Linebacker A.J. Johnson likes Vols' defense

AJ Johnson on his role in the Vols' new defense

KNOXVILLE — A.J. Johnson had no way to see it coming.

The Tennessee linebacker's gaze was ahead at the group of reporters surrounding and peppering him with questions about the Volunteers' new defense.

Suddenly, Johnson felt the slap of a piece of paper containing UT's practice plan on the back of his dreadlocked head. The assailant was Sal Sunseri, Johnson's new defensive coordinator.

"That's right. I did it!" Sunseri woofed as he continued toward his office inside the Neyland-Thompson Sports Center.

Johnson simply grinned and kept answering questions, including one about his attacker.

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mstoneut writes:

Darick Rogers is transferring to GSU and he will be able to play know why?

rollonbeagles writes:

in response to mstoneut:

Darick Rogers is transferring to GSU and he will be able to play know why?

Yeah I know why. He is a very immature and spoiled kid and the vols are much better off without him. I gurantee you that the new group of coaches told him that there's a new marshal in town and to shape up or ship out. At least I hope that's what was said.

PUL4VOLS writes:

More interested in the defense here. The DRodgers deal is somewhere else. AJ and Company, we will need some headknocking linebackers out to make plays this fall. Bring it on guys! I hope all the defensive guys buy in and give it their best. It's high time a Vol Defense showed some grit and fearlessness on the hitting side. This should be an interesting year for the Volunteers.

givehim6 writes:

If UT developed a good running attack and a great D this would give UT a new look and other SEC teams would see a UT like we did 15 years ago when UT was a force in the SEC. Hunter will be back for 2012 I thing he is a much better WR than Rogers anyway.

dj54 writes:

cause he is like lord farquad a freakin sideshow from shrek, waaah! waaah! somebody give him a pacifier cry baby

pingkr62 writes:

I'm really exited about our new D.C. and his plans for our defense. G.B.O.!!!

TitanandVolfan4life writes:

CSS and his D staff aren't going to take any phooey and CDD has laid down the law and anyone that doesn't like serious discipline and 100% commitment to Tennessee can pack their bags and cry all the way home.

I like all of that and now we see another reason why CDD let alot of the old coaches go run away and get out of the always tough SEC.

Get tough or get gone because AD Hart and CDD are ready to move Tennessee back up to the top in the next few years and keep us on the top.


madmaxvol writes:

in response to mstoneut:

Darick Rogers is transferring to GSU and he will be able to play know why?

He is transferring because he isn't getting coddled like he wants by the staff.

He can play right away because GSU is an FCS (D 1-AA) school. Players don't have to sit out a year if they transfer from an FBS to an FCS program.

RashaadSalabeb writes:

Our defense should be better this year. We have alot better coaching, more depth, and a new attitude. Let's get our there guys and knock some heads!

Go Vols!

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