Kiffin never had Tennessee driver's license

Former football coach Lane Kiffin drove back and forth daily between the University of Tennessee and a $2.6 million house in West Knox County for more than a year without a Tennessee driver's license.

Kiffin, who resigned after one season at UT to become coach at Southern California, holds a valid California license but never bothered to trade it in for a Tennessee license, records show. Tennessee law requires any new resident to apply for an in-state driver's license within 30 days of moving.

None of the Kiffins did that - not the head coach, not his father, Monte, not his mother, Robin, and not his wife, Layla. A search for the name Kiffin fails to turn up a single driving record statewide, said Mike Browning, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Safety.

"Lane Kiffin does not have a current valid driver license in Tennessee," Browning said.

State law classifies failure to change over a license as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $50 and court costs.

Kiffin and his father each received two loaner vehicles upon coming to work for UT, spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter said.

"We knew they each had valid driver's licenses," she said. "All the paperwork was done when they first arrived. I don't think we would have had any reason to know that (they hadn't changed their licenses). I don't know if they ever realized they had to do that."

Lane Kiffin wrecked one of those loaner cars, a Lexus, late on the night of Aug. 12 or early in the morning of Aug. 13 on the way to his home on Tooles Bend Road. The coach later said he fell asleep after two weeks of late nights working at fall camp.

Phyllis Robinson called authorities around 8:45 a.m. to report a Lexus had hit a wooden fence at her house, a little more than half a mile from Kiffin's home. A Knox County Sheriff's Office report doesn't specify the damages, and Robinson wouldn't talk about the wreck Thursday.

"I think it's unfortunate," she said. "I really just don't want to go into details. It's over and done with. He's not here anymore. I ended up satisfied, and that's all I want to say."

Carpenter, the UT spokeswoman, said Kiffin walked home after the wreck but talked to Robinson afterward.

"He left it because it was the middle of the night, but he went back the next morning," she said. "I'm pretty sure he contacted her himself. He covered the damage himself."

Lexus of Knoxville, which owned the loaner car, said Kiffin's insurance paid for the damage to their vehicle.

UT officials have said they checked on rumors at the time, now being repeated on various Web sites, that Kiffin had been drinking and had women in the car when the wreck happened. The university found no proof, and the inquiry never rose to the level of a formal investigation, Carpenter said.

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Comments » 74

troubleinc writes:

enough with 'he who shall not be named' already KNS ...

UT-fan-in-New-Mexico writes:

Who really cares. I am sure USC would pay any fine.

troubleinc writes:

and ... uno

metalhead223 writes:

KNS let it go, pretty soon he's gonna think you all there are stalking him.

CoverOrange writes:

Big deal. I lived in Ohio for a year and a half before I got my license changed and only because it expired. And who asked Mike Browning to searching state records without cause? Invasion of privacy? Would have been a good scoop a couple of months ago KNS.

DennisVols writes:

The more you know about Kiffin the less you want to know. Obivious now that his intentions were not to stay at UT. Don't give me that "I don't know if they ever realized they had to do that."
That is a bunch off Bull.
Kiffin took us all for a ride but now it is time to move on.
I want UT to get USC on their schedule ASAP because if we wait too long Kiffy won't be there. He'll be fired within 3 years.
Keeping it Real
Go Vols!!!

OldNumber7 writes:

This is starting to sound like Tennessee is the dumped girlfriend that just can't let it go.

jhayes0926#638474 writes:


go_vols_go writes:

Who cares.

xstremzben writes:


roloyo writes:

WGAF? I tired of hearin' 'bout Lil E'lane.


NoSirRee writes:

Fascinating Piece KNS

thevoice writes:

Does anyone really care about this buffoon's driver's license?

AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

I sure hope the KNS stays on top of LK news when he screws up at USuCk. I won't mind hearing that.

1volfanatic writes:

I'm sick of hearing that morons name on vols blogs and websites!! We have a NEW and BETTER coach now, so shut-up talking about that idiot.

roloyo writes:

in response to OldNumber7:

This is starting to sound like Tennessee is the dumped girlfriend that just can't let it go.

Sob...but I know he still luvs me. blah blah blah

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

in response to Biggunzz44:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm pretty sure it has to be from the state where you spend the most days out of the year.

GoodOleRockyTop writes:

in response to troubleinc:

enough with 'he who shall not be named' already KNS ...

I agree 100%

pj_ladyvolnMI writes:

in response to pj_ladyvolnMI:

I'm pretty sure it has to be from the state where you spend the most days out of the year.

Unless that law varies state to state.

PoochPuntOn3rdDown writes:

I hear TMZ is seriously looking into this. Let Harvey and his gang dig up the dirt. TMZ is the best at it, and they won't back down until they've exhausted all leads. They don't hate anyone less or more; totally equal opportunity hate happening there. And when the real story comes out, we can all laugh and not look like jilted fans chasing after a story....

volinlouisiana writes:

This just in.....Lane Kiffin never got a library card while in Knoxville either. He clearly planned on not staying here very long. More news to come shortly.

DILLON writes:

I really dont care about lame, his wrecked car, or his tiger woods "wanna be a playa" personna. let it go he's gone like fart in the wind.

Exiled writes:

I think that they are trying to show that the SOB never had any intention of staying.

GreatToBeAVol writes:

As much as I have to admit that I'm still irreconcilably pissed and disgusted (yet strangely not surprised) at the way our former coach left the Vol nation swinging in the wind two weeks before signing day, I'm equally embarrassed by the witch hunt and gossiping that is going around in Knoxville and being furthered by the KNS. "He" is gone. "He" left us for his "dream job". I honestly can't blame "him" for leaving. If I was a football coach, I'd leave USC for UT in a heartbeat. I can, however, blame "him" for the manner in which "he" left. Namely, letting incoming freshman recruits learn of "his" departure on ESPN, rather than calling a team meeting and facing them like a man, since "he" did indeed sell himself and "his" vision of the "USC of the South", rather than selling these young men on the University of Tennessee. The eyes of the nation have been on Volunteer Country since "his" departure, and, in several instances, we haven't behaved like true Volunteer fans should. Burning mattresses and rioting on campus is not exactly symbolic of what UT stands for, although I must admit that if I'd been in Knoxville at the time, I might have taken to the streets as well. I just sincerely believe that it is time to put this whole episode behind us: as a University, as a community, and as a fan base. I also believe that the KNS could help further this goal of moving forward and giving our full support to Coach Derek Dooley by simply not reporting anymore "news" on our former coach. I believe that by now we should all be very familiar with "his" personality traits and who is number one in "his" mind. So regardless of whether or not these rumors are true, they do not affect the University going forward, given that "he" is no longer here. I apologize for ranting.

1vavolfan writes:

This is done in very poor taste and shows no class by KNS.

wvvolfan#270034 writes:

We got him now! This is the dirt we've been looking for.

Volumnus writes:

Newspaper: A publishing company that puts out a regularly schedule Paper based publication that REPORTS on NOTEWORTHY and PERTINENT PUBLIC EVENTS. No where in the definition does the word "whining" appear. If KNS has an editor, he should be fired. I am sure Kinderland is full of replacement candidates. Scripps you should be ashamed... very ashamed.

TelfordVol writes:

And this is news??? It would be nice if KNS would update us on current issues and not the past. How about talking who we are recruiting, who is visiting this weekend, etc? Just let it go KNS.

vol88 writes:

Let's move on.

FEARinSEC writes:

in response to CoverOrange:

Big deal. I lived in Ohio for a year and a half before I got my license changed and only because it expired. And who asked Mike Browning to searching state records without cause? Invasion of privacy? Would have been a good scoop a couple of months ago KNS.

Turbo, if there is an investigation going on this, which I'm positive there is, then there is CAUSE and it would not be INVASION OF PRIVACY....
However, I still do not give a ratz azz about the Kiff Era and want to move on with the DD Era!!


ric1958 writes:

Let it be......the more we talk about him the more he will think he got to us.....just be glad he is USC`s problem now.....I know I am!!!

Cldvols1 writes:

Go Coach Dooley and Go Vols!!! Just didn't wanna talk about Queefin:)

FWBVol writes:

I agree with the others who have said enough about the former coach. Yes, he recruited some good, no make that great, players that should help CDD in the rebuilding process. For that I'll offer the former coach a bit of gratitude.

I don't care whether he had a Tennessee driver's or where he got his dry cleaning done. It's time to close the book on him unless some of the things he did while he was here ultimately land the University of Tennessee in hot water with the NCAA.

I want to know more about Derek Dooley than I do the former coach. Dooley is today's news in Knoxville. The papers in California can cover the other guy.

LadyVolsEighTimes writes:

in response to pj_ladyvolnMI:

I'm pretty sure it has to be from the state where you spend the most days out of the year.

Your Close, it is where youspend the most NIGHTS in the year.

Politicians, Military personnel and their dependents are exempt. As a matter of fact Military personnel from Tennessee get a drivers license that is good for as long as they have a valid active duty ID Card. When my husband retired from the USAF he still had the Tennessee Paper Drivers License he received when he was 16.

They even let him keep the paper license as a souvie, it was rather tattered and torn.

cltvol writes:

If it weren't for the rat's a** that I care more about, I would reflect on this.

murrayvol writes:

Just when you think you're out they pull you back in. Thanks KNS!

Liberal_Vol writes:

KNS. Get over Kiffin! Jeeesus!

jjsteel writes:

Thank God he's gone. Tennesse fans are the winners here!

VolFanFtl writes:

If this was such "important" news, why didn't KNS report on this before?

Where were the crack journalists the prior 14 months?

If these stories were not important while he was here, they are even less important now.

Give it up KNS, you are making all of UT and Knoxville look foolish.

Caspian writes:

If you had just stepped in some dog sh#te, you wouldn't stop and turn around and get down on your hands and knees to examine it up close, and then smell it. You would disgustedly wipe it off your foot and move on as quickly as possible.

britt writes:

Let it go already. Focus on whos here not who isnt

TeamXer writes:


mcoll4 writes:

I hope this story does not make it to print as it is truly not news worthy. Most people put off changing over their drivers license until they are forced to do so because their original expired. Yes, it's against the law but even the police don't really enforce it. It even got me out of a speeding ticket once. We all know these coaches gave us everything they had for our program and I'm sure changing over their drivers license was not a high priority. They had plenty of other things to worry about. I'm much more surprised that their wives did not change theirs. KNS please find something more news worthy to report!

us43137415#376444 writes:

Whoa, wait a minute..

When a person is found to have established a residence in Tennessee, but fails to register for a valid driver's license (or motor vehicle registration) within 30 days, and later moves out of state, TENNESSEE IS REQUIRED TO NOTIFY THE STATE THE PERSON HAS MOVED TO, so that state can request the lack of documentation as proof, and then promptly suspend any current license the person holds in that new state.

I cannot remember the T.C.A. statute, but I have seen it. Tennessee has to report the infraction to the new state. No if's, and's or but's about it. The Department cannot NOT do it, and no lawyer can get you out of it.

If the California Department of Motor Vehicles is made aware of the infraction, that state can request the documentation from Tennessee, or lack of it. California can then suspend Kiffin's DL.

txsvol#372416 writes:

in response to pj_ladyvolnMI:

Unless that law varies state to state.

PJ, Not exactly. It is whichever state is claimed as one's domicile. One can have many homes, but only one domicile. SAVol

allntl1#565211 writes:

in response to wvvolfan#270034:

We got him now! This is the dirt we've been looking for.

There is more!! A source close to a source in the KNS has dug up where kiffen's pet gorrilla was not licensed in TN.
This could mean that his rabbies shots were not up to date as well.
Campus police are sending someone to Watts, I mean USC, to see if Kiffen can produce records on the gorrilla.
More to follow later.
Surfs up dude

allntl1#565211 writes:

Breaking news: The gorrilla was not up to date on his shots and gave Smokey rabbies and fleas.
Now the Fish and Wildlife are looking into this.
Looks like the NCAA is the least of old Lane's worries now.

SummittsCourt writes:

Once again, kns you prove you are idiots. as you can tell most don't care about weasel boy and what he did or didn't do. time to move on kns. If you don't have anything else to write about don't write about anything.

BAFO writes:

Give it up're like the Ace-In-The-Hole girlfriend that really thought the guy would leave his wife and marry you. Quite acting like a Tiger Woods mistress.

vol49 writes:

"He who shall not be named" has no name, can't coach and can't drive either. PLEASE spare us. No more articles! == A thing with no name deserves no publicity, even negative. ==

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