Whit Taylor, last Vanderbilt quarterback to beat Vols in Nashville, sees new day for Commodores

NASHVILLE - Around mid-November, Whit Taylor knows he will start to get phone calls about Vanderbilt’s 1982 football win over Tennessee.

“I figured it was that time of year,” said Taylor, the quarterback for that Commodores team. “That’s the only time.”

This year feels somewhat different for Taylor and the rest of his 1982 Vanderbilt football teammates, who defeated the Vols 28-21. There’s a sense that the Commodores (6-4, 4-3 SEC) could rack up their first home win against Tennessee (4-6, 0-6) since that season on Saturday night (6 p.m., ESPN2).

This year’s team also has a chance to get eight wins for the first time since that squad went 8-4. The only other team in the last 30 years with that chance heading into the UT game was the 2008 team that was also 6-4 before it played the Vols but finished 7-6.

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orangecountyvols writes:


True. BTW, had it not been for 2005, the streak with the Dores would have been even longer than the one with UK.

Even if Vandy escapes with a win, one or two in a span of 30 years is "about time."

However, a word to Mr. Unprofessional Handicapper, that hasn't happened yet.......

ACWLY writes:

In the midst of Tennessee's ongoing defensive struggles lies one talented offense and that offense has a lot to play. Articles like this are good, it's what our team needs... UT won't have to pull this game out at the end, they will have already won by that time... VOLS BEAT VANDY once again.

Ayres_Hall writes:

Newspaper writers like the ones posted here are so predictable. No creativity. No flair for reaching outside their comfort zones.

The first two paragraphs are validation.

6972 writes:

A new day for the Dores....you mean like the one we face Saturday where the Vols are the underdogs? That's a new day.

brokendownoldvol writes:

I played against Whit in HS. I couldn't believe Majors passed him up. I'm tired of UT thinking players from TN can't play.

FearTheVols1252 writes:

I suppose Vandy should enjoy it while they can. If Franklin hits 8 or 9 wins, teams will start throwing big money his way - so it's unlikely he'll be around much longer and Vandy will likely resort to it's usual cellar-dwellar status.

jjvols writes:

It is still the same Vanderbilt. As they said in White Man Can't Jump, the sun shines on a dogs behind some days. At the end of the day, this will only be their 5th bowl appearance and look for them to get beat again on Saturday. If they do win, look for the newest DVD to hit stores around Christmas, "Miracle in Nashville" Gold Edition. I can't wait for the NCAA to investigate James Franklin and Vanderbilt for his unethical recruiting and recruiting coaches wives and not on merit of his job. Enjoy him while you can Vanderbilt, you will land another Jerry Dinardo as your next coach!

volforeverandever writes:

Whit is a great guy and a friend of mine. Just save this article for the 14 season and ya'll won't have to bug him and just reprint it because he will still be on the last team to beat the Vols on their home turf.

ProfessionalHandicapper writes:

I love seeing UT fans pray Vandy will lose a coach so they will be as bad as UT. I also love seeing Vandy being favored over their little Brother to the East. Just proof Karma came home and bit the only SEC school to ever fire a head coach that won them a National Championship. How did firing Fulmer work out for you? Hilarious.

tnbigg writes:

Loss to KY last year... 0 - 6 in the conference with the R E A L possibility of going 0 - 8 this year. Vandy chomping at the bit to bury us. Dool-aid drinkers imagining that we will always beat Vandy simply because we are Tennessee and don't need to field a competitive team or real SEC caliber coaching... Wow. The all new Tennessee football traditions. They are beyond amazing... Kinda like, "You won't have Tennessee to kick around anymore" was as stupid as anything I have EVER heard... Makes Steve Kiner's, "Some people go down to the farm and can't tell the difference between a horse and a mule" or the similar rendition reported by some, "Hee haw! Them ain't hawses! Them's mules"! when quiried about Ole Miss and Archie Manning having having "a lot of horses down there in Mississippi". You know, the game that cost us a shot a national championship and the game where Jack Reynolds earned the sobriquet of "hacksaw". However, that was a great team with a great coach and this is an underdeveloped team with God awful coaches...

tnbigg writes:

By the way...although Steve Kiner never lived up to his potential in the NFL he came in 7th in the Heisman voting that year. He was an incredible player.

illinoisvolfan writes:

in response to FearTheVols1252:

I suppose Vandy should enjoy it while they can. If Franklin hits 8 or 9 wins, teams will start throwing big money his way - so it's unlikely he'll be around much longer and Vandy will likely resort to it's usual cellar-dwellar status.

Franklin will be headed back to the ACC soon to coach either Maryland, Virginia, or Wake Forest. As good a job as he's done to this point, Vandy will still be a long-shot to win the SEC East in most seasons. But a Franklin-coached team in the ACC could contend for an ACC Championship and a berth in the Orange Bowl in 2-3 seasons and afterwards.

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