Lady Vols drop out of coaches poll

The Tennessee women's basketball team was listed in the "others receiving votes" category in the final USA Today/ESPN coaches poll on Wednesday.

The Lady Vols finished 22-11 this season and were ousted from the NCAA tournament by Ball State in the first round.

Volleyball: Former UT standout Amy Morris has been hired as Tulane's top assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.

Morris, who transferred from Penn State, was an outside hitter and libero at UT (2002-05) where she was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 and led the Lady Vols to the Final Four in 2005.

"I think I am able to bring a great amount of diverse experience and dedication to the program," Morris said in a press release. "My experience with being a NCAA contender while at Tennessee will help us during tournament time and my intensity will keep us in the hunt every year."

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rocky_topper writes:

This team has made many historical stats.....I hope they're proud of this one as well. I know I will always remember this team for being the first to NOT make the Sweet 16 and to fall out of the polls alltogether! Come to think of it, I probably won't remember them at all.


I hope for a better season. I think with the added additions and and the injured coming back they will be a good team. I look for Vicki and Kelly to dominate the paint next season.

teampenny#658108 writes:

Such is life. The bigger you are the harder the fall. I believe PS will produce a championship team again. It will take some time. Ride the coach if you want to but she is a winner. Sadly for us, Gino is winning more! Go Vols

LadyVolFanForever writes:

The fall in the basketball season ending poll should not be "news" to anyone. Our season and first round ncaa tourney exit sealed that deal.

Our womens basketball season has been hashed to death over the last month. I admit we have big problems and injuries have played a big part in that but I have not given up on this team and certainly not given up on our coach.

Where there IS a will, there IS a way. I will think positive and hope this team shows everyone what they CAN do come November.

Coach Summitts' Lady Vols should never give up and never give in !!

oldvolsfan writes:

in response to bamacheats:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

your stupid get back under your rock

camoman270#222859 writes:

in response to bamacheats:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think you are extremely delusional! She is the greatest of all time!

queens2183#661836 writes:

"rocky_topper writes:
This team has made many historical stats.....I hope they're proud of this one as well. I know I will always remember this team for being the first to NOT make the Sweet 16 and to fall out of the polls alltogether! Come to think of it, I probably won't remember them at all."

"teampenny#658108 writes:
Such is life. The bigger you are the harder the fall. I believe PS will produce a championship team again. It will take some time. Ride the coach if you want to but she is a winner. Sadly for us, Gino is winning more! Go Vols"

Geno is winning more when TN just came off of back-back titles, 30 win seasons, and SEC titles in the past years and have a young team that struggled this year after losing key players and all five starters but yeah, Geno is winning more. And if this team wins an NC, you won't remember them for that but for what they did as freshmen? Give me a break. A young, injured, inexperienced team performed as such in the latter part of the and everyone is ready to throw them under the bus already? Anyone with any kind of basketball IQ knows you don't judge a class based off of one season; if that were the case, Candace, Nicky, and Lex were busts too b/c they didn't do much as freshmen either. Chill out, give this team the opportunity to grow in the system, and for anyone not willing to do that, when they do win, don't try to jump back on the bandwagon then b/c you weren't willing to stay on it when they struggled. Maybe some TN fans need to take a page out of LSU's book b/c they were much more patient with their young team than TN fans were willing to be with theirs. With fans like some TN fans, do they really need other schools' fans as enemies?

scvols writes:

in response to UTfan4life:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

LOL!!! You have got to be kidding. Summit keeps recruiting girls from the MASH unit. Even if everyone is healthy, UCONN will still beat us by 20. We would not have made it out of the sweet 16 the last two years if it was not for Parker. Do not get me wrong, I think will can get to the sweet 16 next year but we are two or three players away from another NC.

Ron1967 writes:

Too many speaking engagements and a lack of attention to the University of Tennessee Lady Vol program is most of the problem that now plagues the team. Summitt does not get paid 1.5 million a year to promote women's basketball. She is paid to coach and win for UT.

When is the last time Summitt has gone head to head with Auriemma and won a recruiting battle? Parker, I believe would be the answer to that. Five of the last eight national championships have come from a superstar, Parker and Holdsclaw. Summitt is simply being outworked in recruiting great players and the above article shows the results of that.

Of course Summitt can't be expected to win a national championship every year. However, with her fan support
and UT's commitment to women's BB, finishing out of the top twenty-five is unacceptable for the highest paid coach in womens BB.

brokebackvol writes:

As dreadful as this year's Lady Vols team was, it's quite suitable to end up out of the Top 25. It was tough not being able to watch either mens or womens team beyond the first game ( and mercifully it was the Ga. Tech game on down here so I was spared the carnage of the Ladies one-n-done.)

I'm hoping this is a wake-up call to both programs. The men under-performed in the weakest SEC collection of teams I can remember in many years. I'm hoping Coach Cal will prop UK up so things will get better across the league.

I don't worry about the Lady Vols. Pat is coach until she says she is done, case closed. I'm disappointed, but CPS has earned the right to have a clunker. And boy, did she ever.

I am of the opinion Pat is making a mistake by not putting Meano Geno back on the schedule. The women's game is just not the same minus that rivalry that is one of the best in aports, period. Yeah, UT would have been flattened this season. However, Pat might have done enough tweaking to make it close. But she'll fix things or run some people off that aren't committed to maintaining the high standards of being a Lady Vol.

LdyVolFaninKS writes:

Congrats to UCONN on a stellar season. Can't believe Montgomery was the #4 pick. I thought surely she would go 1st after her great run through the tournament.

I'm glad we are not in the coaches poll...we don't deserve it. Hopefully this will help inspire this young team to work even harder and come up through the ranks. I don't expect a 30 win season next year, although I can sure hope for one! Buy into the program ladies. Never take a play off and always look for ways to improve your game. You made me proud this season (with exception of the Ball State Performance) with a 22 win season with all the adversity you had to deal with. It will only make you stronger in the 3 years to come!

SterlingHuskies writes:

It's going to be a long, long summer. Freshmen will become soph's and you'll have some new recruits. If you don't believe that freshmen can make a difference, take a look at what Tiffany Hayes did for UCONN this year. It's occurred to me more than once while reading your comments that UCONN had some not too great seasons after Diana left. You just have to get through them.

I STILL wish there was a UCONN - Tennessee game on the schedule because it is just plain the best fun of all time. I've been to 5 or so of them over the years - including one where I drove 4 hours through a snow storm to get to Hartford. Whatever each of us might think about the other's respective coaches (can't tell you what we call CPS in our house - I'd get banned), the games themselves are great. It really is good for the game.

It's been fun reading all of your comments all year, even if I am a Husky intruder in Vol territory. See ya in the fall!

bmaples writes:

Some final comments on women's basketball:

-- I've seen UConn live twice this year, and I have to say that they are in another league entirely when it comes to the women's game. They are long, athletic, very quick, focused, and extremely well-coached. There is not one women's team anywhere this year that could beat them. If you make a mistake, they immediately take advantage of it and score. I told some people that I thought the UConn women could win this year's SEC East -- on the men's side. :-)

-- Geno is still a jerk. In both games I saw, the outcome was decided long before the end of the game, yet he kept his starters in until almost the end just to run up the score. Jeff Walz emptied his bench long before Geno did. Even the UConn couple sitting next to me agreed -- the little old lady said in her senior-adult voice, "Yes, Geno's not a very nice man."

-- Without taking too much space, I'd like to point out what an amazing story U of L's run to the NC game was. As Angel pointed out, there are no McDonald's All-Americans on this team ... none. And, our starting center went down with a knee injury before the season, and didn't return. And, a starting guard quit the team in February to concentrate on academics in order to get into med school.

Two seniors, no juniors, three sophomores, six freshmen. That's the team that made the NC game. Hard work, defense, great game plans, and senior leadership. Which leads me to ...

-- This year's Lady Vols team. I honestly think the major problem was the lack of upper-classmen who could mother the new players and challenge the entire team to work harder and do things the right way. If Angie, and maybe Vicki, can become those leaders as juniors, and everyone else can grasp how much harder they have to work and how much better they have to be in order to be at the UConn level, then perhaps next year will be better. If not, then it won't, plain and simple. Time to "change the players or change the players."

Angel may have been the star on the Louisville team, but Candyce was the anchor. (Their nicknames were "Crazy Aunt" and "Mom," respectively.) When they got behind Oklahoma in the semis, and started yelling at each other in the huddle, it wasn't coach Walz that got them focused -- it was Candyce, the senior, standing up in the huddle and telling everyone to shut up and be a team. If the Lady Vols can find that leadership beginning now -- and not from Pat, either -- then they should be better.

Well, that's enough, and probably more about Louisville than is needed on a Vol site. I was at the 1,000 win game for Pat, and I drove to both Hartford for the Big East tourney and to St. Louis for the NC game. I may get Lady Card season tickets next year, and pick out 3-4 Lady Vols games to get to. Here's hoping that the one team can keep it going, and that the other team can get it going again. Enjoy the summer!

Bruce in Louisville

LadyVolFanForever writes:

bmaples, great post. I am very proud of your Lady Cardinals and I agree they proved what a team with great will and leadership can do. The Lady Vols are hopefully listening and learning.

Looking forward to hearing from you again this fall ! GO Lady Vols.

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