The Streak Ends: Tennessee falls to Kentucky, 10-7

Kentucky's Matt Roark is carried off the field by fans after defeating Tennessee 10-7 in an NCAA college football game in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Nov 26, 2011. (AP Photo/ James Crisp)

Photo by James Crisp, Associated Press

Kentucky's Matt Roark is carried off the field by fans after defeating Tennessee 10-7 in an NCAA college football game in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Nov 26, 2011. (AP Photo/ James Crisp)

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Streak is over and it ended in bizarre fashion.

Playing a receiver at quarterback the entire game Kentucky beat Tennessee 10-7 Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium.

Kentucky snapped a 26-year losing streak to the Vols (5-7, 1-7 SEC) and in the bargain denied Tennessee getting bowl eligible.

The Wildcats (5-7, 2-6 SEC) used Matt Roark at quarterback due to injuries to its two usual quarterbacks. He rarely threw a pass but Tennessee’s offense had few answers of its own.

The only score in the first half was a Kentucky field goal.

The Wildcats made it 10-0 on CoShik Williams’ 6-yard run with 14:12 left to play.

Tennessee finally got on the scoreboard on Tyler Bray’s 53-yard pass to Rajion Neal.

With 12:52 to play, Kentucky’s lead was 10-7.

The Vols got three more possessions but the offense could not score.

Taiedo Smith’s interception on a fourth-and-17 throw by Bray with 1:27 to play was the final nail in Tennessee’s coffin.

The Wildcats drove 62 yards on their first possession of the for a 24-yard Craig McIntosh field goal.

Tennessee, meanwhile, had little offensive success until late in the second half.

Bray didn’t throw the ball well and the running game was ineffective.

The Vols had two mild threats. The first ended when Michael Palardy’s 45-yard field-goal try was blocked.

The second ended when Bray’s fourth-and-4 pass was batted down at the Kentucky 31.

In the second half the Vols had a first-and-goal in the third quarter after Bray hit Neal deep.

But two plays later the Vols fumbled a shotgun snap and Kentucky recovered.

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Comments » 823

DonK37920 writes:


DaveRamseyRocks writes:

Good Grief!!!

DaveVol writes:

Not only did someone who hasn't played QB beat Wilcox, but he also got outcoached by Sanders.

1volfanatic writes:

Goodbye dooley. Hope the door hits u in the a** on the way out. Total embarassment!!!!!!!

tnbigg writes:

Okay. I'm off the kool-aid. That was beyond pathetic. It was one of the worst Tennessee games I have ever seen. Yes...Bray was off. That doesn't excuse everything. We were not prepared...they were. THAT is coaching. They what the heck does that mean about us? The worst stink bug season in years and our coaches must have been eating many as they could find. No reasoning...we just got beaten by a terrible, terrible team. Next year? So what... With this pathetic preparation, we will stink next year too. Call it the preparation H package.

SandySpringsVol writes:


clvolfan writes:

QB should have been replaced in 4th quarter.streak is over..nay sayers,have at it.
Now what for this program.

govols1234567 writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Shake_Bake writes:

A sad day for Tennessee Football!!

VolzsFan writes:


RoadTrip writes:

Fire up Battle's moving van!

volzcrushm writes:


Millisa writes:

This was AWFUL We could have had won this game Fire Dooley ASAP Let Coach Pat Summitt coach this team.

ucancallmeray writes:

The absolutely worse coached and played ut game i have ever had to endure. Total embarrassment!!

mikkim writes:


Bogytrain writes:

OMG - Fire Dooley! This is a no-brainer!!

woodcutter writes:

At least we don't have to watch another game this year.

TrouserCough writes:

Please fire this clown. Beaten by a sorry team with a receiver at quarterback. Are you kidding!!!!

281Vol writes:

This is the worst Tennessee team ever. Please get rid of these coaches.

orangegrass writes:

Shameful. No excuses. But thankfully this year of a nightmare is over.

mcdevitt#229126 writes:

how do we get beat by a Kentucky team who starts their wide receiver at quarterback. Nothing like hitting rock bottom on Rocky Top. Out coached by Randy Sanders and Tee Martin. Who would have guessed.

volman444 writes:

dead man walking.....dooley is done just doesn't know it yet.


If Dooley wants to last past next year he needs to replace his entire staff. This is the worst Tennessee team I've ever seen and this was the absolute worst loss.

TSCinSFO writes:

Where's the Dooley defenders now? UT didn't deserve to go to a bowl game regardless, but if they don't fire Dooley now get used to this for years to come. WORST COACH IS TENNESSEE HISTORY!

bUTchVFL writes:

Fire him now. Worst game plan I have ever seen. You think Ohio St is going to hire an unproven mid major coach. Pay the money and get someone that can coach. Dave Hart this is how you separate yourself from Mike Hamilton.

renegade37918 writes:

we played poorly nobody needs ti be fired. althought that dunb call to do the wildcat was a bad call and the player not going after the ball was just stupid

brokendownoldvol writes:

Worst coached game in college football history.

CroKev writes:

First team in 27 years to lose to Kentucky. That was embarrassing. What are the odds we beat them in BB this year?

D60 writes:

Kirby Smart before he gets away

BubbaTN writes:

Congrats KY fans and players. They played hard nosed, error free football while our players and coaching staffed played with themselves on the sidelines.

jawga writes:

Now this was truly Year Zero for CDD. Another critical drop by DaBrick late.

totoiv writes:

Dooley said not making a bowl was unforgivable. He said loosing the extra practices sets a team back a year. They even bought out UNC and brought in Buffalo to guarantee a bowl game. Now we get beat by a QB who has not been a quaterback in 4 years. This was the worse called offensive game I've ever seen. HOLD DOOLEY TO HIS OWN WORDS - NO BOWL GAME - UNFORGIVEABLE.

bobbyutvol writes:

DONE with Tennessee untill they fire Dooley, Thanks again HAMILTON DONE

Orangeblood13 writes:

clean house

jhayes1911 writes:

We got beat by a least Men's and Women's B-ball is looking positive.

JimmyJoe writes:

No excuse! What the heck did we do in practice this week! We may have to keep this useless piece of phooey coach for another year.... But he is definitely on his way out. You get beat by a wide receiver at qb.... ? Seriously dude? Dave Hart why don't you step up and fix this mess. I wish I made a million dollars to screw my job up!

kantanuuv writes:

I just want to be clear on this. This year was year, year one...wait, wait...year minus one...right?

MakinBacon writes:

Welcome to the hot seat, CDD.

tennesseebee writes:


TrueVol70 writes:

Fire Dooley now. Offer the job to Kevin Sumlin and have him bring his entire staff with him. Dooley has disgraced the name of Tennessee.

Tennezona writes:

Let's get it right next time. Get a coach with emotion and/or winning record. Dooley always said the right things (and was genuinely respectful) but didn't seem to be the best motivator. Sometimes coaches can be too cerebral (e.g., see the Richmond offensive genius of 2008). I think that may have been the problem here as well along with youth and injuries.

Tru138 writes:

Lost to a team with a wide receiver at QB? Really? Pathetic and uninspired performance. Thank God it's over but hey, just wait'll next year!

mikkim writes:

If ever an AD had cover to fire someone it is today. There is no excuse. Having to beat Vandy in OT and then to lose to KY with a Wide Receiver is unacceptable. There is no hope and no explanation. Our recruiting is middle of the pack and the current players are not developing AT ALL. No preparation and no adjustments in any game this year. There is nothing that should save Dooley. We ARE UT.

cmb1981 writes:

Mike Leach now!

stoney writes:

Hire Randy Sanders!

:- (

And sincere condolences to Malik.

TopTenn writes:

Dooley is amazing.

Mama_Also_Calls_Me_Precious writes:

Hey, I was trying to say last week, when Dooley tried to say he kicked the blank out of Vandy, that he got VERY lucky to even beat Vandy, much less kick the blank out of them and everyone was like drinking the Dooleyaid. Haha, now it's a different story. HIRE CUTCLIFFE!!! Heck, or bring Fulmer back!!

visionquest writes:

What do you expect from a La Tech caliber coach. The whole coaching staff are over their heads in the SEC.

silvertr6 writes:

Give credit where credit is due, Hamilton hired Kiffen and Dooley, at least he will not be responsible for the coach after this fiasco. Dooley is really a joke, just look at his record.

GoVols1974 writes:

I've gotten to the point to where I'm not mad about this..... I'm so fed up I don't care anymore.... I like'd it better when I was screaming at the TV and getting emotional about Tennessee Football. For all of Lane Kiffin's faults, he would have never lost this game, and we would have played with some sort of heart and determination. Coaching would have been a heck of alot better.

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