmm, sooooo you're ready to announce your commitment in which you haven't already decided? Aaand you say you're picking between 4 schools but "not that much" with UT??? Sooo why not just say it's between the other 3 schools and leave us out of it?

Silly high school kids.

VOLS85 writes:

It seems really sketchy to me and if it were my guess, he's trying to throw people off...

The influence of GJones makes me think that he will come here...

xvolx writes:

better come to ut. you could be starting by your senior year.

nicksjuzunk#646117 writes:

"I guess I just have to come out and say it. I'm not going to be the next head coach at Alabama" - Nick Saban

Don't believe it. He may just want his day of thunder on Wednesday. Savage, any news?

1998natlchamps writes:

This is what happens when your coaches "Throw Up" on national tv....sad!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

1998natlc 9:12 - you could be right.

Stay the course.

Beat the Blazers.

richvol writes:

How Louisville beats us out for any recruit is beyond me. I lived there for 11 years. Nice city but the campus is a joke...no facilities, no tradition.

IBleedOrange444 writes:

All 3 of those schools are a joke. Let's break it down.

Nebraska - Can score 60pts a game and still lose every week. Even with Pelini there, they still have a long way to go before they'll be a national power again, or even a conference power for that matter. It may never happen.

Michigan - Lost their home opener to Utah... that's Utah from the Mountain West. Think about it. They still don't have a QB to run Rich Rod's spread. I don't care how good a RB you are, you won't look very good if you're in the backfield with a QB that can't run the system.

L'Ville - Much like Nebraska, they can score 60pts a game and still lose. Did you see their "D" last year? Did it look any better in week 1 against Kentucky, who BTW has been our little b!tch for 23 straight years and counting. We've beaten them 23 years in a row and they completely dismantled L'ville on opening week.

Mr. Oku, if you want a chance to play for championships in the best conference in the nation against the type of competition that will best prepare you for the NFL then Tennessee is the place for you.

golfballs03 writes:

Hooker didn't say he wasn't coming here. Oku might just be playing coy

MrBamSeydu writes:

yo Oku, bro... think about it....

Arian Foster... gone
Montario Hardesty..... Sr when you get here (or maybe even gone to NFL himself the way he played week 1)

Your competition is Lennon Creer (who will be a JR), Tauren Poole (will be Soph), and Jarvis Giles (if he even stays committed after you commit, you will both come in together).

Seeing that there's going to be competition no matter WHERE you go, do you not like those odds to get guaranteed PT as a freshman in the SEC and probably earn the solo starting job by your Soph or Jr season?

Plus, have you SEEN the new locker room??? haha, that thing is NIIIICE.

volunteer_cowboy writes:

wish he would come to tennessee but he also knows the whole O-Line is gone after this season...

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