Reward for hard work ‘really satisfying’ for Shane Reveiz

Away from the field, there will be a few noticeable differences.

For starters, financially a scholarship will be a decent windfall and it might be nice to be recognized by the fans and the coaching staff as a more official part of the Tennessee football roster.

But once the pads are on, Shane Reveiz isn’t expecting anything to change. If anything, the Vols’ senior is embracing his walk-on past as a motivator and reminder of all the work he had to do to earn his recent promotion — particularly with the opportunity for some playing time this fall right in front of him.

“After all these years, it’s just really satisfying to get something like this,” Reveiz said Saturday during a break at UT’s Habitat for Humanity project. “But I still have the same mindset as a walk-on.

“I have to say, though, I guess it gives me a little more confidence as far as knowing that the coaches have a little more faith in me as a player and not just as a walk-on who could help out on special teams and stuff like that. I’m really eager to get into fall camp and see what I can do.”

The Vols have seen a couple glimpses of what exactly he can do in live situations during the past couple years, and injuries late in spring practice gave Reveiz another valuable audition as he tries to expand his role heading into his final season.

With or without a scholarship, offseason surgeries for Herman Lathers and Greg King figured to give Reveiz a shot to crack a linebacker rotation low on depth. But Reveiz had already started making a case for playing time after acquitting himself well with nine tackles in the second and final scrimmage of spring.

The text message he received from position coach Peter Sirmon two weeks ago to set up a meeting that produced a scholarship only reaffirmed the value Reveiz could provide the Vols.

“I’m still working hard, all of us linebackers are working hard,” Reveiz said. “We’re all trying to earn a spot, and I feel like as long as we keep working hard and having that mental focus every day, then I think when fall camp comes around we’ll be all right.

“I mean, it’s been a long road, and just to hear Coach (Derek) Dooley finally say he was going to put me on scholarship, it was awesome.”

That wasn’t the first call like that the Reveiz family has received, and the one former coach Phillip Fulmer once made to Shane’s older brother Nick turned out pretty well for the Vols, also.

But both former walk-on linebackers stressed that simply winning a scholarship wasn’t the ultimate goal, despite the nice benefits that come with it. And even when the honor arrives, it doesn’t actually make much difference in the locker room or on the practice field if it’s not earned every day.

“I think a lot of times the only opinion that matters is what those other players think of you,” Nick Reveiz said. “Within the community and with some coaches maybe (they’d think), ‘Well, now he’s a scholarship guy.’ But I don’t think it really changes the aspect with the players — and that’s what matters on the field.

“Just to see that hard work come to fruition with Shane, it’s been something that’s been a long time coming. Sometimes it’s hard to keep on keeping on when you don’t see the results immediately. But he’s going into his last year and now he has a scholarship, and I think it’s better late than never.”

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wigmeister writes:

Just another member of a hard working and dedicated TN family who is very deserving of this scholarship. Continue to work hard and have a great season!

dvhill100 writes:

Nick had it right when he said what your team mates think of you is most important. Everyone can fool the boss. If you want to know what the person's true rep is, you talk to his peers and subordinates.

Volunatic writes:

He has come a long way. Congrats to him for all his hard work that is now paying off.
Anyone remember this story from a few years back?
UT Football saved his life, and he is showing just what a strong heart he has by earning a scholarship and some likely playing time this season. We're proud of you, Shane!

VolNExile writes:

in response to CantStandSaban:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Actually, you're a joke.

Couldn't post anything nice about Reveiz, huh? Had to drop in and try to stir things up?

Go away, doofus. Go make some more videos.

vol4good#206163 writes:

in response to CantStandSaban:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So you know Janzens Situation? Tell us then, what is really going on! You dont really know, do you? Ok, then shut up! This is a positive Story about a young man that has worked his arse off to be apart of Tennessee History. Not for his brother or his father. But, for himself! I for one am proud that he is a VOL! Earn your place in UT lore Shane! GO VOLS!

slb#1351874 writes:

It would really be nice if one of you young bucks would take this dumb butt who calls himself /herself can't stand Saban and pull their diaper down and paddle that boney little arse until their nose bleeds. I never in my life have seen such a worthless dumb butt walking around on this earth breathing our good air. What a idiot this individuals poor mom is stuck with.

Juzkruzin writes:

in response to LaneKiffinFan:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why don't you take you butt kiss self and move to LA, where you can see your fan everyday. That way you will stay off this BO Blogging page. It takes some one with an IQ lower than his age to be a sniffin' kiffin fan. Kiffin is the Sarah Palin of football, always looking for a camera to get in front of any start making excuses and saying he was misquoted on something he said. Like Paul Reverre running through the streets of New Hamshire rings bells to let the Britians we were coming. Both are camera seekers and will say anything to get on TV, etc!! Let's let Kiffin die on the BO blog, please!!!!!!!!!!!

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