John Adams: John Chavis' homecoming gift: UT's offense

John Adams

Credit Tennessee with going out of its way to make former defensive coordinator John Chavis feel at home this afternoon upon his return to Neyland Stadium.

Just look at the Vols' offense. It might as well have been designed specifically for Chavis, who now serves as defensive coordinator for No. 1-ranked LSU.

If Chavis compiled a list of game maxims, it would start with: "stop the run."

UT's running game can almost stop itself. It has managed a net of minus-29 yards rushing in two SEC games against defenses not as good as LSU's.

Chavis' next maxim would be: "Hit the quarterback."

UT quarterback Tyler Bray can counter a pass rush with his quick release. But he's out with a thumb injury.

Backup Matt Simms is a tad slow on the trigger.

Chavis probably teared up just watching video of the Vols offense. His alma mater has given him an opponent worthy of a homecoming.

LSU 30, Tennessee 10: The Tigers don't have to worry about scoring poll points. They only have to worry about being ready for No. 2 Alabama on Nov. 5.

Despite an 0-2 start in SEC play and crucial injuries, the mistake-prone Vols are capable of keeping the score respectable against a team that, like Alabama, plays conservatively when ahead.

Auburn 24, Florida 20: Everybody knew Urban Meyer would be a tough act to follow for first-year Gators coach Will Muschamp. But Muschamp isn't even keeping up with three-years-and-you're-out Ron Zook.

Although both Zook and Muschamp started 4-2 at Florida, Muschamp trails on points. His losses to Alabama and LSU have been by a total of 58 points. Zook's first two losses were by a total of 28 points.

The comparison worsens for Muschamp when you consider Zook's current 6-0 team at Illinois.

As of this writing, no one has started a web site called ""

Alabama 35, Ole Miss 7: Just when I thought the Tide was on a Bear Bryant roll, my research team uncovered a startling fact: Alabama hasn't scored more than 28 points on the Rebels since 2002. In fact, Alabama's 2009 national championship team scored only 22 points against the same Ole Miss defense that gave up 41 points to Mississippi State.

Will such a string of unimpressive victories make the Tide want to hang half a hundred on the Rebels?

Not if its priorities are in order. Poll points don't matter to Alabama, either.

It should have started preparing for LSU as soon at it knocked Florida quarterback John Brantley out of the game Oct. 1.

South Carolina 27, Mississippi State 13: New Gamecocks starting quarterback Connor Shaw passed for four touchdowns against Kentucky but was still upstaged a few days later by former starter Stephen Garcia, who was dismissed from the team.

Garcia apparently was the victim of the school's new get-tough policy: Six suspensions and you're out.

Just wondering: Since Garcia already has graduated, could he enroll in graduate school at Kentucky and be eligible for the rest of the football season?

Then, if anything happened to quarterback Morgan Newton, the Wildcats could put in Garcia and sputter along without missing a beat.

Georgia 28, Vanderbilt 13: Is anyone else wondering how long the Commodores will put up with first-year coach James Franklin. The guy takes football way too seriously.

Latest example: He used a helicopter to recruit Atlanta, just as former UT coach Lane Kiffin did.

Top 25: Oklahoma 66, Kansas 17; Wisconsin 52, Indiana 14; Boise State 48, Colorado State 17; Oklahoma State 41, Texas 23; Stanford 47, Washington State 20; Clemson 34, Maryland 20; Oregon 35, Arizona State 24; Michigan 31, Michigan State 30; Georgia Tech 34, Virginia 17; Illinois 30, Ohio State 24; Kansas State 37, Texas Tech 34; Virginia Tech 32, Wake Forest 24; Texas A&M 42, Baylor 38.

Record: 106-19 (.847) overall, 71-40 (.639) against the spread.

John Adams is a senior columnist. He may be reached at 865-342-6284 or Follow him at

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Comments » 16

RetainDerekDooleyPlease writes:

Adams is such a LSU homer. He never has anthing good to say about Derek Dooley and how he's leading Tennessee back to greatness. How does anybody expect UT to have a game with positive yards rushing when they know that these linemen weren't CDD's recruits, only have 65 starts between them, and have an All American 2,000 yard a year back like Poole hurting.

Even with all those bad things, you can bet if Poole was at full strength, Johnny Chavis's run defense wouldn't stand a chance. Book it.

I support Derek Dooley.

vut56#231073 writes:

An op-ed writer should be objective; he should not be a homer and is not required to be a cheer leader. One would think common sense, marketing necessities and newspaper publishers would wonder at the widsom of any writer constantly flavoring his reporting with scarasm, sick (intended, but falling flat) humor and ridicule....directed at the home team of his audience. Makes one wonder.

tovolny writes:

Shine the bad light Long John. WONDER how long KNS will let ole John poke fun at us. The Vol nation is his audience, we indirectly pay his bills, yet it is hard for me to see any objectivity in his remarks. The seemingly clever things he presented had already been circulated on the street...nothing new here. I feel like he makes fun of us to get his jollies.

A comedy show in NYC will always have some fat guy (or a tall skinny girl with a long nose) make fun of southerners. There, it comes across as cute, and since everybody laughs, it seems hilarious. But, if the same guy comes to Knoxville and cracks the same jokes, several people, not all, will be offended. The point is, there is a place and time for everything. Maybe John is trying to entertain us. Maybe there are a bunch of Vols out there that enjoy the IRONY. Maybe some of the higher educated fans see what Long John does in a different light than I. If I knew John was really a true Vol fan, I could probably put up with him better. The bottom line is that I am usually offended by what he writes.

1963VOLS writes:

JOhn adams for forein secretary,he would have cheered for osama bin laden to if we didnt get him first.

1963VOLS writes:

WEASEL!!!John adams i can think of some good therapy for smokey.take john adams to neyland stadium.tie a raw raccoon around his neck and let smokey go,run smokey run.

vol64 writes:

Congrats on your record against the spread. If I had been following your picks more closely, my wallet wouldn't be a thin.

vol64 writes:

Unless John is UT's clandestine running backs coach, I really can't see any reason to take offense in his stating the obvious: UT's running game is pathetic and Chavis can probably shut it down by rushing 3 all day and dropping back 8 to cover our frequent pass plays.

DannyVol writes:

Time to do what Spurrier is doing with a similar columnist in Columbia and completely cut this guy off from the program. UT tried to extend an olive branch to this clown in Dooley's first spring game to no avail. He continues to publish his most scalding columns when recruits are in town and thus has declared himself an enemy of the program. Criticism is okay and objectivity is expected...but outright contempt has to be accounted for and eliminated.

ClemCash writes:

Yet even Will Muschamp is undefeated against Tennessee.

VOLliven2it writes:

A lot of vitrol on here today. No one should be surprised at the antics of John Adams. Obviously the KNS isn't nor do they seem to care if he offends people who read and buy the newspaper. Poetic justice would be for the team to go out and show John, the vaunted LSU defense and even themselves they are capable of playing on a higher level. Few of us think that will happen but we can hope. As for all Dooley disparagers, keep up the junk and show your true colors. Time will tell the whole story. You are acting like children who write the end before the story barely gets started. Yeah we Orange and White lovers will take more knocks this year but we who are true to the program will never give up nor ever stop supporting the BIG ORANGE OF TENNESSEE! Everyone have a great Saturday!

murrayvol writes:

in response to ClemCash:

Yet even Will Muschamp is undefeated against Tennessee.

Congratulations. Of all the cubicle boys, you're the lamest.

Be original or be gone.

SummittsCourt writes:

Mr. Adams, do us all a favor and move to baton rouge or gainesville or tuscaloosa or somewhere your brand of "writing" can be appreciated.


govols1234567 writes:

Guys chill out. Adams is sharing his thoughts. I'd rather someone be straightup and truthful about a statement, than sugarcoat it to appease the easily offended. You have to earn respect. I've seen Adams be positive about the Vols when they have earned it, and seen him slander/make fun of other teams as well. He The truth hurts. Hopefully the Vols prove him wrong today

teedub writes:

"Backup Matt Simms is a tad slow on the trigger" - Hilarious! Sad and true, but still funny. Thanks, John. The laughter helps dull the pain.

Super1Gator writes:

Despite the fact that you happen to be a Vol, you have the Ron Zook comment right. If you follow Gator football closely, here is what you would find: 1. Ron Zook's players won the national championship for Urban Meyer; 2. Urban Meyer quit b/c he know he was going to get his butt kicked this year, had only speed players at tailback, lacked the ability to keep up with LSU and Alabama b/c he did not recruit size in the backfield and lost the offensive motor of his career when Dan Mullen left; 3. Wanting to spend more time with family was an absolute joke-Urban Meyer; 4. Will Muschamp is driving out - 8 players at last count - Urban's players b/c of lack of academics, discipline, alcohol/drug use, or a combination of these, and Muschamp is stacking up the recruting slots to get the players he wants, guys who can run the offense the way Charlie W. wants to. Accordingly, Mushchamp will muddle through this season, wins/losses won't really make a big deal with him or the Gator fans unless Muschamp's recruits over the next 2 years fail to produce. There it is. Super1Gator, Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOLunTEAR writes:

Why kill the messenger? While I am no great John Adams fan, this week he said it well and just about said it ALL in the headline!

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