Walker not ruling out NFL return

Former Vol 'never got over that feeling' of losing in Super Bowl

Former Tennessee defensive tackle Darwin Walker is contemplating a return to the NFL after sitting out last season.

"I haven't ruled out the possibility of playing still," said Walker, who played nine seasons in the NFL. "I've had a couple of offers. I turned them all down."

Walker said he would only play for a championship contender. He's still stung by the Super Bowl he lost with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2004.

"I've played in it and I lost it; I never got over that feeling," Walker said. "If I could just get one, I'd be happy."

Walker said he believes he could bring veteran leadership to an NFL team - and a presence in the middle of a defensive line.

"That's important," he said. "When you've got that in the middle, it's hard to beat a defense."

Until that time comes - if it even does, Walker is busy enough raising two small children, being a mostly silent partner in the engineering firm he created then sold and dabbling in commercial real estate.

Walker, who broke UT's bench press record in 1999, grew even stronger in the NFL. He bench pressed 600 pounds before suffering a torn pectoral muscle that has altered his lifting.

Walker said he's only aware of one other player in the NFL that benched 600 pounds: former Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman Larry Allen, who Walker played twice a season while with the Eagles.

"Larry Allen was a beast," Walker said flatly.

Hey Albert: Albert Haynesworth was the talk of the inaugural A3 Golf Tournament - even if he wasn't talking.

Media covering Friday's event were quickly informed that the former UT defensive tackle wouldn't be granting interviews.

That was hardly surprising considering Haynesworth has been in the middle of an ongoing public battle with the Washington Redskins.

The strife began when Haynesworth was asked to play nose guard in a 3-4 defense, a move he reportedly declined. Then, the Redskins announced they are seeking to recoup the $21 million paid to Haynesworth since he didn't show up for a recent off-season workout.

But what may have stung the most was when Redskins' players spoke out against Haynesworth earlier this month.

Haynesworth didn't seem to mind as he chatted with fans and media about his boat and his business interest, notably the motorcycle dealerships he recently purchased.

Former UT linebacker Al Wilson actually seemed more bothered by the reports out of Washington than Haynesworth.

"I think his teammates should support him a little more," Wilson said. "I do believe that.

"A lot of times players, when (players) get in front of cameras, they allow emotions to take over. It shouldn't be that way. Some things should be in house. Some things you should keep to yourself."

Dooley Noted: Wilson is all aboard the Derek Dooley bandwagon.

"I think Dooley is doing everything right," Wilson said of the first-year UT coach. "From what I'm hearing and what I see, guys are buying into what he is trying to do.

"They're loving his personality and loving his coaching style. Sounds like they want to go play for him. That's the first step in being a great team again."

Wilson is also a fan of Dooley's dedication to character development.

"If you have character, you can't put a price on it," Wilson said.

Wilson's World: Wilson is hopeful his son has recovered from the cancerous brain tumors and subsequent treatment that he has been enduring for months.

"He's being a kid again," Wilson said. "It's exciting. It's fun to see him actually smiling and enjoying life and running around again."

Wilson said his son will undergo tests next week to determine the effectiveness of the treatments.

"We pray to God he's cancer free," he said.

Berry's World: Former UT safety Eric Berry has learned that knowledge equals speed after his first round of off-season work with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"When I first got out there, it was pretty fast just because you've got vets," said Berry, who was selected with the fifth pick in the NFL draft in April. "They know where they're going. There's nothing they haven't seen before on a football field. Once they see it, they're gone. It's automatic. That's why the game is so much faster."

Berry expects the game to get even faster when the Chiefs don full pads, then play a game this fall.

Berry said it's been an interesting transition working with former Alabama defensive back Javier Arenas.

"We used to bang heads a lot, but now we're on the same team," Berry said. "At the end of the day, we are all SEC. It's kind of like a brotherhood almost, coming out of the SEC."

Berry said the Chiefs' defense is much like the Chief's - former UT defensive coordinator John Chavis.

"A lot of the plays, a lot of the techniques we use, he had a lot of those same ones," Berry said. "I think that helped me out a whole lot."

That's good news for fans who prefer to see Berry roaming the defensive backfield. The All-American was more of a linebacker than safety last season under defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

Berry will be working out until July 10 in Kansas City. Training camp begins July 29.

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Comments » 22

HtownVol writes:

OK...Wasnt he the player that was traded from Philly to Buffalo and refused to play? I think that he pulled a Haynesworth. kind of.

So (if) that is how it went, the NFL does not need guys like that. Even if he is a VOL!

Sorry, I may be wrong. It just seems like that is what I remember when I hear Darwin Walker.

Bogus writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

A Tide fan talking smack about Berry's tackling? You guys couldn't even get in the end zone against Berry and UT last year. Wow, what a way to stick your foot in your mouth,

AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

Darwin Walker is a class act, reminds me of a friend I had in college. His interviews and such are inspiring. Watch him on that 1998 NC dvd set. He truly bled orange.

AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

Of course, Darwin's legacy will forever be remembered as the one who scooped up Clint Stoerner's fumble late in the 4th Qtr to keep the perfect season alive.

volpreacher writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

word I heard was Javy was turned down to carry Eric's jock strap because he wasn't worthy or good enough . Heard Javy was really disappointed.

volpreacher writes:

in response to AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons:

Of course, Darwin's legacy will forever be remembered as the one who scooped up Clint Stoerner's fumble late in the 4th Qtr to keep the perfect season alive.

sure that wasn't Billy Ratliff?

always_vol (Inactive) writes:

Walker: join the colts, they need something on defense.

I like Berry's comments, makes a ton of sense.

always_vol (Inactive) writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

give it a rest; at least UT fans man up and admit we got some nice breaks in our last championship season (syracuse penalty, grant one-hand interception, UF missed field goal, stoerner fumble, fsu qb hurt....).

bama fans seem to struggle with that?? you damned near blew the texas game with mccoy out, and we (ut) had to choke and puke the game away or else you might not have even been IN the nc game.

keepitreal4vols writes:

in response to volpreacher:

sure that wasn't Billy Ratliff?

That was my thought too.
I will always remember Darwin as the player who raised the bar in the weight room, pun intended

Bearwuzacheater writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Word is... Javy took a huge paycut when he went from playing for the cheaters in alabubba to playing in the pros.

Bogus writes:

in response to keepitreal4vols:

That was my thought too.
I will always remember Darwin as the player who raised the bar in the weight room, pun intended

I thought that was Ron Green.

rich182x writes:

I want a Superbowl ring too, but I wont play for just anybody...

Bigger_Al writes:

Definitely Billy Ratliff. He actually caused the fumble too by perfectly timing the snap count, knocking Brandon Burlsworth back so that he stepped on Stoerner's toe as Clint was pivoting a 180. Stoerner lost his balance, tried to keep from falling by putting the ball on the ground, and the rest is legendary.

Southland writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

did you go to Bama. Did you live there or are you one of those people no one likes because you support things just to tick people off. Yes Bama was great last year and should win it this year. Lets dont forget the follies of the past 15 years at Bama.

Lizardgrad89 writes:

Darwin Walker. Ok, that makes sense.

I saw the headline, thought it was Hershel. That would not make sense.

always_vol (Inactive) writes:

in response to NachoDaddy_76:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I was upset, but did see the play. we where just about to go get a christmas tree. made the family wait until the game was over.

Have to admit, one of the stupidest moves I have EVER seen a team make. they had us down and out, and looked themselves to be an NC contender.

If I remember right, though, we where still very close to getting screwed; didn't UCLA, Texas A&M, and some other team have to lose?? We where 4th or 5th??

Or maybe A&M was the team that did us the big favor, with Brandonn Stewart doing the honors. Damn, 12 years makes it fuzzy.

always_vol (Inactive) writes:

"Damn, 12 years makes it fuzzy"

can't believe I typed that....

kevin151 writes:

600 pounds? That is amazing!!!!!!!!!

oskie_score writes:

I enjoyed watching Darwin Walker play (UT and Pro)...he always carried himself well both on and off the field. However, imho he should not attempt a return to the NFL.

A man of character and discipline Al Wilson quickly established himself as a leader for the Vols and the Broncos. For those who continue to question CDD maybe these words from a consummate (gridiron) warrior will help ease your doubt.
Al, Godspeed in your son's healing, recovery, and in becoming/remaining cancer free.

IMHO, barring significant injury(s) EB will play (pro) 'ball for a long, long time. I would not be surprised if he were nominated (and chosen) as NFL "Rookie of the Year", selected to the NFL "All Rookie" Team and make the (first of many) Pro Bowl.
As well as a perennial on Mark May's "All May Day" Team
And Gamers...certainly a fixture on Madden NFL and chosen for the All Madden Team.
Good Luck! EB

HtownVol writes:

in response to Balderdash:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What are you talking about??? That has nothing to do with what I said.

Darwin Walker got traded to Buffalo a few years ago, then he refused to play for Buffalo and got traded to Chicago.

I said he "pulled a Haynesworth"...meaning he would not play for the team that owned his rights, which is what Al is doing right now.

I said nothing about a player commenting on Haynesworths situation.

HtownVol writes:

in response to SECFB:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

JAVY???? am I missing something? I watched the whole draft and I saw KC draft Eric Berry with their 1st pick, not Javy (Is that really a players name?). Why didnt KC pick "Javy" with their 1st pick? I mean if "Javy" can teach the All-American Eric Berry ( whom is known for his ability to lay out most of the players he tackled) how to tackle, then "Javy" was obiously screwed in the draft, the Thorpe Award voting, All-American voting, etc...

And we all will assume that you know it all and Bama will not allow a 100 yard rusher all year, which was the most RANDOM comment (what a dork). We know how you have seen all the game film on UA's opponents, studied their O-Line, scouted every RB they will face, etc...

Either you know a lot of football that no one else knows or (more likely) you talk a bunch of $%#^ out of your @$$. (That is not worth being removed KNS)


AtLeastMyTeamHasPerfectSeasons writes:

in response to NachoDaddy_76:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

My fault fellas I'm sorry, spent all weekend at the hospital with little sleep!!!!!!

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