Bruce Pearl wedding on Saturday

University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach Bruce Pearl is set to be wed Saturday in Knoxville to Sevier County native Brandy Miller.

Pearl has been tight-lipped about the details surrounding the private ceremony and has asked fans and media to respect that this is a “very personal” event.

“We’ll take a few days off after the wedding and spend some time together,’’ Pearl said, “and we’ll be back to work Friday and be ready for the football game against Western Kentucky on Saturday.’’

Pearl, 49, made his engagement to Miller public during a Big Orange Caravan stop in Sevierville on May 4.

“What better way to endear myself to the Tennessee fans than to meet and fall in love and marry an East Tennessee girl,’’ Pearl said at the time.

News of Pearl’s engagement ran in USA Today, with Pearl making reference to Miller’s potential role in keeping him in Knoxville as the Vols basketball coach after Memphis reportedly offered him $3 million to accept its then-vacant coaching position.

“If you think I’m leaving (Miller) for Memphis, you’re crazy,’’ Pearl said during a promotional stop.

Miller has been active working with local charities in various communities. She was a member of the United Way board in Sevier County and volunteered for Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic.

Miller is on the board with UT Medical Center’s Evening in Orange and Outlive programs.

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behuman13 writes:

in response to supersmo18:

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kdaff51 writes:

But can she play the point?

cmoore7 writes:

Congratulations Coach

Major_Magilicutty writes:

Yep..congrats! Hopefully she can play point...or freeking recruit someone who can...

Does she look as good as Layla?

buzz29 writes:

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Millisa writes:

Congrats Coach Pearl!!!

Alt_news (Inactive) writes:

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doubledown writes:

This should be BIG TALk down at the "Alimony" Hair salon..

Greer_Vol_22 writes:

in response to kdaff51:

But can she play the point?

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mdvol writes:

in response to Greer_Vol_22:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

LiveFaith writes:

For Pearl and Summit, going thru a divorce is about the most difficult thing a human experiences emotionally. There is no way that both were not affected during last season due to this. As petty as sports are in comparison, they each should be much improved this season.

bustervols writes:

Whoopty funkin doo.

newtonrail writes:

I don't know what everyone is getting zapped for, but hope not crude comments. Been divorced and remarried twice. It's not fun no matter what the circumstances are, and I know the Pearls' have children. Best wishes Coach.

BillVol writes:

But can she catch a football?

PoochPuntOn3rdDown writes:

in response to kdaff51:

But can she play the point?

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VOLDoll writes:

in response to PoochPuntOn3rdDown:

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Does this little boys parents not monitor him on the computer? Up awful late for such a young kid.

VOLinATL writes:

Best wishes, Coach!

tnboystuckinkentucky writes:

Congrats CBP! Now, all his focus will be on the upcoming season, which could potentially be his best outing since he joined the Big Orange Nation!

murrayvol writes:

in response to kdaff51:

But can she play the point?

No but she's got a great crossover.

murrayvol writes:

in response to CatScratchFever:

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Never experienced a "quiet" fireworks show. Should be interesting.

LDDFC912 writes:

I heard Coach Fulmer was set to be the DJ at the Reception. But we better check the film. <wink>

Bigger_Al writes:

This sounds like a wedding reception worth crashing!

johnlg00 writes:

in response to Agent_Orange:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

HA! Good one! This thread seems to have set a record for highest percentage of posts "removed by site staff". Sad to think that a wedding announcement could have caused so many people to go so low.

Vol_Jokes writes:

Was she 15 or 16, I forgot?

Can't believe he gave up on his Erin Andrews pursuit. She's gonna be heartbroken.

Merrysmiles writes:

Best of luck Coach, and wishes for much happiness

panties4tebow writes:

Recruiting is on hold! Pearl is a busy man tonight.

mike#208050 writes:

Ah come on coach, Memphis didn't offer you $3 million or 3 cents. You already came clean on that scam. You got your raise and proved that you are a better negoiator than you are a coach.

What happened to the girlfriend you brought down from Wisconsin? Erin Andrews must be heart broken too.

My wife gets her nails done at ALIMONYS !

TIGRFAN in knoxville

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