Reports: Tennessee hiring Derek Dooley

Mike Hamilton interviewing Kippy Brown today

Multiple sources are saying that the University of Tennessee has hired Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley to replace Lane Kiffin.

Photo by Eli Lucero/The Herald Journal/AP

Multiple sources are saying that the University of Tennessee has hired Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley to replace Lane Kiffin.

Derek Dooley will reportedly be named Tennessee's next head football coach even though the Vols still had at least one interview left to conduct.

Multiple media sources are reporting that the former Louisiana Tech head coach has agreed to replace Lane Kiffin, who left UT for Southern California on Tuesday, and a deal is imminent. Several other media sources are indicating it is not a done deal.

A 1981 Dassault Falcon airplane registered to Pilot Corp. was photographed at the Ruston (La.) airport this afternoon, amid reports that UT athletic director MIke Hamilton and booster Jim Haslam are in Ruston where the Louisiana Tech campus is located.

And, the Monroe (La.) News Star is reporting that Dooley is resigning to take the Tennessee job and quotes a booster.

“He’s gone,” the newspaper quotes Steve Davison, one of Louisiana Tech's most influential boosters and a friend of Dooley. as saying. “Now we have to make another good hire. Coach Dooley was a good hire for us, and I’m confident we’ll make another one."

Earlier in the afternoon a sourcetold the News Sentinel that the competition had become a two-man race between Dooley and UT interim head coach Kippy Brown with Dooley the heavy favorite but Brown still being given serious consideration. Hamilton interviewed Brown earlier in the afternoon.

Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham was the other finalist, according to a source close to the process.

A Louisiana Tech spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the move but said to check back later this afternoon.

Dooley, who has been the coach at Tech for three seasons, canceled end-of-the-season meetings with his players on Wednesday and left Ruston to meet with UT officials on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the Gannett News Service. Dooley was also the athletic director of Louisiana Tech since March 2008.

Dooley, 41, is 17-20 at Louisiana Tech with a 12-12 record in the Western Athletic Conference. Tech went 8-5 in 2008 and won the Independence Bowl. Dooley has a law degree from Georgia and a bachelor's degree in government and foreign affairs from Virginia, where he played receiver.

Dooley is the son of legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley. Derek Dooley coached under Nick Saban as recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach from 2000 to February 2003, then was named special teams coach and running backs coach for the 2003 and 2004 seasons. Dooley followed Saban to the Miami Dolphins where he was tight ends coach in 2005 before accepting the Louisiana Tech job in 2006.

Dooley came highly recommended by Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who was thought to be one of UT's first targets. Muschamp, however, decided to stay at Texas. Texas Christian's Gary Patterson and Air Force's Troy Calhoun also issued public statements that they would not be leaving their respective schools. The Vols were in serious talks with former coach David Cutcliffe, but Cutcliffe, now the head coach at Duke, and UT couldn't come together on Cutcliffe's staff at UT.

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Comments » 1342

ut_vols13 writes:


InertGas writes:

Oh no !

VolFanFtl writes:

If it is true that Whittingham was the other finalist and Dooley was the choice, then Hamilton should not come back to Knoxville.

This can't be real!!!!

smokyredbone writes:

Go get him and have him here today!

jshmrt20#356379 writes:

Maybe give Hamilton some credit....he hired Pearl and no one knew who he was. At least Dooley had a great record last La Tech.....

iaVol writes:

This is ridiculous! This is not happening!

CincyOhVol writes:

Its over. We officially suck.

ClubCurt writes:

hey guys dont talk bad about this guy. give em a chance, lets wait and see what he do.

vol98champ writes:

Good genes. One thing for sure; we need a coach. If the naysayers will shut up for a year or two; who knows, we might be able to salvage this situation.

GoodbyeCut writes:

Those who thought Lovie Smith was a bad choice, what is this about?

golfballs03 writes:

Please be another Cutcliffe moment for GVX!!!!

wycoller writes:

Hang down your head.......

smokeytop22 writes:

give it to kippy at least

lovinthebigorange writes:

Well why would you go with a guy who wasnt even in the BCS this year. At least the Utes were ranked.

volky writes:

My God, my God, my God!!!

Surely this is another smoke screen!!

CincyOhVol writes:

If this is the best coach in the country willing to come to UT we are no longer the powerhouse we think we are.

feathersax writes:

the gurus have let the the saner side prevail & let's get the UT football program back on track after the "lane train" derailment.

IH8Gators writes:

If he comes in energetic this could work. Give the guy a chance before you bash him.

SmokeyHowls writes:

This Stinks - You choose this guy over Kippy Brown
Fire Mike Hamilton

jowebb15#441937 writes:

If this is the only other choice I would rather have Kippy.

Still no Jim Harbaugh mentioned? Why? The contract extension does not matter only the buyout matters!!!

Razzle writes:

This is the Twilight Zone, right?

Skullz_VOL writes:

Where are all the coach Cut haters now?

kevin151 writes:

Don't bother coming to UT recruits!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ayres_Hall writes:

I'm convinced that some of you guys don't care who is hired... provided they are here tomorrow to say Hi! to the 18 year olds.


ccantrell#227456 writes:

We must be moving to Division 2 so we can play in post season tournaments..

golfballs03 writes:

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! Kyle Wittingham is a candidate and we choose DOOLEY!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? I'm going to have a heart attack

orangepaws writes:

It's going to be a bad year...I'll judge him more on year 2...and our effort. GO TENNESSEE

bugman (Inactive) writes:

im done w/hamilton

FEARinSEC writes:

Kippy Brown = Head Coach
Dooley = Recruiting Coordinator/Asst. HC/HC in waiting

That is how this better be playing out!!

DaveRamseyRocks writes:

Never heard of him and not my choice as HC, but he is our coach so lets stand up for him!!

VolNavy1 writes:

Let's get behind Coach Dooley. He is our coach now. Go VOLS!!!

ut_vols13 writes:

Should have hired the Oak Ridge HS Football Coach. We will took like fools for sure.

smokyredbone writes:

How many more times do you want us to be turned down. DD will be like CLK,but with a Southern upbringing. Sharp enough that they made him the AD as well at Tech. He knows the South is a lawyer and was raised on a football field!Was Saban's recruiting co. at LSU! Tell me what that snotty nosed LK brought, that was better than this guy?

gnm53108 writes:

I am almost as shocked as when I learned Kiffy bolted.

GR82BaTennesseeVOL writes:

Please, God...NO!

WarEagleChippin writes:

Dooley is not a bad choice, but Whittingam is Urban Jr. and would have been a SOLID hire. Hamilton is just awful

VolinCT writes:

I think he coached under Nick Saban at Miami!

lovinthebigorange writes:

Why would you hire a guy with no ties and shaft the guy that has saved us from losing all our commitments? Mike wtf were you thinking!!!!!!

kentuckyorange writes:

What about Kippy?? Didn't he interview today

bugman (Inactive) writes:

in response to DaveRamseyRocks:

Never heard of him and not my choice as HC, but he is our coach so lets stand up for him!!

suite urself blue tick but im not supporting phooey just because "its the right thing to do". when theres money involved then its personal.

burch35 writes:

I am no longer a Tennessee fan! Thanks for the memories!

the58vol writes:

Unbelievable...How far the mighty have fallen.... It will be all we can do next season to match Dooley's lame 4-8 record at Tech.. Asswhippin's abound... Vols will be lucky to get 2 conference wins next season..

No way Dooley is the best of the rest...just line em up and look for yourself..

minnehan writes:

Look at his record by year. It is more encouraging than looking at the overall record ad LA Tech. He will be better than you think.

dowhatsright writes:

in response to ClubCurt:

hey guys dont talk bad about this guy. give em a chance, lets wait and see what he do.

Check it out - a 20-30 record at LA TECH and 4-8 last year in the WAC. No name recognition. This would be a disaster and if it is true, I give up.

volinky writes:

I am still pulling for Kippy! He has been preparing for this role his whole life!!!

pms151 writes:

Come on Kaplan, who are the sources for this one?

surfmaster writes:

Dooley over Cuttingham? Are u freakin kidding me? What a disaster of a hire.

I thought Cuttingham wasn't coming because he wasn't interested, but this sounds like we passed on him to get Dooley. And to make this anouncement before you interview Kippy?

I'm at a loss for words.

VolFanFtl writes:

in response to burch35:

I am no longer a Tennessee fan! Thanks for the memories!

Then you never were a Tennessee fan. Please what a stupid statement.

ronshelton#487850 writes:

who the frak is derek dooley??????????????????????

volatil writes:

This is not acceptable, Kippy deserves this before another guy living off Daddy's name. I PRAY this is not correct.

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