Report: Eric Berry has torn ACL

The bad news in Kansas City just got worse.

Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry will miss the remainder of the Chiefs' season after tearing the ACL in his left knee, a person familiar with the injury told The Associated Press on Monday.

Berry was hurt during the first quarter of Sunday's blowout loss to Buffalo on a block by Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson, said the person speaking on condition of anonymity because the Chiefs do not discuss injury details. The block occurred on the third offensive play of the game.

Berry was helped to the sideline then tried to return on the Chiefs' next defensive series. He went down on the first play and did not get up until trainers came out on the field to check on him.

"I won't go into details, but I will say it appears he will be out for the season," Chiefs coach Todd Haley said Monday. "I know we just lost one of our best players and that hurts."

The 41-7 loss was ugly enough, but losing Berry was just the latest blow on the injury front.

The Chiefs lost tight end Tony Moeaki to a season-ending left ACL injury in their final preseason game. Linebacker Brandon Siler was lost during training camp to a torn Achilles, and wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin [--] their first-round draft pick hasn't been a full participant in practice since early in camp after hurting his right thumb during an altercation with a teammate.

"I've said it many times, injuries happen," Haley said. "People are going to go down. I'm sure across the league, a number of guys were probably lost for the season yesterday."

Haley wouldn't say whether he thought the hit by Johnson was dirty, even though it appeared the Bills wide receiver deliberately dived for Berry's knee. There is nothing in the NFL rule book that prohibits blocks below the waist in the open field unless they happen from behind.

Johnson was not available at Bills practice, but he did respond to a fan's tweet that called the block a cheap shot: "Man shutup u clown," Johnson said. "ILL NEVER CHEAPSHOT A PLAYER ON THE FIELD! IDC if he my Enemy U Square! Last I checked a cut block was legal!"

Berry, the fifth overall pick in the 2010 draft, was being counted on heavily by the defending AFC West champions.

The former Tennessee star made 72 tackles and four interceptions last season, returning one of them for a touchdown, and wound up going to the Pro Bowl. His enthusiasm quickly endeared him to Chiefs fans, and his teammates voted him one of the captains before the season.

"That's one of those that really digs you deep, you know, first and foremost, just from the standpoint I know how hard he's worked, how much it means to him," Haley said. "It's devastating for him, so that's the biggest heartache for me."

Haley refused to discuss how Jon McGraw and Sabby Piscitelli performed in Berry's absence, even though both of the backup safeties struggled mightily against Buffalo.

Career backup Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 208 yards and four touchdowns, two of them to journeyman tight end Scott Chandler. On one of those catches, Chandler came off the line and was never picked up by a linebacker or safety, and Fitzpatrick took advantage of the confusion by simply floating a pass to Chandler standing all alone in the end zone.

The overall performance by Kansas City was so bleak that Haley gathered the entire team at its practice facility on Monday to review film. Haley said he does that occasionally when there's been a particularly bad practice or game, and Sunday certainly fit that description.

"I'm more concerned with us," Haley said. "The whole entire team, we know now the areas that we have to make improvements, and we knew it yesterday when it was occurring, because it was pretty obvious stuff. It was a team loss that I take full responsibility for, and I say I'm very encouraged by how today went, that our team and our group of guys will not let it linger."

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Comments » 29

A_Voice_ofReason writes:


mdvol writes:

Brutal. You can bet no one will work harder to get back than EB.

A_Voice_ofReason writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

TrueVolFan writes:

You dont get where EB is by being weak. Take a look at the #29 on his jersey and understand why he chose that number and it's clear to see to this Vol Fan that Eric will make a full recovery and be back stronger than ever. Get well soon EB! Go Vols

huntined#565710 writes:

Hate to hear that...GREAT PLAYER.

adimatteo#261830 writes:

shame when anyone gets hurt, but having watched him, feel badly for him, wish him the best, had such a great rookie year

SWVA_RockyTopVol writes:

Real unfortunate...Montario last year, Peyton and EB this year. Let's hope Denarious does big things out in Oakland this year and avoiding injury...seems like a curse. Hopeful for a speedy recovery EB. On a side note, it's been a long time coming for some gator meat and I'm anxious to taste it this saturday. GO VOLS!!!

Volunteer-Varmint writes:

in response to A_Voice_ofReason:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Discusting! Grow up.

Ga_Dave writes:

The whole Orange Nation is behind you EB! ERIC BERRY, clap clap,clap clap clap, ERIC BERRY. GBO - YUM, does that swamp lizard smell good on the 'ole grill? Take the Swamp captive!!!

GreerVol22 writes:

sucks. didn't see it, I hope it was a clean block and not a cheap shot. 'cause Eric will be back and heaven help the kid if it was intentional.

FiftyOne writes:

Get well Eric.

and Gaffney did not catch that pass

dave1#220678 writes:

Looks to be a dirty hit too.

jimr07 writes:

Eric Berry was the ONLY defensive player in the NFL that played every snap on defense. He was selected defensive rookie of the year. All-Pro and Pro Bowl.He was also selected captain of the Chiefs by his team mates. I do not know what a voice of reason said, but it must have been inflamatory at best. You need to get a grip and give credit where credit is due.

bigjvol22 writes:

ah tht stinks for eb ..... hope you get well soon go vols ... beat florida

ProwlinAndGrowlinSmokeyDog writes:

Get well soon, Eric!!!

Smokey says he is one of the greatest Vols of all time..

RoadTrip writes:

Debbie Downer on the NFL this season with Eric and Peyton out. Both are tough and will come back good as new.

HtownVol writes:

in response to Lane_Kiffins_Daddy_Wears_Diapers:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I am all for supporting EB and ALL former Vols (except big Al at times). I wish UT could have an EB every year, he may be Tennessee's favorite Vol of all-time, maybe #2.

That said UT fans can NOT call this a dirty shot ONLY because it happened to EB!

If this were Robert Meacham blocking Champ Bailey everyone on here would defend our UT guy.

Take the name off the jersey and it is a block that happens in every game.

If there is no rule against it, how is it dirty? It is dangerous, yes but it happens all the time!

I did watch the game and have it on DVR. I watched it over and over on DVR and it is simply a WR taking out a Safety. The WR did not know where the ball was, all he was doing was his job.

Take out the fact that Steve Johnson played for the Kitty Cats and understand that if it was you in that situation you are doing whatever it takes to keep your job!

Now, can there be a rule put in to prevent this, maybe. But honestly this happens every game. It happens.

And the streak will continue 29,30,31,32,33,34......

Whiskey_Wizard writes:

That really does suck. This is better news

givehim6 writes:

in response to dave1#220678:

Looks to be a dirty hit too.

Helmet to helmets are illegal and will get you 15 yards. Do they still call a tackel lead with the helmet spearing? They use to, maybe it is called something else now. Any call it what you wait it looks illegal to me, hope this Johnson guy gets fined. Good luck in rehab EB.

Vol_Stuck_in_GA writes:

Get well soon Eric... you're always a Volunteer and will always have the support of the Tennessee fans.

huntwithmojo writes:

One of my favorite all time Vols. Someone may have mentioned this but Pro Bowl as a rookie and a team captain in his second year. what more can you say?

bustervols writes:

Godspeed EB!

jack_2222#231746 writes:

You earned more fans more supporters in your 3 years in Knoxville than you can imagine.

Best of luck in your rehab.

BigVolFaninSC writes:

Rehab hard and come back strong! Praying for your recovery! (Even though I pull for the Cowboys!) :) VFL!


no peyton . . no berry . . nfl SUCKS

SummittsCourt writes:

the nfl sucked this first weekend for many reasons, but this is the worst. Wishing Eric a speedy recovery.

A_Voice_ofReason writes:

in response to Volunteer-Varmint:

Discusting! Grow up.

Apparently you're the one that needs to grow up since you spell like you are 7. For the record it's disgusting, and not Discusting. Idiot.

A_Voice_ofReason writes:

in response to dave1#220678:

Looks to be a dirty hit too.

i absolutely love EB, but if anyone thinks that this was a dirty play, then they are about as stupid as the Redskins were for signing Crompton.

Look at the video. One, Johnson didn't lead with his helmet, he lead with his right shoulder and two, if you see what part of his body took EB to the ground, it was his BACK.

This was an unfortunate incident, but Johnson laid a clean hit.

Millisa writes:

Get Well Soon Eric

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