Artwork on the Rock at UT: 'Heil Lane' - X!

'Heil Lane' artwork on The Rock at UT.

Photo by Chloe White Kennedy

'Heil Lane' artwork on The Rock at UT.

KNOXVILLE - The mood on the University of Tennessee campus today - the first day of spring semester classes - was glum and intensely focused on football rather than classrooms.

The Rock - covered with vulgar anti-Kiffin slogans and images Tuesday night - has been repainted today.

As of noon, the student artwork included what appears to be a homecoming float relic, an image of Kiffin affixed to cardboard. Spray-painted on it are the words, "Heil Lane," with a X through it.

Walking through the University Center, all conversations were on the abrupt coaching change.

Said Bart Weitering, a UT sophomore majoring in physics and geology: "It's pretty bad timing. In the end, it's part of the business, but it really puts us in a bind."

Added Greg Dowell, a UT sophomore in communications studies: "I'm disappointed. We were hoping Kiffin would come in and bring in a new era, but he kind of abandoned us."

More details as they develop online and in Thursday's News Sentinel.

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Comments » 12

Texassean writes:

Got a picture?

LUWMA writes:

Enough is Enough...We all have families and none of us know what we would do if this happened to us. Let him be and go on!!

Texassean writes:

We will rebound. This team, this program, this school are bigger than Lane Kiffin. Has he done damage? Yes. Will it make us stronger? Yes. The recruits and players that stay want to be a part of who we are and what we WILL do. Go VOLS!

LUWMA writes:

We all have dreams let him have his!!!

OTPVol writes:

in response to AthensHomerDawg:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Nope, they been replaced with "Help Wanted - DC, anyone, please!"

jdcvols#230433 writes:

Let's try to get some many of the recruits actually went to class today? what coaches are still on the payroll and active?

Come on KNS...give us some facts.

jcolli writes:

i'm just saying that's not cardboard it's masonite

webbofconfusion#577015 writes:

The new era of revolving coaches has begun....

smokymtman writes:

in response to ThatCat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Absolutely! Students should keep their mind on their studies rather than on football.

TNGirl007 writes:

He "kind of abandoned us"....really? Just kind of? What does that even mean? I say he definitely abandoned us...He "jumped ship," "made off like a bandit," etc. We got screwed!!! Now for picking up the pieces and trying to retain our recruits along with some coaches and finding a new coach who will be a good coach, but who will also try to hang on to our recruits and some assistant coaches...I hope this turns out well.

flashbone writes:

in response to ThatCat:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

its the manner in which he left. telling students not to enroll today so they can go to usc is classless.

AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

Over 3 months later.....I still hate him.

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