Phillip Fulmer elected to College Football Hall of Fame

Former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer

Photo by Adam Brimer, copyright © 2010

Former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer

Phillip Fulmer named to College Football Hall of Fame

Phillip Fulmer on plans for the future

Phillip Fulmer was a first-ballot selection Tuesday for College Football Hall of Fame enshrinement.

Fulmer becomes the third University of Tennessee coach to be selected in the coaching category, joining Robert Neyland and Doug Dickey.

Johnny Majors and Bowden Wyatt were inducted as players, along with 17 other Vols.

Fulmer coached the Vols for three games as interim head coach in 1992 then took over full time in 1993.

He went 152-52 as head coach, a .745 winning percentage, until he was forced to resign effective at the end of the 2008 season.

Induction criteria require a coach be retired for three years. Fulmer was one of eight coaches on the ballot. Coaches have to have won 60 percent of their games over a career of at least 100 games.

Fulmer’s most celebrated season was 1998 when the Vols went 13-0 and won the BCS national championship.

He also won an SEC title in 1997. His teams represented the Eastern Division in the SEC Championship Game in 2001, 2004 and 2007.

Fulmer, a native of Winchester, Tenn., played on the offensive line at UT, lettering from 1969-71. He was an assistant coach for the Vols from 1980-92.

The Hall of Fame is located in South Bend, Ind., but is moving to Atlanta in 2014.

Fulmer and the other new members of the 2012 class will be inducted Dec. 4 in New York.

The other two coaches selected were R. C. Slocum of Texas A&M and Jimmy Johnson, who coached at Oklahoma State and Miami.

Three ex-Vols were among 76 players on the ballot: Willie Gault, Paul Naumoff, and Bobby Majors. None were selected.

Chip Kell was the most recent Vol selected, in 2006.

Neyland was elected in 1956, Dickey in 2003.

The 2012 players selected:

Charles Alexander, LSU; Otis Armstrong, Purdue; Steve Bartkowski, California; Hal Bedsole, Southern California; Dave Casper, Notre Dame; Ty Detmer, BYU; Tommy Kramer, Rice; Art Monk, Syracuse; Greg Myers, Colorado State; Jonathan Ogden, UCLA; Gabe Rivera, Texas Tech; Mark Simoneau, Kansas State; Scott Thomas, Air Force; and John Wooten, Colorado.

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Comments » 101

DonK37920 writes:

Congrats and well deserved! Now lets get the man a statue outside of the stadium!

jimmyrayvol writes:

Well Deserved!

VOL7 writes:

mike, wyatt is in the hall as both a player & coach. i believe he is one of only 2 or 3 people ever elected as both.

SummittsCourt writes:

Congratulations! Well deserved!

RockyTopVolFan writes:

Congratulations Coach Fulmer.

Thanks for the good memories and particularly the outstanding season that brought our Tennessee Volunteers our most recent national championship 13-0 ! Way to go!

allvols4life writes:

Very well deserved honor. Congrats Coach Fulmer!

huntined#565710 writes:

Congrats COACH as it was well EARNED!!!

min32926#266113 writes:

Congrats. You deserve it. VFL

Huttdawg100 writes:

Congratulations Coach Fulmer. He won 3 out of every 4 games while at UT. What an impressive stat. Wow I'm proud to be a Tennessee Vol.

VolzsFan writes:

in response to DonK37920:

Congrats and well deserved! Now lets get the man a statue outside of the stadium!


Jakevol writes:

How did we ever let go a coach with a .745% winning record.

Biggie writes:

Great Honor for a great man and coach

VolzsFan writes:

BTW, why didn't Adams write this article???

mhwhite63 writes:

I say hire coach Fulmer BACK if Dooley doesn't get us turned around and winning by the end of next season! I miss those heady days!!!

tnbigg writes:

Congratulations Coach Fulmer. This is very well deserved...

TheVolSnake writes:

Congratulations! Well deserved, class act and great human being

TNdependolt writes:

Congratulations, Coach.

allvols4life writes:

in response to Sammy_Burklows_Revenge:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This article has absolutely nothing to do with Dooley. This should be about the accomplishments of our Hall of Fame coach, instead you have to bring in your constant Dooley insults. What a joke!

DeeDeeLock writes:

Well deserved honor for Coach Fulmer...a class act and a WINNING coach.

P.S. This makes TN look even more stupid for getting rid of him.....with a .745 average.......oh, now I get it!!!

Haha, you stupid reap what you sew.

Caneoverthere writes:

Congratulations Coach.

CarlChilders writes:

Something for all Vol FANS to be proud of.

BigBadVol writes:

Congratulations Coach Fulmer. Always a class act. You make me proud to be a Vol. Thanks for the great memories. VFL!

ProfessionalHandicapper writes:

Very well deserved and I'm glad to see fans give the man the respect he deserves.

Mansonlamps writes:

Let everyone observe that it is the Fulmer fanatics who started the downward spiral into insults on this thread. They just can't leave well enough alone. Fulmer deserved to be fired in '08. That said...congratulations, coach Fulmer on a great lifetime accomplishment.

TommyJack writes:

Bobby Majors got hosed.


Congrats Phil.

givehim6 writes:

Congrats CFP, wish you had a son to step in to pick up where you left off and the past few years were different at UT. But you were the great coach of the 1990's for UT.

TheStupidPolice writes:

Congratulations, Coach Fulmer. You have brought many notable achievements and highlights to UT and now you bring another. We appreciate all you have done, and continue to do, to put a positive spin on the Orange.

mnvol writes:

I am stunned. When I was reading the article I expected 90% of the forum comments to be bashing the Hall of Fame and Fulmer. I was pleasantly surprised that, at least at this point, I was completely wrong in my assumption. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the decision to can Coach Fulmer, his total body of work is deserving of his induction into the hall of fame.

kyvol98 writes:

in response to TommyJack:

Bobby Majors got hosed.

As did Paul Naumoff.

Ty Detmer???? Really??????

Central_IL_Vol writes:

in response to Jakevol:

How did we ever let go a coach with a .745% winning record.

Because there are a certain number of people who call themselves Vol fans who cannot stand it that the Vols don't win a Natuional Title every year. These people have the mindset of the Bammer Moron Nation and caused the Vols to lose the best coach since Neyland!

A well-deserved honor for Coach Fulmer!!

bullit writes:

Miss ya Phil.

Well deserved, making us proud.

agentorange writes:

Congrats to Coach Fulmer!

Mike Hamilton won't ever sniff any such accolades.

rabidvol1998 writes:

Congrats to my favorite UT coach. Well deserved.

tnsportsman writes:

Congrats and well deserved Coach Fulmer! You made us proud for years and you are ALL VOLS! You have my vote as the 2nd best Head Football Coach at TENNESSEE behind Neyland!


govols1981 writes:

congrats coach fulmer,you deserve this honor.GO VOLS!!!!

Tru138 writes:

Well done. Thanks for the memories Coach.

Witch_Doctors writes:

Witch Doctor say congrats and well deserved. Witch Doctor say Coach Phil brought home a NC and thats something always remembered. congrats!
Bones never lie.

shoelessvol#236864 writes:

Congratualtions to a great coach and a man who always "gave his all for Tennessee" This is a well deserved honor for both Coach Fulmer and our University. Proud to be a Tennessee Vol!!

volfaninbuckeyeland writes:

If I am not mistaken, I believe one scene from the movie, " The Blind Side", depicts one coach as saying something to the effect of "Well, we may as well go home now" when Fulmer arrived to join the recruiting fray for M. Oher's services. Indeed, he was, and still is, highly regarded and respected by friend and foe alike. Heartfelt congrats, Coach Fulmer, and thanks for all your contributions to the BO nation. I hope you are working like heck to enjoy this time of your life and, maybe next time, Thunder Thorton will name a hilltop after you.

arkyvol writes:

he deserved the honor, but i also think he developed a sense of entitlement his last few years. had he stayed hungry, he would have been a coach for the ages. thanks anyway, coach--for the good years.

SevenT writes:

This marks the final nail in the Tennessee Football coffin similar to what happened to Notre Dame when they forced Lou Holtz out of South Bend. Enjoy the 15 year ride marked by losing seasons or barely above .500 seasons followed by a trip to the toilet Bowl.

Congradulations Coach Fulmer!!

eduardo writes:

I was a big proponent for seeing him replaced, but what did we do...Hired Lame Kiffin and the rest is history. Of all people to replace Fulmer we hire Lame freakin Kiffin!

CrankE writes:

Good for Phil! Good for UT!

In other news, Johnny Majors is still bitter.

MiserableFloridaVol writes:

Congrats coach!!!

PUL4VOLS writes:

Most definitely well deserved, Congratulations Coach Fulmer and thanks for all you have done for the Tennessee Volunteers.

lemich writes:

Much deserved! Enjoy your honor Coach Fulmer!

burpee_von_rotweiler_IV writes:

Why isn't former UT coach Bill Battle in the hall? He has not only made millions for UT but pretty much for every other college athletic program through the Collegiate Licensing Company he founded. Maybe under the category of "lifetime acheivement?" (before everyone gets their you-know-whats in a wad, I'm joking)

Razor784 writes:

Well deserved, besides being a prolific winner, he always did it the right way and won with class.

manniesghost1903 writes:

Once upon a time there was a young man who came out of Winchester to play football and played his heart out for UT.

Then he came back to coach football and coached his heart out for UT.

Then he came upon some hard times and the powerful boosters said "despite your loyalty and love of UT orange what have you done for us lately?" Then they exiled him from the school he loved. Although he was given a sum to leave, it never was enough to pay for the loyalty and success he had shown UT over the many years.

The boosters smiled and said, "Fear not. Other great coaches will knock down our doors to lead the Volunteers!" But those coaches never came. They did not want to work for a group that ignored loyalty and past success and was always asking "What have you done for us lately?"

So darkness came over UT and a terrible storm erupted. When it was all over there was nothing left but a half full stadium.

Phil Fulmer one of the most successful coaches in UT History and member of College Football Hall of Fame was dismissed from a job he loved because the booster thought he not done anything for them lately.

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