Hill found some things to like in visit to Knoxville

Will Hill has some thoughts that run counter to the onslaught of criticism following Tennessee’s 30-6 loss to Florida on Saturday in Neyland Stadium.

“They could have won the game,” Hill said referring to the Vols. “I see they have the pieces to do that.

“Just some costly turnovers and mistakes cost them a chance to battle for the game.”

Hill, a 6-foot-4, 260-pound defensive end from Lafayette High School in Williamsburg, Va., saw the Vols up close and personal during his official visit to UT this weekend.

“It went rather well,” Hill said. “I liked the coaching staff and the environment.”

Hill said he plans to take official visits to Michigan and South Carolina before he announces his decision. Unofficial trips to evaluate Virginia and Maryland are also likely possibilities.

The Vols made enough of an impression this weekend that Hill is planning another trip to Knoxville.

“I’m contemplating the Alabama game,” Hill said.

That would be Hill’s third trip to Knoxville this year. He was also in town for UT’s summer camp.

Hill isn’t naming a leader yet, but the Vols certainly seem to be in good shape.

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tngivem6 writes:

alot of recruites like the coaching staff..wonder why?

hufstedler02 writes:

in response to IdentityTheftVictim09:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You are one sad excuse for a vol supporter. Guess what, the sun came up this morning, and it will tomorrow.

hufstedler02 writes:

in response to IdentityTheftVictim09:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The boos weren’t as easy to deal with as the loss. As Giles and UT quarterback commitment Josh Nunes sat together, they both grew concerned about fan reaction to UT’s offense.

“That kind of bothered both of us a little bit,” Giles said. “Why would your own fans boo you?

It does matter to the recruits. Luckily these guys say they will still be vols.

budrhon writes:

His comments sound more rehersed and well prepared. Depends on where his next visits will be. Still a long shot, but if I'm a recruit I'm wondering if Fulmer and this staff will be here next season. I know the long extension was signed months ago.

junder13 writes:

Hahahaha, volfan55442211, you call out richrollin for him saying the boos were acceptable given the performance and say that it's "CHICKEN SH-T" and then have the courage, behind your computer no less, to threaten him physically.

Which do you think is worse? In my life, I've noticed the most dangerous ppl rarely ever make verbal threats. The ones who talk big are the biggest p***ies. I'm sure you're the exception though, tough guy. Go back to your internet chat room you miserable troll!

junder13 writes:

I hope recruits don't decide to not attend UT b/c of the boos but I must say, we have some great recruits wearing orange now and we still get the performance we're seeing! Something has to be done and after the unbelievable seven year extension and raise for fulmer last season (I really don't think I'd complain if it were just 2 or so, but SEVEN!!!), maybe booing and an attendance drop is the only thing that'll work.

Not everyone who went to UT and has grown up a UT fan is going to sit back in dissatisfaction and be quiet. We need a change! I'll take losing recruits if it leads to a new coach. Perhaps the coach is less successful, perhaps not. At least if we tried a new coach we would be making an effort to become meaningful in college and SEC football again!

threehundredbowler writes:

RichRollin,do you have spell checker?If so do you need someone to teach you how to use it.Your spelling and your attitude are on equal ground.They both stink.

rblakeh writes:

'Will Hill has some thoughts that run counter to the onslaught of criticism following Tennessee’s 30-6 loss to Florida on Saturday in Neyland Stadium.

“They could have won the game,” Hill said referring to the Vols. “I see they have the pieces to do that.

“Just some costly turnovers and mistakes cost them a chance to battle for the game.”'

A high school recruit grasps what all of you can't.

stroker writes:

If you boo your team you are equal to those who curse their sons little league coach and offials. You have no class. You don't know what is or is not class. Booing ametauer teams is trash not class. CF and Hamilton know more than you how bad it is. Boo birds only tell the players and recruits how bad the fans are.

rblakeh writes:


Hey, I'm just as frustrated as you. I bleed orange. However, I refuse to let emotion get in the way of objectively analyzing the football game. Regardless of all of the mistakes made throughout the game, if we eliminate only two (fumble at the goal line, no points before half time), it is a ballgame. I'm not saying who is or isn't to blame. Some changes definitely need to be made... whether it's a change in coaching styles that forgets putting in a new offense and instead focuses on fundamentals (ball security, holding, false-starts, wrapping up on tackles etc) or a new coaching staff is irrelevant at this point. Support your team, or don't. Trashing it out on national television is not necessary. If things don't improve by the end of the season, changes of some sort should be made.

threehundredbowler writes:

Coaching,I believe is only part of the problem.We do not have enough SEC talent and have not had for several years now.That and the fact players are not as smart as what we had 8 or 9 years ago.I really believe we only have around a half dozen or so players on offense and defense combined that could earn a starting position at Florida,Georgia,Auburn,or Alabama.Only about a half dozen others that could make the traveling squad at the afore mentioned schools.You can not coach division two players to be starters at any top notch division one schools.Sure,recruting is a coaching problem and that is where I believe improvement should start being made.Berry may be the only player we have capable of starting for Florida.LSU should be included in the schools listed above.WE NEED TALENT PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

threehundredbowler writes:

I know rich,I also need spell check.I noticed my wrong spelling .Just like KNS,I didn't proof read.

DemocratVol writes:

It's time for a change. Sign my petition to send the message to Mike Hamilton that enough is enough.


I plan to personally deliver this to Mike Hamilton's office.

MrBamSeydu writes:

Volfan5521: You're a tough guy behind your computer monitor.

GahLee writes:

poor kid.

TDTN writes:

I am a 30 year+ Vol fan and am just as frustrated as anyone else at the declining state of our program. I can speculate as to what the problem is as can the rest of you. Some issues with coaching and some issues with talent and level of intelect of some of the guys on the field. One thing I know for sure is it is a sorry display of support for your team to boo them like they have been booed the past two games. No we dont have to settle for poor performance but use some common sense and show some class. Booing is not going to get a coach fired or a player benched. Take your complaints to the proper people who are in a position to take action. Whether that be the AD, president, I dont know and dont care but it is a sorry display to boo our team at the game. And yes I know that those who booed also paid for their ticket just as I did. I dont know what impact it may have on the recruits but it cant be good. I was sitting next to the recruits and there was a lot of concern when the boos started. What message do we want to send a Marlon Brown or Jarvis Giles? If you make a mistake we will boo you off the field? We are fair weather fans? Please-save the boos for the administration not the players/recruits. I dont know what the future holds for the coaching staff but I really like the looks of the recruiting class. Evidently we are really hurting at QB or someone else would be getting a look. Crompton is struggling bad and better pick up the pace or we will be lucky to win a conference game this year. I would hate to lose them all but will not boo my own team regardless. GO VOLS!!

bfowler1161#262198 writes:

A DE? Please come to Knoxville, play early, play often!

richvol writes:

The boos are directed at the coaching staff for putting a product like this on the field...not the kids.

redmanvol writes:

Everyone deserved to get booed at that game - the coaches, the poor play calling and execution, Crompton, and the lame fans who don't give their all for UT and make Neyland an easy place to play. I have never heard Neyland Stadium so quiet before. Since that football game is a business, I want a refund for that poor excuse of a football game. The boos didn't scare recruits away. Florida whooping our arse did. We are Urban Meyers best recruiter, we just keep driving recruits away ourselves. We need some leaders to step up and show some emotion. I am not giving that program any more money until they can prove they deserve it. Hey lets give Fulmer another extension if he goes .500 for the year. If the lame fans keep giving the university money that is what will happen. What a joke the program has become.

luvorange writes:

We are down right now but this is still an amazing school with a passionate fan base and incredible facilities. We need an image change with Phil, even if he does turn it around, there is a perception out there about him. People don't perceive that he has the same coaching ability as most other SEC coaches and you can't blame them. I do think the media is having a field day with us right now and with all the technology available to recruits, it doesn't help us out. I still think Clawson could be great but it could go either way. I sure hope something positive happens soon. I heard on Paul Finebaum today about a sports psychologist that met with LSU when Saban was there and met with the Alabama team recently. Maybe that would help. I almost called in to ask his opinion on what in the world is going on with this team.

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