Tennessee coaches take the podium at SEC Basketball Media Day

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johnlg00 writes:

One thing that would VASTLY increase the enjoyment of these clips would be to place a microphone or two IN THE CROWD so we could hear the questions being asked! About half the time, a coach is halfway through his or her response before I have any idea what they are talking about. Come on! Get with the 21st century! Act like a professional organization if you are going to continue putting these things out. Mics can't be all THAT expensive!

mocsandvolsfan writes:

Yep. I've often thought the same thing John. My old ears just can't pick out the questions. You'd think they'd have great mikes at a big University. C'mon Hart buy some mikes!!One of those $10,000 ones. Or a coupla $25 dollar mikes from RS for them to walk up to might help. For $75-$100 you could probably get a cordless. But you'd think people would want to hear the interview.

btw I loved the answers better anyhow I'm sure. Holly W. will be just fine. she may be as tough as Summitt in her own way. We've already seen Martin in action. Both were nervous for some reason in their interviews but they had good answers I guess. I hope Martin fixes his lip smacking in the mike.lol I hope Holly doesn't always look like she's about to cry. Both tho are new at this in SEC and will do fine. I'd be too nervous to talk in front of all the cameras. Or in UT's case the camera... and the mike.

johnlg00 writes:

One qualification I might make is the SEC Media Days are not put on by the UTAD. This is on the conference; these SEC Digital pieces are produced by them. You would think that out of all the billions of dollars the conference makes, it could afford a few extra mics. Of course, the same thing happens with purely UT productions of this type, but as Moc said, mics are pretty cheap at Radio Shack or Walmart these days.

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