Tennessee's Eric Berry may be rarity in top 5

Former Tennessee standout Eric Berry, left, greets fans during the Orange and White game at Neyland Stadium Saturday, Apr. 17, 2010.

Photo by Adam Brimer

Former Tennessee standout Eric Berry, left, greets fans during the Orange and White game at Neyland Stadium Saturday, Apr. 17, 2010.

— Should Tennessee safety Eric Berry get picked by the Kansas City Chiefs with the fifth overall selection -- or before that -- he would become the first defensive back tabbed in the top five since the late Sean Taylor went fifth to Washington in 2004. ESPN analyst Mel Kiper believes players of Berry's ability are becoming increasingly valuable.

"Back in the day you could say it was a different game," Kiper said, "but now with the way everyone is throwing the football, you see how important Ed Reed is to the Baltimore Ravens and (Troy) Polamalu is to Pittsburgh and (Brian) Dawkins when he was in Philadelphia and now in Denver. You see all these safeties around the league who are so critical to the success of their defense.

"Eric Berry can do so much for you. He can play corner. His ball skills are incredible. He didn't have the interceptions this past year, because people identified where he was and stayed away from that area."

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dvhill100 writes:

A rare young man - a superb athlete and a good person. I wish him all the best and look for him to be on the all pro team year in and year out.

cloudodust writes:

As has been said numerous times here, EB is the benchmark for class and the poster man-child for the meaning of Humble. The total package of great-things-to-come...To all the Volunteers come Draft Day, good luck from here on out...I'm hoping JC makes all the critical ones of him during his time spent Atop Rocky choke on their own venom. I hope he gets drafted or free agent-ed into a situation where consistency is the norm. That means No Al Davis' Oakland, please.

transplantiam writes:

Eric is the MAN! I've watched football all my 58yrs on this planet and have never figured how the teams could assign a lower value to EB's position. Aside from his personal talent level, the position dictates that if the safety blows the play, it's the last line of defense. It seems that the safety should be the most vital skill position to keep points off the board. No, safety should be of greater importance than any db position. JMO..and with EB's particular skill set, he comes close to filling two backfield positions, he's that good. Should be top five for sure! Go EB!!

pdhuff#552644 writes:

Keep your head on your shoulders, young man and enjoy the ride.

The Vol Nation will miss you.

volsnationalchamps writes:

Eric could be first pick and no one would second guess that, he is that good. I know he probably will fall to 5 - 10 because of teams needs. We were very fortunate to have a player of his ability and character.

Overall the group of kids that are eligible for draft are all impressing teams, we had some really good talent here last year. Wasn't near as bad as Lane was claiming it was. He and staff did though do a good job coaching these kids up though, like him or not.

Good luck to all these players this weekend in draft...


AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

Who cares if he really goes 2nd or 7th, I know to Tennessee fans he is probably in the top 3 of alltime Vols.

Ayershall writes:

in response to Euro_Vol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Huh... Good list, but no Peyton? You may not like him, but come on....

OrangeinCarolina2 writes:

Good Luck Eric! May you show the same class, heart and integrity in the NFL that you displayed at the University of Tennessee. God bless. GO VOLS!

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

in response to wallandhiker:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What about Cooter?


Sports Illustrated had a good article about Eric.
He is considered the most "Pro-ready" of any pick.

Cozby40 writes:

Stay focused, EB, and the world is yours...!!!

Denvervol4life writes:

Good luck EB!! You all need to stop this Crompton talk!!! Sometimes I feel like this isn't the same site that just bashed Crompton over and over again. Now he's a hero. Crompton was a train wreck 80% of his UT career. (EB= future hall of famer JC= practice team hall of famer) Everyone bringing up Cromptons draft stock gets a serious C'MON MAN!!!!

V_O_L_S_GO_VOLS_GO writes:

in response to Euro_Vol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

REGGIE WHITE? Survey says???? YES!!

Denvervol4life writes:

in response to wallandhiker:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I understand what you saying but between
the ears he is lacking. Kiffin had too try and win while catering too a fifth year senior who he really didn't trust. Crompton is not a NFL qb. NFL is a whole different ball game. Don't forget about the ucla game I'm sure had you screaming at the tv and the fla game who we played handicap thanks to Crompton. Eric Ainge IMO is a far better qb than Crompton.

sm1 writes:

in response to civilianvol_formerly_marinevol:

What about Cooter?


ncvol17 writes:

Hubert Simpson = baseball bat = memories of days gone bye

straightshooter writes:

I hope Eric goes higher than 5th as I hate to see him fall into the clutches of the continously awful Chiefs. They haven't been anything since the 60's and I would like to see Eric get a ring. Chiefs and Lions, two worst teams to go to in football. But at least the Lions have a few recently drafted high profile players that could turn that franchise around finally.

straightshooter writes:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEAR:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You guys forgot to mention Charles Davis, DB for the Raiders, had some excellent years, I think made pro bowl. Played on the 85' team that upset top ranked Miami in the Orange bowl. Charles currently calls games for Fox network TV. This past season he got some BCS bowl games. I heard him earlier in his career in Orlando doing a sports radio talk show. He has since graduated up to the big time!

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