Canales had three sons play for Vols, three for Mississippi State

MEMPHIS - Fifty years and six days ago, George and Augusta Canale drove from their farm outside of Germantown to Crump Stadium in Midtown to watch Mississippi State and Tennessee play football.

They were among 22,013 who basked in an 80-degree afternoon to watch a 7-6 Mississippi State win, secured when the Vols failed a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.

The Canales didn't know whether to be happy or sad. They had four sons playing in that one game, and their loyalties were divided: Three of their sons suited up for Tennessee; one wore a Mississippi State uniform.

So when it came time to choose a seat for the afternoon, they picked neither the north or the south side.

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AllforTenn writes:

A reporter looking for a subject to write about.


in response to AllforTenn:

A reporter looking for a subject to write about.

Perhaps it would be good for some of the younger fans to learn a little about the history of the game, and the traditions of Tennessee football.

FWBVol writes:

in response to AllforTenn:

A reporter looking for a subject to write about.

By definition, I believe it is a reporter's job to look for a story, or as you put it, subject, to write about. I found this to be an interesting story. I knew that the Canales had multiple brothers that played at Tennessee, but I didn't realize there was an equal number of brothers that played at Mississippi State.

The history and rivalries that pass from genereation to generation help make the SEC college football's best conference. From brothers Steve and Ken DeLong at Tennessee to Steve's son Keith DeLong. From running back James Berry to defensive back Eric Berry what a great tradition.

Quarterback Archie Manning at Ole Miss fathers Peyton, who breaks every record at Tennessee and Eli who follows his dad's steps at Mississippi.

And I could continue about the families that make the league great.

iowa_vol writes:

Nice story about a great family. I didn't know all the history. Billy was a coach and teacher at CBHS when I was there. You damn sure didn't want to be on his bad side. Rumor was they put him in a cage with a live bear in college and he kicked the bears arse. Also was refered to as "zipper neck" when out of ear shot due to his scar. A fine southern family who put their mark on SEC football.

Couchdummy writes:

in response to AllforTenn:

A reporter looking for a subject to write about.

What a grumpy grouchy person you must be. Human interest stories are often interesting and heartwarming. Guessing that your reading is limited to comic books or wall grafitti.

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