Jackie Walker will be inducted into Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame

It’s been 40 years since Phillip Fulmer played football at the University of Tennessee. Still, the former UT head coach can close his eyes and vividly picture teammate Jackie Walker dominating opponents.

“Jackie was one of those guys who had the knack for making the big play,” Fulmer said. “He was a great practice player. And in games, he was even better. He was truly deserving of all the accolades he received as a football player. He was a heck of a person as well.”

Walker will be inducted posthumously into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame on Feb. 11 during a banquet at the Renaissance Hotel. The former star linebacker died in 2002 at age 51, but in life he was a groundbreaking figure who challenged people’s perceptions on race and sexual orientation.

“I’m proud of this induction,” said Walker’s older brother, Marshall, 62. “Every day I wish he was living. We were really, really close. I think about him all the time. I’m happy for him, and hopefully I can share his words at the banquet.”

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Comments » 14

richvol writes:

It's about time. Arguably the greatest UT linebacker ever.

sk1015#219933 writes:

in response to richvol:

It's about time. Arguably the greatest UT linebacker ever.

Jackie, Conrad Graham, and Bobby Majors were my favorite Vols when I was in high school at Harrison Chilhowee back in the early 1970's. Also, Gaylon Hill, who was the cousin of a girl who I would eventually marry!

VolunteerLifer writes:

Jackie Walker could sure play some football.


He always had the best photo for the media guide-"flying through the air".

orangecountyvols writes:

When we think of all the great Vol linebackers, Rotella, Naumoff, Nettles, Spiva,etc, etc, you have to include Jackie Walker. 51.........so young.

A very deserving person for this award.

bearbull95#206250 writes:

He, along with Steve Kiner and Jack Reynolds, defined a whole generation of UT linebackers. In those days, John Ward's voice on the radio described vividly some of the hits and plays they were making and one could easily tell who the best players were because John was constantly calling their names. Congratulations to the Walker family. It is well-deserved and has been a long time in coming.

dead_vol_foul (Inactive) writes:

Iowa would like to outlaw the Jankie Walkers of the world...

like a lot of folks, I grew up listening to John Ward announcing those games. You just don't forget those players.

allvolinatlanta writes:

in response to AlvinToles:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Totally uncalled for.

Wayfarer writes:

I remember Jackie because I grew up in shadows of Fulton High School and graduated from there in 1979. Jackie was one of the best athletes to ever attend UT or Fulton. I am glad that he is finally being honored because it should have happen years ago!

orangecountyvols writes:

in response to allvolinatlanta:

Totally uncalled for.


I don't know what that was all about. Obviously, not the real Alvin Toles..........the legitimate Tennessee
linebacker. One Vol linebacker wouldn't put another one down, but again, I don't know the whole story.

dead_vol_foul (Inactive) writes:

sorta bad when people appropriate other peoples real names to use as screen names on blogs.

actually, ii's downright dirt-bag to do so.

ncvol17 writes:

A great UT linebacker. Had a tough post career life..Did he play in the CFL?

leedsvol2007 writes:

Long overdue while I attended UT I saw the likes of Kiner, Reynolds, Rotella, Nettles none delivered a blow or defended the pass as well as Walker.

OldRedneck writes:


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