UT basketball SEC finish scenario

SEC scenarios

Tennessee can finish anywhere from second to fifth in the SEC standings. Here are the scenarios:

Tennessee will finish second if ...

The Vols beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky wins at Florida on Sunday.

Tennessee will finish third if ...

The Vols beat Vanderbilt, Ole Miss beats Alabama and Florida beats Kentucky on Sunday.

Tennessee will finish fifth if ...

Vanderbilt beats the Vols


The Vols beat Vanderbilt, Alabama beats Ole Miss and Florida beats Kentucky on Sunday.

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BleednUrnge81 writes:

I can't say what will happen in the Gator/wildcat game, but i do know one thing for a fact.....Vandy will not leave TBA with a victory. GO VOLS!!!!!!!

johnlg00 writes:

Things have clarified considerably in the last couple of weeks, but the bottom line is the same--keep winning, Vols, and let the tiebreakers fall where they may. Great to be having such thoughts this late in what so many thought would be a disappointing season.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

Huh? 2nd? Wha? Will we be #1 when we beat Kentucky in the SEC tourney?

Bubba_Knows writes:

THere is 1 min 49 sec left in the Murray State game. If Tenn State beats Murray State, then two teams from the OVS goes to the Dance and it certainly does not help our chances even if we beat Vandy. Murray State is down by 2.

Bubba_Knows writes:

OVC instead of OVS.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

Murray State pulled it out didn't they?

mocsandvolsfan writes:

Yep. by 2. I doubt they'd send 2 teams now.

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