Lane Kiffin: 'I hope people understand '

Former University of Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin waits to board a plane bound for California on Wednesday at McGhee Tyson Airport.

Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess

Former University of Tennessee head football coach Lane Kiffin waits to board a plane bound for California on Wednesday at McGhee Tyson Airport.

Lane Kiffin leaves UT for USC

Lane Kiffin has officially left the building.

The former Tennessee head football coach hardly had time to waste.

As quickly as the hiring process landed Kiffin his new job, he headed for a plane to Los Angeles to start it immediately on Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm sure eventually it will sink in, but it all happened so fast and there are so many things to do because this was such a tough decision," Kiffin exclusively told the News Sentinel. "Tennessee is such a great place and we were touched by so many people in our time here - everybody was so great from the university to the fans and the community.

"But really this is the one place that I'd leave for, and I hope people understand that."

Whether they do or not, Kiffin is already on the way.

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Comments » 278

mahabrando writes:

How much are they trying to piss us off here?

WhitePineVol77 writes:

We knew that, even though it was "unspoken". Good luck with whatever comes your way. Hope you have read the ESPN and SI articles today.

VolsFanInNC writes:

Go away loser.

VOLFTBL writes:

Wow... Kiffin sure does have a funny way of showing appreciation for all the things the University and community provided him. Watch out USC... he's not to be trusted!

volfan#207874 writes:

Yeah, I got something to say....Good riddance and we will remember you for your honesty, integrity, and loyalty...NOT !!!

vol49 writes:

Good riddance !

UMREB1992 writes:

oh we'll understand....that you, your daddy and coach O are the biggest dbags in history.

BustaRhymes writes:

Lane, we don't. You're scum. Good luck USC - you're about to be KIFFIN'D.

RockyToptoNeyland writes:

What I found funny is that he thinks that he actually helped UT football? Going 7-6 and getting killed in the chicken-fil-a is not helping us.

chad_t31 writes:

Yeah we understand. At the same time, you're still an arrogant ego-maniac. It wasn't that tough of a decision apparently, benedict kiffin. And the stunt ogre pulled last night was just as classless.

kevin151 writes:

You did more negative than positive! Don't spin things you BOZO

papabearmaples writes:

Oh we understand. We are understand that you are a liar and a Judas. We understand that you have royally screwed the football program at UT and have betrayed the players that put it all on the line for you this past season. You, your Dad, and Ed O are unethical and don't have an ounce of integrity between the three of you. Oh we understand, Lane. We understand.

Rockford writes:

Shut up Lane.

atlkevin writes:

Time for us to move on. This loser will be nothing more than a blip on our 200+ year history radar.

Karma can be a real bi-atch. Mr. Kiffin will reap what he has sown.

All_Vol writes:

Yeah I understand you are a snake. POS

CRFVols writes:

See ya. Get out and make room for a true VOL.

GaGATOR writes:

You are better off with that trash. That jerk was making the SEC look bad and the sooner he gets to USC the better.

nocleats writes:

Has kippy passed his NCAA certification test to allow him to recruit yet ? Thats a huge question.

volatil writes:

I hope you (Lane) understand we hate you!

wiscvolfan writes:

Does he really think we will "understand" when he is trying to get all the incoming players to jump ship? I hate this guy so much right now.

BubbaTN writes:

Oh we understand...that it is about more money, fame and shame. You'll fit in with the West Coast. It's more about how good you look not how good you are.

brokebackvol writes:

What are supposed to understand, Lane? Tennessee is a DESTINATION job, not a stepping stone. If you didn't want to be at UT, why did you take the job?

Hammy's only mistake here was hiring a coach with an escape clause for a "better" job, at the University of Spoiled Children.

I for one lost all respect for you and your dad for leaving the UT program in the lurch, and even being so underhanded you would allow Coach Orgeron to tell enrollees not to attend class, so it would be easier to leave and go to Cali.

I wish we had listened to Al Davis, cause you ARE a liar.

utallvol writes:

i understand lair

Mr_Bandman writes:

nope....don't understand....angry as he77....this is just's like having a girlfriend who you do anything & everything for, you worship and adore her and go out of your way to make her happy, and she dumps you for a better looking guy as soon as the opportunity presents itself....wrong---just wrong...

gillblog writes:

Don't worry. People here really do understand you, now. And, they understand why you, Lane Kiffin, are doing what you're doing. It's because that's who you are, Lane Kiffin. We understand.

SeanJean writes:

Go to hell, traitor. Good riddance.

roloyo writes:

Well, we understand NOW and we forgive you. You sorry piece of S***

Slimjim_Vols writes:

link to press conference of Mike Hamilton...... said if players were on campus at 12:01 that they are locked in and it didn't matter if they went to class with no releases if they were

BustaRhymes writes:

I cannot believe it - Hamilton just said that "he did not make a mistake hiring Lane Kiffin." UNREAL. Can somebody please fire this idiot!!!!

Coach Fulmer - we need ya back as AD!!!!

hensonkid#211388 writes:

Of course we understand. Run along now, sonny, and let the grown-ups pick up your mess.

Alt_news (Inactive) writes:

I said that Lane Kiffin was not a good person. I was chastised for being judgmental.

GaGATOR writes:

Go to to read the rest--it's great

If there were a stock car race between all the frauds, egomaniacs and two-faced weasels I've ever covered, Lane Kiffin would have the pole position all to himself.

Kiffin is a spin doctor without a medical degree. He thinks truth comes in different shades of gray. He demands loyalty, but gives none himself.

Kiffin is a used car salesman with a whistle. Wait, that's not fair to used car salesmen. He ditched Tennessee for USC after just 13 games. The remaining five years on his contract, the players he left behind, the nine high school recruits who planned to enroll early, they all meant nothing to Kiffin.

10ACN writes:

CPF for AD. Hammy has done enough for VOL Nation. Thanks for nothing, Lame.

vscebail#247785 writes:

No, we don't understand. You were shown nothing but love and support from the University, the administration, the students, players, and fans. And then you bolted & left our program in shambles. Thanks for all of the promises of "what should have been." Just go to USC, and take your NCAA violations with you. You treated the entire VOL NATION like cr@p! Nobody here likes you anymore -- we just hope you understand.

Bloodrunzorange writes:

The Tennessee program is WAY BIGGER than you! We will see you again soon. I see so much good that will come out of this! And we don't believe you have earned that! Go Vols and have fun in the PAC 10!

VOLinATL writes:

Don't worry Lane.....we DO understand (all too well). Just be sure that plane ticket is one way!

webbofconfusion#577015 writes:

I hear Johnny Majors does not have any ill will towards Hamilton.

WEEKSTRACY88#1377989 writes:


TNVOLFN writes:

I do understand. I understand that Kiff didn't want to compete with Richt, Saban, Meyer, and the rest of the SEC coaches in recruiting and on the field every year. He was given the keys to a Cadillac. Rebuild or reload? USC has a lock on all of the talent on the west coast. It will be a much easier road to the BCS in the Pac-10 than in the SEC. He has roots there. Also, if he only won three games here next year, he would have been ran out of town by the same people who are so angry that they cannot see straight right now. that is the nature of the game today. I can't blame him. What is extremely dissapointing to me, is what college football has become. In place of loyalty, fans demand immediate and impossible results. 14 months ago we ran off a coach who had given his all for TN and brought home a national championship; and we honestly expect a 34 year old with no ties to be loyal to us? Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely dissapointed right now, as i know this will set us back about 5-6 years, but people who are upset because of broken promises by a politician need to get a reality check.

hookkick writes:

I hope the rest of our life is miserable.

Alt_news (Inactive) writes:

in response to nocleats:

Has kippy passed his NCAA certification test to allow him to recruit yet ? Thats a huge question.

He took the test on jan 7. I assume he passed it.

mhillvol#275693 writes:

ESPN is reporting that Phil Fulmer has been contacted about the head coaching position and or athletic director?


It was obvious he was not happy here . Did you ever see him wearing a Tenn. in interviews hat or as my wife said "did the guy ever smile" See you later weasel.

minnehan writes:

Kiffin is the Kevin O'Neal of Football but O'Neal has more class and at least could tell the truth.

Tabasco_VOL writes:

No, Lane. I don't understand. You lied to me, you made me believe (or at least act like I did) and you made a fool out of me. I covered for you when you acted like an idiot and made excuses every time you opened your stupid pie hole. I feel so ridiculous now.

I just hope we get you on the schedule sometime real soon.

davethevol writes:

I'm not pissed about Lane going to his dream job. I can't blame him for that. The timing sucks though, and Orgeron calling players telling them not to attend class is out of line.

Slimjim_Vols writes:

Did I just hear Hamilton say he knew Saturday!?

HaterofKiffin writes:

Kiffin is a punk. Screw him, I hate him

shulessjo writes:

I understand. It's all about you (Lane). Yes... I understand. It's all about what is best for you. What else could possibly matter Lane?

vol88 writes:

We understand he's a worm.

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