Some tickets remain for Tennessee-Alabama game as of Thursday night

As of Thursday, some tickets were still available for Saturday's game between Tennessee and No. 1 Alabama.

A portion of student tickets went unsold and were put on sale Thursday, the university said.

Tickets are available at


Ceremonies to honor former coach Phillip Fulmer and members of the 1997 SEC champion team will begin about 22 minutes before kickoff. UT said fans are encouraged to get to their seats early for the ceremony.

Fulmer was selected to the National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame this summer.


Tennessee's offensive line has only surrendered three sacks this season, but line coach Sam Pittman gives much of the credit to quarterback Tyler Bray.

It's also why he doesn't worry that a sore knee might limit Bray's mobility.

"I think he has as much mobility as he had before," Pittman said. "He's kind of slippery. He's not going to break the pocket and go for a 50-yard run. But he is really a big key as for why we don't have as many sacks."


Without criticizing former line coach Harry Hiestand, coach Derek Dooley said players have benefited from the fresh perspective of Pittman.

"It always starts with the players," Dooley said. "You have to have the player commitment, their ability level, their want-to and chemistry. Sam's been a good addition and I think he was a welcome change. It's not that Harry didn't do a good job. Harry is a great line coach. He's showing that right now (at Notre Dame). Like I said in the offseason, we needed to kind of refresh everybody and get some new personality."


Defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri and athletic director Dave Hart aren't the only Vols with links to Alabama. Tennessee cornerbacks coach Derrick Ansley spent two seasons as a graduate assistant at Alabama. UT defensive intern Nick Gentry was a four-year defensive lineman for the Tide.

"Me and Coach Sal aren't going to make any plays," Ansley said. "These kids have to believe in their abilities and believe they can beat this team. I think they do."

Ansley spent a short time at Central Florida before joining Sunseri at UT after he was hired as defensive coordinator.

"I'm not going to be able to talk to Coach (Nick) Saban, but I will talk to most of the assistants," he said. "It's like any game when you have friends that coach in the SEC. You go up there and see how they're doing, how their families are doing, and get ready for the game."

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Comments » 19

UTengr36 writes:

Go fudge yourself's San Diego

underthehill writes:

When was the last time this happened...with all the bama guys taking over the Ath Dept and coaching reason their fans shouldn't take over Neyland if Hart could get some of those donors that flood bama with dollars to give UT their leftovers...he might be worth something..

tnbigg writes:

Welcome to the new era of TENNESSEE FOOTBALL

tnbigg writes:

BBCFN (Bring Back Coach Fulmer NOW)

ONUV writes:

in response to tnbigg:

BBCFN (Bring Back Coach Fulmer NOW)

dumbest fan base in America.

atnvol#283282 writes:

I hate the fact that tickets were available. Unfortunately that is where we day this will pass.

Col26ca writes:

I will be present. Old, Loud, Proud, VFL.

chuckfromwoodberry writes:

Can't sell out vs Bama? If the percentages of fans is embarrassing then I think the calls from the AD's office go from being backchannel to straight up job offers.

jobrando#216494 writes:

I amazed there is not a bunch left. More revenue drops ahead. This staff is toast unless the miracle happens Saturday. Even a moral victory would help some.

bUTchVFL writes:

Everyone needs to read the Hart article on this site for perspective on UT's financial woes. #VFL

jt45 writes:

in response to jobrando#216494:

I amazed there is not a bunch left. More revenue drops ahead. This staff is toast unless the miracle happens Saturday. Even a moral victory would help some.

At this point I dont think a moral victory will help any. Close only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades.

6972 writes:

There were days when a guy would give a testicle for a ticket to this game. It will be interesting to see what the announced attendance is. No one can predict what DD's future here is, but all of us are hoping for better days whether it is with him or someone else.

BigBadVol writes:

This is the thing that gets you fired. Number one AL coming to town and the game is not sold out? Not a good sign.

BigOrangeFever76 (Inactive) writes:

Dooley needs to pull out all the stops against Bama.....trick plays, on-side kicks, the wildcat, the fumblerooski, going for it on 4th and 6. Heck, Peyton will be there...let him put on Bray's jersey and sling a few. Maybe nobody will even notice.......

TooDlems writes:

The best way to attack a great defense is to run right at it and throw right at it. You may get Alabama with one reverse but after that it ends up being more of a case of backing up, and nobody has had success with the W/C against them. I really expect to see more of Patterson in the backfield out of Tennessee tomorrow. I don't see Alabama changing it's offense much, but I do believe Mr. Bray will see some looks he's never seen, Nick and Kirby will have Slash so confused he throws 4 picks.

Vols 10

6972 writes:

Impossible to predict what is going on in Hart's head. DD may be here for another year. I have to wonder if after the MST loss, if the thought didn't enter his mind if a change was needed. Perhaps DD's has yet to be determined in Hart's mind, but if the 20 point spread becomes a reality and there are vacant seats in the stadium, you have to wonder, if he hasn't already, when DD's future will cross his mind. I wish DD sucess(or any Vol coach), the team sucess, and happy campers all across the vol nation. Go Vols

orange_eVOLution writes:

Pack the house... please.


Orangepuddinskin writes:

I guess you cant really blame this student population for not showing up. They have never seen a winning UT team hit the field over the last 3 years.

Olddogsrule writes:

wayard u r 1 SICK puppy

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