Fulmer says 'we didn't all of a sudden get stupid as coaches'

Coach Fulmer addresses the media


Coach Fulmer talks about starting the season 1-2 and how to overcome the mistakes they've made as an organization.

Coach Fulmer talks about starting the season 1-2 and how to overcome the mistakes they've made as an organization. Watch »


Coach Fulmer addresses the topic of negative comments regarding his coaching and the Vols' playing ability following the loss to Florida and the effects that it has on the players.

Coach Fulmer addresses the topic of negative comments regarding his coaching and the Vols' playing ability following the loss to Florida and the effects that it has on the players. Watch »

Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer expressed confidence that his football team would eliminate the mistakes that have plagued his team in a 1-2 start.

Animated and at times candid during his weekly press conference early Tuesday afternoon in Neyland Stadium, Fulmer was adamant that his team would work hard in preparation and play better this weekend at No. 15 Auburn (TV: WVLT, 3:30 p.m.).

“I think this football team is a team that will fight,” Fulmer said. “Certainly we haven’t had an effort problem. We haven’t had an attitude problem. Contrary to what some people might have said on television, we haven’t had a leadership problem at all. We have a consistency of execution problem on offense from time to time. We’ve been here before and we know how to respond to that and coach.

“We’ve won 148 football games in my time here at Tennessee and lost a little bit less than that – a lot less than that, actually – and we didn’t all of a sudden get stupid as coaches. We know what we’re doing, and we’re going to go to the practice field and correct and work and put our football team on the field with the best advantage that we can possibly have.”

Fulmer, who was asked twice by callers on his radio show Monday night when or if he might consider retirement, also responded to criticism from media and fans following a 30-6 loss to Florida on Saturday, UT’s fourth straight loss to the Gators.

“Because somebody boos in the stands doesn’t mean you don’t have the support. That just means they’re passionate about what they do. They just want to win,” Fulmer said, adding that he had received calls of support from friends and family. “Ninety-five percent of them probably never played football before, or maybe not played a sport. I don’t know. I can’t tell you all that. I would have booed a couple things I saw out there if I’d have been in the stands. That goes with the territory when your fans and your people are passionate about what they want to see on the field. I wouldn’t have it any other way from that standpoint. Now, do I like to be booed? No. Do I want to be booed again? No. But if I stay in this profession, you don’t think I’m going to have an opportunity to get booed? That just goes with the territory.”

Wide receiver Josh Briscoe, who is usually softspoken and reserved with the media, spoke out against Fulmer’s critics.

“It makes us mad as a team,” he said. “The ones who are saying that, most of them probably didn’t play football. They all don’t or have never coached football. They’re not putting in the 18 hours a day that coach Fulmer’s putting in. They’re not out there on the practice field and out there going through the training and conditioning that we’re going through. It’s very unfair to coach Fulmer because he’s dedicated his life to this, and so has all our coaching staff and this team.

“I’m not a guy that usually comes up and is very vocal about things, but that’s one of the things that hurt me a lot,” Briscoe continued. “Everybody seems to know how to coach. Everybody seems to know how to fix situations. But the real fact is, if everybody had all the answers this world would be a completely different place. Everybody doesn’t have the answers. Everybody’s not given the ability to coach football, to play college football, to be president of the United States or whatever it is. That really hurts because we dedicate our lives to this.”

More on Fulmer’s comments later today on GoVolsXtra.com and in Wednesday’s News Sentinel.

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Comments » 264

OakyVol09 writes:

I just heard Fulmer resigned. Anyone else hear about this?

99gator writes:

Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.

99gator writes:

Denial of responsibility: This form of denial involves avoiding personal responsibility by blaming, minimizing or justifying.

99gator writes:

The subject may deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether (simple denial), admit the fact but deny its seriousness (minimisation) or admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility (transference).

MIKETNVOL79 writes:

They might not be stupid all the time. Just seems like they are always slightly stupid at game time.

RHARVEY writes:

in response to OakyVol09:

I just heard Fulmer resigned. Anyone else hear about this?

Your dreaming.... but sounds like a nice dream.

whistlinwingman writes:

Fulmer says, "We have a consistancy and execution problem on offense from time to time." YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the same 12 frigging plays that has been run at UT since the Majors era began. This offense is NOT a complex one to run. If the 11 out there can't EXECUTE them then get 11 in there that will.

Volnbama writes:

This is TN coach Fulmer. We will not settle for these kind of results. Turn it around or get the H@*L out!

whistlinwingman writes:

in response to MIKETNVOL79:

They might not be stupid all the time. Just seems like they are always slightly stupid at game time.

Well said!

OakyVol09 writes:

in response to RHARVEY:

Your dreaming.... but sounds like a nice dream.

You could be right, but he claims he heard it on the radio. I have not seen anything on the internet about it yet.

burch35 writes:

If you don't like getting booed then do something about it and win a ball game or go join the band!

Striker writes:

Fulmer keeps bragging about that record. He has something like a 10-19 record against the major coaches in the conference, most of which own him, Shiny Pants Steve has padded those numbers due to his tenure at Carolina.

Vandy Ticket prices from their home page:

Season tickets;
Sideline: $175
Endzone (Sections I,J,K,L,M): $99
Family Plan (Sections I,J,K,L,M): $275- 2 adult, 2 youth

Single game as cheap as $12 !

UT Prices:

Season tickets:
humm, well you can donate 10k and pay for a pair to call your own if ya like.

$50 single upper deck, only because corporate, students, and season tix owners gave them up. Students you can pay for some yourself also

99gator writes:

it's like the coaching and the execution somehow aren't linked.

quick, i need some water. i'm having ron zook flashbacks.

Vol13 writes:

Great observation, Coach. Some of us have known that you were incompetent for several years and I agree with you 100% that you just didn't get stupid last weekend. Now, you're catching on!

jmbigorange#280428 writes:


atlvol writes:

in response to OakyVol09:

I just heard Fulmer resigned. Anyone else hear about this?

That is a joke that is going around ... Fulmer has been given the job as head of FEMA because of how well he can evacuate a 110,000 people.

DennisVols writes:

Ther is only one way to get the fans to quit complaining or "booing". That is win. When we see players making the same stupid mistakes we have saw all 3 games this year and what appears to be a lack of preperation we get upset. It isn't just fans you seem to think know nothing about football it is also the sports experts and even the other coaches who vote in the coaches poll.
How else do you explain 5-6 seasons, losing records again other top 25 teams, failure to win even an SEC championship in a decade, losing records against the coaches of what other consider the elite SEC football teams.
Just tell me what good I am suppose to get out of what I have been seeing for some time now.

Volumnus writes:

"we didn't all of a sudden get stupid as coaches"

No you didn't, it has been happening for a while now!!!!

Those of us watching closely have been witnesses!!!!

Can I get a witness???

utfpmd writes:

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

RichmondVol42 writes:

Even CONSIDERING punting the ball to Brandon James = All of a sudden our coaches got stupid.

Or, maybe they were always this stupid and it only took Jon Crompton starting at QB for it to truly show.

Moaninglikeheck writes:

in response to OakyVol09:

I just heard Fulmer resigned. Anyone else hear about this?

The going joke on the internet is that FEMA offered him a position based on his ability to evacuate 100,000 people from a football stadium quickly and in an orderly fashion.

BigVolOnBoard writes:

I think the coach's faculties are failing him.
It has been a long decline.

Sheepscape writes:

Witness. Been gradually getting worse since 2001. Nice 8-5 and 5-6 wedged in there. Even the "good" seasons lately have been replete with 3-4 losses.

RichmondVol42 writes:

in response to TouchdownTenn:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It always gets darkest just before it gets totally black.

johnnywhite#1354472 writes:

Blogs, where people express themselves, and remove all doubt if they are stupid or not.

Vol13 writes:

There won't be 60K there for Northern Illinois. Fulmer had better quit disrespecting the fanbase with his smart mouth. It's only going to cause more people to turn on him when he loses. And Briscoe - you need to shut up. You haven't done anything all year to help. There are a lot of doctors, laywers, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, managers, bankers, etc. that buy tickets who are a whole lot smarter and more educated that Fulmer is. Coaching football is not rocket science and he needs to quit acting like he's performing the job of some vascular surgeon or something. It's a freaking game for crying out loud. You ought to be thankful that a place of employment is willing to pay an idiot like you 2.5 million dollars per year to lead an organization that you are not qualified to lead.

Fulmer's an arrogant pierce who thinks he is above reproach. I am glad that many of you are finally able to see this side of him. And I am glad that his little dog and pony show is about to come to a screeching halt.

MIKETNVOL79 writes:

in response to atlvol:

That is a joke that is going around ... Fulmer has been given the job as head of FEMA because of how well he can evacuate a 110,000 people.

No he told everybody to go to the steak house. He said he would pay the bill. Close though. I have a bad feeling he isn't going anywhere any time soon. Id be surprised if he got fired going 1-11.

HadMyPhil writes:

My momma always said: "Stupid is as Stupid does..."

whistlinwingman writes:

The loserswithsock.com link is pretty interesting!

VOLHbomb writes:

(on Memphis radio today...some interesting possibilities)

1. John Gruden (Bucs Coach)
2. Bill Cowher (Ex-Steelers Coach)
3. Jim Grobe (Wake Forest)
4. Greg Schiano (Rutgers)

Yall have any others you would like to add....or do we have some serious options?!? I love Cowher!

OakyVol09 writes:

Yeah, the radio said that they were fooled. My apologizes for exciting the Fulmer haters and scarying the Fulmer lovers. I thought it sounded fishy, that is why I wanted to see if anyone else heard anything.

drum45 writes:

Bring back Coach Majors now!!!

whistlinwingman writes:

If 95% of the fan base have never coached or played sports and dont know what is going on or how things work on the football field then we have all been fooled I guess. I have coached on the grasscutter level and don't claim to be a college coach. I do know if something is not working or a certain player or coach can't get the job done then you have to do something different.

gvegasvol writes:

"and we didn’t all of a sudden get stupid as coaches. We know what we’re doing"

In other words shut up and let us coach. Well...how does it feel to have him ram all of your whinning and lack of knowledge up your rears? Kinda funny isn't it? He makes more in a year than you guys will make in a lifetime...heck he was even getting paid to insult all of you. Looks like he might not be as dumb as you guys think!!!

DennisVols writes:

Some good news:
AJC in Atlanta
Milton running back Toney Williams said the spectacle of seeing Tennessee play at a packed Neyland Stadium on Saturday was more overwhelming than the Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech and Arkansas-Auburn showdowns he’d attended earlier in the season.

“The score didn’t work out the way I wanted, but the whole environment was amazing,” said Williams, who watched Florida dismantle Tennessee. “I’ve never seen a place where people are so into their team. Even though they didn’t win, it made me proud of my choice.”

Williams, who has committed to UT, rushed for 250 yards and four touchdowns in Friday’s 42-13 victory against Alpharetta, giving him 916 yards and 15 touchdowns after four games. But Williams, a member of the AJC’s The Georgia 150 list and ranked 49th in Georgia by Rivals.com, was frustrated he couldn’t help his Vols.

“I wish I could have gone out there, especially when they got down there on the goal line,” Williams said. “If they’d have scored, it’d have been a whole different ballgame.”

facultyman writes:

Fulmer's right...he and his coaches "didn't get stupid all of a sudden." It's taken 2 or 3 years to be in this shape.

Clearly this is a broken football team of tired coaches and players that needs fresh, lean, leadership on both sides of the ball. We at least need to look competitive. In high school and college, we were instructed to tackle low, not try to arm wrestle a runner down! Chronic frustration has replaced fire in the bellies of both players and head coaches. Smarter players need to be recruited.
I'm sorry, but this is big-time football where honest losses are tolerated, and where highly-paid coaches are expected to place and lead a decent product on the field.

Laydbakvol writes:

Well said CPF. If the Vols go down to Auburn and get their act together and beat them like they should have beat UCLA, the team will say, "Nobody believed in us, but we never stopped believing in ourselves". But that won't be true. It's just that a few clowns that don't know squat about what's going on on the field or in the locker room think that people actually care about their opinion, so they keep repeating themselves often and loudly. But the majority of Vol fans never stop believing. Go Vols.

MIKETNVOL79 writes:

Id just like to hear the coaching staff hasn't made the right decisions. We apologize to the fans for the mental anguish and embaressment. And maybe something from crompton. You can't say crompton isn't nice. He's always trying to help the other team win.

jmbigorange#280428 writes:

in response to whistlinwingman:

The loserswithsock.com link is pretty interesting!

It's written like there could be some truth to it. Why would you just make up this guy. Out of all the guys on my wish list i would have never thought of him.

OrangeAndWhite4Life writes:

Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.

luckymacy#423360 writes:

This is great news. At least people are openly getting the hint to him to move on and he and his players now beyone a shadow of a doubt know the score between them and us who demand better from our program. Wow, trying to put fans down because they 'didn't play football. Or any sport" Really? If Hamilton wasn't a totally bought of crony, he'd give Fulmer a public bashing, fine his overrated employee and send him on his retired way at the end of the season.

And actually I did play sports, including football, Foolmer, and other sports. And while I was a student at UT I helped tutor one of the dimwits you guys recruited to pass a simple summer school class to get his eligibility up for the fall. That crowd comment just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what a dumb_$$, out of touch moron he's become AND how he's the one that has taught his players to say such stupid moronic statements to the media as well. It's not time to go, it's WAAAY PAST time to go. Coach, you actually are stupid which I didn't ever state until this week. I don't care to debate how long it took you to get stupid, that's besides the point.....

Rockytop4life writes:

Phil fulmer to resign tomorrow and take a job with FEMA. He can evacuate a 100,000 people quicker than anybody. That's the joke. Wish that was true. I just keep hopin I'll wake up and find out phil got fired or resigned. I watched Auburn and LSU play Saturday and we play no where near there level of intensity or a 1/4 of there execution(note: the backup was playing). It's about to be real ugly Saturday and we will be gripping and complaining about the same old stuff. Maybe we will get a big win against N.ill.

zachishi writes:

WOW..The coaches and the players are really out of touch. It sounds like coach fulmer needs to visit Josh Briscoe's ballroom dancing class this week.

GreeneVol writes:

He's merely doing what anyone that you would expect to do when his back is against the wall: Stand up for himself and Fight. And I don't know how much in 'denial' he is - he says he probably would have booed a few things himself.

Really though, I'm through belly-aching about UT football. It's like the whole glorious Big Orange Nation has turned against the program. I remember the days of Sugar Bowl '86 and ending the streak against Bama a few years earlier - yes under Johnny Majors - JUST AS FONDLY AS THE '98 championship season! Here it is plain and simple Volunteer fans: WE GOT SPOILED.

So hey - for me now and ever more, it's just a game in the end. Maybe we can upset some teams along the way this year. Would that cup be half-full or half-empty for you? Maybe we can have another magical season in my lifetime. But you know what? If we don't, I still consider myself lucky already. Just looking for ways to be 'thankful' rather than 'upset' - try it - it works. Rant over; Go Vols.

Rockytop4life writes:

stupid is as stupid does

99gator writes:

smart coaches bench punters.

smart coaches spend more time working on special teams than any other team.....yet, have the same player from the same team return a punt for a touchdown three years in a row.

smart coaches are loved by opposing fans. opposing fans root for smart coaches to stay at their school for life.

smart coaches have to tell fans they are not stupid.

jwright13#576991 writes:

"Fulmer says 'we didn't all of a sudden get stupid as coaches"

No doubt about it-it took you a little while, but you got there...

"It’s very unfair to coach Fulmer because he’s dedicated his life to this, and so has all our coaching staff and this team."

It's HIS JOB. he's SUPPOSED to dedicate himself to it. he gets paid OVER $2,000,000 a YEAR...he's not a martyr. he's not doing it pro bono. any other CEO would have been FIRED a long time ago...

volwalk writes:

Coach Fulmer,

Its not that you've all of sudden gotten stupid, rather the other SEC schools have gotten smarter-(new coaches and systems) we however have remained the same. Thus setting us back in the SEC mid to lower tiers vs the upper tier (FL, LSU, GA, Aub and Bama). We as fans see that we are behind and thus we are very frustrated and "mad". I, truly hope that you and the new OC are able to turn this ship and get us back on course but as each loss accumilates, I am losing confidence in the current regime.

Concerned Vol Fan

txsvol#372416 writes:

It's not that the UT coaching staff SUDDENLY got stupid. We've usually been outcoached in close games against the better opponents. But, the opposing coaches have gotten smarter, and with these new coaches have recruited better athletes. So, the result is the same. We're more stupid by comparison with UCLA, Florida, and probably Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and who knows who else this year. SAVol

dwolfcreek#397971 writes:


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