Charlie Daniel draws Tennessee vs. Missouri

Charlie Daniel draws Tennessee-Missouri

Charlie Daniel draws Tennessee-Missouri

Charlie Daniel's cartoon for the Vols game against Missouri at Neyland Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012.

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AF_VOL writes:

Smokey is looking rough.

tomatosoup writes:

How funny.....Alright Vol fans,I'm more and more convinced that we will have Coach Dooley on the sidelines next year (possibly a new DC...hopefully) so let's pull for our boys to win out and make a bowl apperance! I still think that our big 3 on offense will return next year (at least 2 of the big 3)in hopes of improving the draft stock so if we can get our defense figured out, we will be looking pretty good!!!! Go Vols and let's beat them tigers!

smokedoctor writes:

I don't get this? We didn't play them other tigers.

tomatosoup writes:

in response to smokedoctor:

I don't get this? We didn't play them other tigers.

Looking at Smokey in the appears to me that regardless what Tiger football team we'd play this would not be a good outcome considering the current state of our program. At least that's what I'm thinking???? Go Vols!

VFL_Troll_Patrol writes:

Sal is not the problem. Dooley needs to work more on Defense and find out a way to make this first year 3-4 D work long enough to finnish out the season. The problem was Dooley letting Sal incorporate the 3-4 this year. It should have been put off until next season. These players already had a good idea of the first scheme and I think our D would have been much better If they had used it through out this season. I think a good strategy for Dooley and Sal would be to revert back to the old scheme for the next 3 games.

*Im always watching*

6972 writes:

Defensive strategy: find the dude with the funny looking shaped thing made out of leather and knock his jockey strap up between his shoulder blades so hard he sings tener for the rest of his life. Just my thoughts.

VolGrad writes:

How 'bout drawing us up a victory there, Charlie?

Go Vols! Beat Mizzou!!!

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