John Adams: UT to offer cheap tickets, lots of offense

How badly has this Tennessee football season gone?

Answer: So badly that its fans will actually miss University of Alabama fans today.

Don't get the wrong idea, UT fans won't miss those pompons shaking arrogantly in their direction every time the Tide demonstrates its superiority. And they won't miss how the scoreboard looks when the Tide leaves the premises.

But they will miss having Alabama fans to buy their tickets.

Troy doesn't travel that well.

Tennessee 52, Troy 24: Vols quarterback Tyler Bray is coming off his best game against a nationally ranked team, albeit in a losing cause. So you can expect even more eye-catching numbers against a defense that doesn't include Jadeveon Clowney.

Alabama 21, LSU 0: Remind you of anything?

I'm not suggesting the Tide will prevent the Tigers from making it to midfield, or perhaps even to the brink of field-goal range.

But why should anyone expect LSU to make any more headway on the scoreboard in this game than it did in the national championship game?

Texas A&M 37, Mississippi State 31: The Aggies will be introduced to cowbells today. The Bulldogs will be introduced to Johnny Football.

I cringed writing that. In fact, as much as I like watching Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel play, I'm already tired of hearing announcers refer to him as "Johnny Football."

The Bulldogs will just be tired of chasing him by the end of the day.

Georgia 38, Ole Miss 27: The Bulldogs' defense actually played up to its potential in a victory over Florida last week. Imagine that.

Now, it can take the remainder of the regular season off while resting up for the SEC championship game. The offense still will outscore everyone else on the schedule.

No one can accuse the Rebels of not playing up to their potential in Hugh Freeze's first season as head coach. They've already won two SEC games, are a victory away from bowl eligibility, and didn't embarrass themselves in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Florida 27, Missouri 13: Wonder how many front-running Florida fans will jump off the bandwagon since their team basically lost any shot at another national title last week against Georgia?

Not enough that The Swamp won't make a noisy first impression on SEC rookie Missouri.

Vanderbilt 24, Kentucky 20: Look who's almost set to go bowling again. In fact, the Commodores have become so confident under coach James Franklin, they probably believe they can win out.

In case you're wondering, their last three games are against Ole Miss, Tennessee and Wake Forest.

Arkansas 41, Tulsa 37: The Razorbacks will narrowly avoid ending the season on a five-game losing streak.

Auburn 30, New Mexico State 20: Just the name "Aggies" should be worth a few points after Texas A&M rang up 63 points on the Tigers last week.

Top 25: Kansas State 45, Oklahoma State 30; Oregon 49, Southern California 31; Notre Dame 37, Pittsburgh 17; Ohio State 44, Illinois 17; Texas Tech 48, Texas 38; Oklahoma 41, Iowa State 27; Oregon State 36, Arizona State 27; Louisville 40, Temple 23; Stanford 42, Colorado 13; Clemson 45, Duke 17; Boise State 38, San Diego State 24; West Virginia 41, TCU 30; Louisiana Tech 45, UTSA 31; Nebraska 27, Michigan State 24; Arizona 41, UCLA 38.

Record: 143-34 (.808) overall, 79-76 (.509) against the spread.

John Adams is a senior columnist. He may be reached at 865-342-6284 or Follow him at

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Comments » 19

vols2#227315 writes:

If Ut would have put
aladambama on a rotating schedule, they would not have to have one loss every year.

Dave Hart and all of his Alabama connects needs to go back to Alabama and Ut will once more take care of winning again in sports.

graphpro#231211 writes:

YAWN.... Is it basketball season yet?

BigOrangeRock writes:

The ROCK has spoken. Again. And it was shown on ESPN2 just a few minutes ago.

Derek Doolander!

pcorange writes:

in response to graphpro#231211:

YAWN.... Is it basketball season yet?

We're the new Vandy, lol.

pcorange writes:

Unless the defense is vastly improved, it'll be closer than 52-24. I don't doubt the 52, just the 24.

jdogg44 writes:

Our defense can play vanilla and win against Troy, but we have to blitz regularly to beat Mizzou and the futility twins. I just don't understand why we continue to put zero pressure on opposing quarterbacks and think our defense is going to improve.

It makes more sense to accuse Sunseri of sabotage along with Hart, with Dooley just being a patsy... how else can you explain why we keep sending 4 and dropping 7 when it rarely works!?!?!?!

LibertyVol writes:

Hoping the defense can hold them to less than 400 yards and get some turnovers. If Troy can continue to gash our D it may have a chance at more than just a moral victory....

makelemonade writes:

Where are the cheap tickets JA is talking about in the title? They ought to be giving them out with a cup of coffee at Pilot.

rockypop writes:

I remember going to the Tennessee-Chattanooga game in 1958. Back then, UT played Chattanooga about every year, and UT gave out free tickets to kids that were in certain organizations like Scouts and Patrol Boys. You had to wear your uniform and be accompanied by an adult.

Well, that year Chattanooga beat Tennessee by one touchdown, I think, and the game ended in a riot with the Knoxville Fire Department having to bring in the hoses and water down the crowd. I was a kid, and it scared me to death. Little did I know that losing to Chattanooga scared the grown-ups even more.

I hope we don't see a repeat of this against Troy tomorrow.

tomkats3242 writes:

what would make my season is for John adams to leave this area or quit writing trash. He is an embrassment to the KNS but they don't realize it. Should have been run off years ago and banned from the campus.

Razor784 writes:

Our defense couldn't hold Maryville High to 24, Troy racks up at least 35

orange_eVOLution writes:

There is nobody left on the schedule that James Franklin wants more than the Vols... and we play them in Nashville. I remember him saying (after the YouTube upload of our post-Vandy locker room celebration from 2011)...

“We’ll talk about it next year a lot. We’ll talk about it as much as you guys want to talk about it next year. We’ll watch it as many times as we’ve got to watch it next year. That’s a wound that I’m going to leave open that’s not going to heal. I’m going to leave it open for a year, and we’ll discuss it next year. Some people act like they won the Super Bowl, and they beat a team that the two previous years had won four games total. Obviously, we’re closing the gap and threatening some people and making some people uncomfortable, so we’ll see. But we’ll leave it at that and move on, but we’ll have a lot of discussions about this next year when the time is right.”

Spew on, Franklin. GO VOLS!!

cloudodust writes:

Some few years back, UGA was in Shreveport. Where are THEY today..?

born2ride writes:

There will be empty seats because nobody cares about a blow out of Troy.

We can beat Vandy, Kentucky and Missouri. (The bottom teams in the SEC along with the Vols and Auburn).

We go 7-5 and go to a bowl even if we did not beat a good team. If we can play another weak ACC teams we can win the bowl game and finish 8-5.

Dooley keeps his job another year or two. You can't fire a coach who wins 7 or 8 games. And we can't afford the buyout.

Sal gets fired as the scapegoat.

Go Big Vols!

Orange For Life!

crutch1966 writes:

i hate notre dame. touchdown jesus my butt

rusty_shackleford writes:

You must get a bonus for every coach you run down and run off cause that's about all you ever write. You must be miserable to live with!

tovolny writes:

Good job John. You can sometimes relieve the tension caused by the season's woes. Your "cutie" style does have its place. It would have been nice if an article from KNS could relate some information on Troy. Like, from what part of the country are they? What have they done the last couple of years? Who are some of their star players? I know you get bored with facts, but you know how to "cutely" blend them into your message. Bring some ice to the cue tonight, and about three limes if you have any.

LoneRider63 writes:

I’m a Vol fan and would love for the football team to win every game. However, I must say that the comments related to the stories on this site often reflect an unbelievable lack of a grasp of reality. For all of the Dooley, and for that matter, haters in general, go ahead and condemn all that you want but conclude with offering a solution. A solution that can be implemented under existing circumstances that yield the results you desire. The legacy and foundation of the football program was effectively dismissed by Kiffin. That mentally affects players. His leaving attenuated a good portion of the historical recruiting clout of Tennessee football. Thank Hamilton and whoever hired him in that the coaches he hired for the 3 major men’s sports all ultimately turned out to be mistakes. That is the reality of the current situation. As in most endeavors, one brief period of bad administration can destroy years of positive efforts. At Tennessee, we had three horrific periods of decision making related to the football program. To think that the football team is going to rebound to top 10 levels on a year to year ratio for recovery is not rational. And just for the record, the statements suggesting that wins against the likes of our conference foes is a probability function demonstrates how little most fans actually understand about football.

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