Scroggins: 'Decision came down to, I'm going to USC'

Quarterback Jesse Scroggins confirmed the reports and speculation that had circled around his recruiting for weeks: He’s committed to Southern California.

Scroggins’ announcement went public on ESPN on Thursday afternoon. The statement was taped at the Elite 11 football camp on Tuesday.

“Basically, the decision came down to, I’m going to USC,” the 6-foot-3, 200-pounder said on College Football Live.

UT was thought to be in the lead earlier this summer until Scroggins won a skills competition at a USC camp that earned him a scholarship offer from the Trojans.

Florida was also in the hunt but long thought to be trailing UT and USC.

“It came down to three colleges mainly — Florida, Tennessee and USC,” the star quarterback from Lakewood High (Calif.) School said. “The things about Florida, I like the offense. (It’s) basically based on my high school. It’s Florida and it’s a beautiful place.”

As for UT, Scroggins said his mother’s family, which resides in Memphis, was a factor.

“It’s my mother’s home state,” Scroggins said. “That was a plus for me. 100,000 fans (in Neyland Stadium), that’s a great thing.”

USC, however, held the strongest family tie. Lakewood is about a 20-minute drive from USC’s campus.

“It’s close to my home, where I live,” Scroggins said. “That’s in my backyard.”

Scroggins is the latest of a handful of quarterbacks to spurn the Vols’ advances.

Chase Rettig from Sierra Madre, Calif., committed to Boston College. Jake Heaps from Sammamish, Wash., committed to BYU. Andrew Hendrix from Cincinnati committed to Notre Dame. Blake Bell from Wichita, Kan., committed to Oklahoma. Memphis’ Barry Brunetti committed to West Virginia.

There doesn’t appear to be another high school quarterback who has UT’s interest. That means the Vols will likely go the junior college route if a high school prospect doesn’t emerge this season.

UT has likely already secured Nick Lamaison from Walnut Creek Community College in California. There have been several reports to support that connection; but Lamaison has declined to comment, likely to avoid scaring other prospects off.

If Lamaison is indeed signed, he will enroll at UT in August and be eligible to play this season. UT has only two scholarship quarterback on its roster: senior Jonathan Crompton and junior Nick Stephens.

Other junior college possibilities include Cam Newton from Blinn Community College in Brenham, Texas, and Matt Sims from El Camino Community College in Torrance, Calif. They wouldn’t be able to join UT until the 2010 season.

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glemmons writes:


RockinTop writes:

Better hope Barkley doesnt red shirt my friend

Slimjim_Vols writes:

Before everyone starts the "He sucks" comments..... just think he is a Cali kid and it is his hometown team. Wish him the best of luck and move on.

All we have to know is that no commitment is a commitment until the pen meets the paper.


bdennis278 writes:

bad decision, jesse... unless you are comfortable with not seeing the field for 3 years, maybe 4 if you get redshirted

OrangeCrush writes:

How many QBs does USC have now?



vorangel writes:

Kiffin = Whiffin'
So Far At Least...
Better Days Are Ahead Though!
Can't blame Scroggins. The quarterback situation is favorable, but the offensive line and wide receiver depth charts are horrid.
Good luck to Jesse. He will be a star sooner or later.

VolFanNC writes:

Sigh....well at least this is over.

IceVol writes:

Maybe we will hear bout that Junior College QB now. Anyone know what the situation with that is?

StroVol writes:

I've got a weird feeling Scroggins commits to USC.

Volunatic writes:

in response to StroVol:

I've got a weird feeling Scroggins commits to USC.

Nah, there's no way the Gamecocks will land him.

ourfourboyz#480227 writes:

kid ihope you the best personnally thick you made big mistake but who can blame a kid for staying close to home & suitting up for usc didn't say playing just suiting up cause i beleive thats all he'lldo for 1st 3to 4years. wish you well can't help but wonder what could have been. can anyone say grayson, at least he seems to want to come to UT, AT LEAST TILL WE FINALLY OFFER. buck fama &fla. tooooo!!!!!!

orangevolman writes:

I still believe CLK has a few more promising options to consider. The only reason I hoped to have a QB commited by now is to possibly help advance other offense players to commit. I guess some players want to first see the new VOL-CLK package in action. I can't really blame them.

I do hope Nick L. signs. I think he would see this as a much bigger opportunity than do some of the potential "elite" high school seniors.


senracjr writes:

He just didn't have the cajones to play in the SEC.

jmillran writes:

If possible, Kiffin needs to organize a QB camp where the prospects are competing for 2 available scholarships. I know it's similar to what Pete Carrol did, but we need a QB or two, besides Lamaison. JMO

bUTchVFL writes:

I thought the point of going away to college was to get away from home and grow up. I understand his reasoning for picking SC but WOW, what a missed opportunity. Some QB is going to get the opportunity of a lifetime.

Joevolsxtra writes:

surprised? I wonder who it will come down to in two years when he transfers? He can get with the other backups and they can pull splinters from each others butts after each game.

Volunatic writes:

in response to VOLstuckINky:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

SoCal will NOT get any serious penalties from the NCAA for the agent paying Bush under the table.
It's all about money-- SoCal is the biggest TV draw west of the state of Texas, BY FAR. The NCAA isn't going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

volatil writes:

Best of luck to this kid.Its early for commitments anyway.Vols fans dont degrade this kid,theres still a good chance he will change his mind.He's 17 afterall.

lomas98 writes:

He still has his senior year of high school to play, he is not playing at SC this year. If Barkley is good as advertised he may be gone by this guys 2nd season anyway if he redshirts NEXT year. Kiffin will get his QB if he proves his offense is worth a bigtime QB coming to. Remember Nunes committed to TN last year at this time and he is not here.

RJ_Vol writes:

Time to move on...There are other fish in the sea.

mbible1utk#324980 writes:

Garrett Grayson or bust

SEAL_9821 writes:

Oh well! I would've like to seen him wearing the orange jersey. I'm not gonna dawg the kid, but I will say I think he made a bad decision based on the level of talent already at USC. But, who knows, he may go there and win the battle for the job and be a stud. Anyway, best wishes to the young kid.

Volstate writes:

Scroggins just went from the chance to headline every college football show about the SEC and being the man to getting a 20 second spot at the last few seconds of the show and being in the shadows of all the other quarterbacks USC has. He'll be lucky to play 1 down in the next 4 years. If he had announced UT he would have headlined the show...

Hrockytop writes:

in response to jmillran:

If possible, Kiffin needs to organize a QB camp where the prospects are competing for 2 available scholarships. I know it's similar to what Pete Carrol did, but we need a QB or two, besides Lamaison. JMO

Good call Jmillran! Or better yet, maybe UT needs to get on board with Nike.

Thy_blood_runneth_Orange writes:

Scroggins committing to USC only opens the door further for Brunetti. Yeah, he's committed to West Virginia, but if he's given an offer from his homestate school, especially the one state school he followed growing up, he's liable to change his committment. Like someone said previously, commits aren't commits until they give Kiffin and crew their autograph on Signing Day.

keepitreal4vols writes:

Go get em kid, now your daddy can watch you be the decoy player sending plays in from the sidelines.
Sorry Lane Kiffin, 900 media members on Friday will ask you 2 questions 50 different ways:
1. Did you vote for Tim Tebow
2. What are you going to do at QB next year.

UTfan4life2 writes:

Talk some sense into the kid Lane. D-E-P-T-H arent going to play untill you are a SR. Oh well, it would have been nice watching you in Orange, but good luck riding the pine.

Orange4life writes:

, ah well gota roll with what we got

JudgeJuryExecutioner writes:

At least his dad will be close enough to come watch him sit on the bench behind Barkley and Corp. How is the USC thing working for Mitch Mustain?

1stBaseHelton writes:

in response to Volstate:

Scroggins just went from the chance to headline every college football show about the SEC and being the man to getting a 20 second spot at the last few seconds of the show and being in the shadows of all the other quarterbacks USC has. He'll be lucky to play 1 down in the next 4 years. If he had announced UT he would have headlined the show...

That is so true! I think he made a big career mistake.

scott_m99 writes:

in response to Witch_Doctor:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Witch_Doctor...just this morning you said that the bones were telling you that he was coming to UT. What happened? Do you need new bones? I think they lied to you.

BigOrangeCrazy writes:

Good luck Jesse... you're going to need it.

With apologies to Lead Belly...

On the pine,
On the pine,
Where your a** will never shine,
You'll sit the whole 4 years through.

My QB, my QB why did you go,
You'll be sitting were the big fans blow.

On the pine,
On the pine,
Where your a** will never shine,
You'll sit the whole 4 years through.


1963volfan writes:

in response to KingsportVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Yeah,Sanchez took a pay cut to go to the Jets. Good luck to you jessie carrying that heavy clip board.

TommyJack writes:

We will end up SIGNING a good QB.

bringbackrome1 writes:

I hope he like sitting on the bench. Could have been a starter here early in his career

UrbanCryer writes:

NSD February

utfan15govols writes:

In a way I am glad he went somewhere else (even though if he chose us would be great), he sounds like a lot of drama, aka Kelley Washington, that was bad for us. I am sure Coach K and the rest of the bunch has their eye on someone. Give it time, he will build it to an elite football school again.

kiffownsfla writes:

Good luck with that sore azz from bein a bark bustin pine rider. take clip board class 101 your going to need it !

volboy81 writes:

ESPN has a taped interview on "College Football Live". isnt that an oxymoron. Oh, wait, it IS ESPN, isnt it...Best of Luck, Jesse....wish you were wearing orange, but you gotta go where your heart sends you! GO VOLS!

HollySpringsVOL writes:

Jim Bob Cooter can give him some pointers on clip board management.

1974Vol writes:

This isn't news. I posted here more than a week ago he had already committed to USC while at the USC QB camp at the end of June. He just wanted to make the annoucement while at the Elite 11 camp. At least that was the original plan. He was coming to Vols if USC didn't offer. They did and that's the way it goes. Vols best hope is for a dark horse coming into his Sr. year. Rememeber these 2010 guys still must play their Sr. year. Someone off the radar will emerge. They always do.

RoadTrip writes:

CLK - Please, oh, please recruit QB's from the south. Kelly, Shular, Manning, Martin. Good things can happen when you do. You may miss occasionally, but, most of the time you will hit a winner and they want to be here in the good ole SEC at Rocky Top bleeding orange.

UTfan4life2 writes:

Bama987, as hard as it is to say it, you are right. But us UT fans are so desperate for a QB that can just MANAGE a game (like JPW for yall). The fact that our QB's now cant pass worth a damn, better yet hand off the football, just gets to you. We are a big time college program, we shouldnt have these troubles at QB.

tenacjim#211887 writes:

Pull up some pine and get comfortable in your "home".

MphsVols writes:

Tennessee is your home Brunetti, come join the Vols...

jeremy writes:

I wonder if Lamaison's signing will go public now? I am also more concerned with O linemen that quarterback....It all starts up front. What good is the #1 running back if nobody can open a whole for him?

airship writes:

he will make a great mop up player for usc. what a shame.

gatorhator5033 writes:

in response to RockinTop:

Better hope Barkley doesnt red shirt my friend


I say offered, lock in Grayson and sign someone about 3 others that had a good Senior Year and come in with 4 QB signees this fall.

Basically, right now ALL the marque QBs are gone from upcoming class: however, there will be a number that will emerge this fall coming in under the radar and have not gotten a lot of attention....Basically the Schools we are competing with have ALREADY signed their Quarterbacks...a couple of these teams may go after some of the ones that emerge this fall but not all Major Schools will revisit the QB position again....they will concentrate on just locking in what commitments they all ready have.

Kiffin, should be able to accomplish this.

Load them absolute superstar I'm not sure we need.......where was SNEAD before OLE MISS....give be someone SMART, COOL ON THE FIELD, STRONG ARM and GOOD FEET.....the HELL with the BIG NAME.

Youtee1 writes:

in response to ImgonnaturnFloridainrighthereinfrontofyou:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The real question many QB's can USC put on the field. The answer is...exactly ONE. You can be too deep at one position, but it's a good problem to have.

tnvol981 writes:

Bottom Line is... At least the Gators didnt get him lol

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