Potential NCAA violations by Bruce Pearl

The designation of violations being secondary or major is subject to the NCAA's review, and judgment can be interpreted on a case-by-case basis.

Further, the investigation is ongoing, so the potential exists that there could be more violations that have not yet come to light.

n Pearl knowingly committed a violation by bringing recruits to his home Sept. 20, 2008. By NCAA interpretation, any violation can be considered major if a coach/administrator knowingly commits it.

n Pearl faces an unethical-conduct violation for misleading investigators in a June 14 interview concerning a photo taken of him and a recruit Sept. 20, 2008. He also falsely certified in writing Sept. 8, 2009, that he had properly reported any previous violations to the appropriate UT compliance administration.

n UT submitted 97 impermissible phone calls within the course of four different self-reports. The NCAA can group multiple violations of impermissible calls/contact into one major violation, as was the case in a recently concluded investigation at UT Chattanooga

n By talking with his assistants and the father of a recruit involved in the investigation before and/or after his June 14 interview, Pearl failed to protect the integrity of the NCAA investigation, as suggested in a Sept. 9 notification letter.

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bspurlingcac#225603 writes:


bmaples writes:

"It's not the crime, it's the cover-up."

Bruce Pearl knowingly committed multiple violations, then knowingly lied about it.

THEN called up recruits and encouraged them to lie.

Longer version of my revised thoughts on this on my blog, but the short version is: I don't see how Pearl can remain after setting up a conspiracy to lie to the NCAA.

Bruce in Louisville

vol98champ writes:

The more I look at this mess, the more confused I become. I just keep asking WHY. What advantage did any of this give UT? Inviting juniors to your house is stupid and obviously unprofitable. Lying is even stupider. My only sensible conclusion is that someone was out to get Pearl and used at least one of these kids to accomplish the goal. I have to admit Pearl was a great help to the culprit.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid. I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid. I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid...

mocsandvolsfan writes:

in response to mocsandvolsfan:

I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid. I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid. I wish I could say I never did anything stupid nor repeated anything I did that was stupid...

Me too! I've been stupid before and repeated it . Me too! I've been stupid before and repeated it. Me too! I've been stupid before and repeated it...

TNPilgrim writes:

Just a few of passing thoughts about this whole mess:

1. Pearl has a history of recruiting hanky-panky, and Hamilton had to have known about it when he hired him.
2. Considering how UT administration has always presented themselves to be pure as the wind-driven snow and would never tolerate any coach who cheats, it almost laughable to see the blatent hypocrisy coming from them now. One can just hear the Alabama fans crowing when the NCAA hits them with sanctions.
3. Personally, I cringe when I think of the way they've mis-handled personnel matters in the past (remember Don DeVoe & Johnny Majors?) and right now if they're not careful they'll lose Pearl. Don't think for a minute that some other school that emphasizes basketball wouldn't hire him in a New York minute. He doesn't have a contract with UT so there would be no penalties involved. His transgression were relatively minor, and nobody cares if he or his staff tried to cover them up. If Hamilton loses Pearl in the process of bungling the contract re-negotiation you can bet your bottom dollar Harris will leave, the program will be at rock-bottom again along with Football and Baseball - all because the UT administration was too cheap to hire a top-notch AD with experience. This could be a bad couple of years coming up for UT sports.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

Well Tennessee Pilgrim I know I won't feel sorry for Pearl. It's the entire Tennessee situation we have to look at. Not just basketball.It's true I suppose that dishonesty in programs and even some parents of recruits is a problem but some body, in my opinion, has to stand up for what's is right whenever they can and where they can. I don't know if I'd done any better than Pearl or the recruits or the parents or Mike Hamilton. I still would want the coaches at UT to stand up for honesty and non- cheating at any point in the recruiting process. If that's not what Pearl wants then I don't want him here myself. If Hamilton is dishonest and won't change then get rid of him. I say let some other schools have them.
but if there is a change of heart then give them a chance... I'm not sure any one will know where they stand for a while except on what they say.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

in response to volman2010:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I think you need to look up the definition of a liar.lol I know what you mean tho'. We're maybe taking this too far too soon. Maybe.

Volumnus writes:

in response to volman2010:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Just think how much better life would be if everyone on the basketball staff had done their jobs, told the truth and followed the rules. Think how much better last year would have been without the little traffic stop issue( insert role models, acorns and trees analogies, etc.) Think how much fun it would be if everyone in the program had told the truth, worked as hard at living up to their individual and collective responsibilities and potentials. Is it really so difficult? Don't most of us do that everyday?

As a fan, don't you feel just a little bit cheated as well??? Just a thought.


Kingfishvol writes:

It is about time that the facts have come out about Pearl by Griffith. His relationship with Pearl is NOT one of impartiality but to try to smooze the facts to benefit Pearl. I am a Tenn graduate and was a season ticket holder for men's basketball until I found out that Pearl was a cheat and a liar. Griffith lashes out to Pearl's critics that they are NOT Tennessee fans(Kentucky,Florida or Memphis fans calling for Pearl's head) and says that Hamilton and Pearl have been upfront and forthcoming. HOGWASH! Tennessee came clean because Parrish of CBS Sports had access to same information and was ready to report it(Freedom of Information Act). Pearl and Hamilton both should be fired-Pearl for committing major infractions and LYING to the NCAA and Hamilton for supporting a coach that cheats and lies.

OwensboroVol writes:

If those things are major, then that is a joke. I always considered major to be exchange of money to the athlete or his parents or something of major financial cost like the house given to Reggie Bushes parents. If this is major, then the time has come for the the NCAA to just go away somewhere and get out of the sports business.

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