John Adams: Vols are in position for state championship

John Adams
Dan Proctor draws UT vs. Memphis

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Dan Proctor draws UT vs. Memphis

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A question often asked by Tennessee football fans: When will the Vols be capable of competing for a championship again?

Answer: Right now - thanks to a new ratings system to determine a Tennessee state champion for the college division (limited to FBS and FCS in-state teams).

My system isn't that different from the one employed by the BCS in that it's almost impossible to understand and relies on input from coaches, media-types, former coaches, former media-types and computers. The names of all voters and computer rankings will never be revealed.

In fact, anonymity is such a crucial component in my poll, I don't even know the names of the voters. They were selected by an anonymous party, who contacted me through another anonymous party.

But enough about the nuts and bolts of the rankings. Here's how the first Tennessee state college football top-five poll shakes out:

1. Tennessee (1-0): The Vols wowed the voters by dominating UT Martin in their season opener. In-state games remaining: Saturday night against Memphis, and Nov. 20 against Vanderbilt.

2. Memphis (1-0): The Tigers might be one of the worst teams in the country, but they're still in the running for the Tennessee state championship due to a 24-17 victory over Middle Tennessee State. In-state games remaining: tonight against Tennessee.

3. Chattanooga (1-0): Although the Mocs have yet to play a game against an in-state opponent, their courage to schedule Auburn apparently impressed the voters and computers. In-state games remaining: none.

4. Vanderbilt (0-0): Although the Commodores have yet to play a game against an in-state opponent, their victory over nearby Ole Miss obviously swayed some voters. In-state games remaining: Nov. 20 against Tennessee.

5. Middle Tennessee State (1-1): A 24-17 loss to second-ranked Memphis is all that stands between the Blue Raiders and an unbeaten season against Tennessee teams. In-state games remaining: none.

Others receiving votes: UT Martin, Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay and Tennessee State.

Tennessee 45, Memphis 17: Vols end their four-game losing streak and take another step toward a state championship.

Alabama 24, LSU 20: Both teams had an open date last week. You know what that means?

The Tide has had a chance to get healthy, and LSU coach Les Miles has had two weeks to get luckier.

Scary stat for the Tide: LSU is 14-3 when Miles has had at least two weeks to prepare (i.e., build up his luck) for an opponent.

Arkansas 34, South Carolina 31: The Gamecocks pass defense makes almost every quarterback look like Ryan Mallett. Imagine what the real Ryan Mallett will do.

Florida 30, Vanderbilt 13: Chris Rainey, who has gone more than a month without threatening to kill anyone, returned from his death-threat suspension to spark the Gators running game against Georgia. In a related development, the Commodores offense has been placed on suicide watch.

Georgia 48, Idaho State 10: Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has been criticized for giving the choke sign as Florida placekicker Chas Henry prepared for a game-winning field goal last week. It's unclear whether the choke sign was directed at Henry or the Bulldogs, who have lost 11 of the last 13 games against Florida.

Kentucky 55, Charleston Southern 7: Brilliant scheduling again has the Wildcats in the running for a bowl game. Two of the Wildcats' four victories have come against Akron and Western Kentucky, who are a combined 1-16.

Don't let the Buccaneers' 2-6 record fool you. They're worse than that, as evidenced by five consecutive double-digit losses to the likes of Stony Brook, VMI, Gardner-Webb, Liberty and Hawaii (66-7).

Ole Miss 45, Louisiana Lafayette 24: Rebel Black Bear is reportedly already on the mascot hot seat. Ole Miss is 0-3 on RBB's watch, which began Oct. 14.

Not even "Coach O" started out that badly.

Auburn 52, Chattanooga 17: Could B.J. Coleman be the best amateur quarterback on the field?

Top 25: Oregon 56, Washington 17; Boise State 44, Hawaii 20; TCU 27, Utah 20; Wisconsin 38, Purdue 14; Nebraska 45, Iowa State 20; Stanford 31, Arizona 27; Oklahoma 41, Texas A&M 30; Missouri 35, Texas Tech 27; Iowa 37, Indiana 20; Michigan State 37, Minnesota 14; Oklahoma State 38, Baylor 27; N.C. State 34, Clemson 31; Florida State 37, North Carolina 23.

Record 150-31 (.828) overall, 81-77 (.513) against the spread.

John Adams is a senior columnist. He may be reached at 865-342-6284 or Follow him at

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Comments » 22

RatherBeDrivingaTitleist writes:

Thanks John, you always write such interesting articles

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

Great article. Love the Vandy suicide watch and Cam Newton reference.

TKO writes:

Mr. Adams, I cannot believe you left out East Tennesse State. They very well could be your State BCS burster.

Stepchild_nFL writes:

Gotta be kidding. I didn't expect us to be on top so fast.

Rich_Is_Re-born writes:

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The article was funny as hell. The current state Tennessee football, SAD.

Pullingguard writes:

Football in Tennessee......A thing of the past!!

wigmeister writes:

If we win, who's buying the trophy?

HsvAVol writes:

I know some of the posters here have a low opinion of JA, but I happen to think he's a decent writer. I also don't think he has any axes to grind. I've tried writing a few times and it ain't easy. I think he was inspired on this one.

OrangePride writes:

in response to Pullingguard:

Football in Tennessee......A thing of the past!!

Or perhaps even, a thing of the future? That's the plan, you know. GO VOLS!!!

TLepage writes:

changing the subject, does anyone see David Oku possibly transferring after this season??? Neal has been cutting into his playing time more and more by the week.....

VOLtage writes:

What state has worst teams than Tennessee. Maybe Rhode Island. Maybe.

veinsoforange writes:

JA, you continue to PROVE what a true idiot you are! Pathetic journalism!!

rudy123 writes:

in response to TLepage:

changing the subject, does anyone see David Oku possibly transferring after this season??? Neal has been cutting into his playing time more and more by the week.....

I would be more inclined to think that Williams will transfer; if anyone transfers. Next season, we could have Neal, Oku, Poole, Williams and the kid from Florida at tailback.

rudy123 writes:

Can anyone tell me why we haven't seen Arthur Jeffery play at Defensive Tackle this season? What happened to Askew at Linebacker? What happened to TOney WIlliams at tailback? Are they injured or just not playing?
We have players but they aren't on the field. Like Milton! I thought he would be another good freshman receiver.

born2ride writes:

The best football team in Tennessee are the Titans.

tovolny writes:

A purpose, an audience, a time, a size, a cost, presentation, a body, and finally a conclusion.

The conclusion was the best part. He rubbed the negative stuff on our faces. This is the best time for negative stuff to be slung. He found a conduit for sick (yet clever) comedy. WERE YOU ENTERTAINED? Remember the guy in class who always uttered the obvious comedic remarks. Remember only smiling and hardly detecting the other students' barely audible chuckling. Remember how proud the guy was for being such a brilliant Slobbering, Obnoxious, Bummer.

Those guys do grow up and actually get jobs.

Orangeblood13 writes:

Mr Adams your always a donkey for sure

psychovol2 writes:

in response to TLepage:

changing the subject, does anyone see David Oku possibly transferring after this season??? Neal has been cutting into his playing time more and more by the week.....

If he can't make the field at UT I don't like his chances any where else.

rootin4volz writes:

in response to bankofdad3:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Adams is NO satirist, believe me. Wait, I take that his OWN mind he is, and apparently in yours. Kind of ugly what that says about you, dude.

murrayvol writes:

No and quite a ways.

But tomorrow we will be sober.

BigOrangeSmoker writes:

when is this place going to put this adams dude out of work he is pitful

civilianvol_formerly_marinevol writes:

in response to steviejanowski:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Good one. My nomination for post of the day.

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