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Patrick Birmingham

President & Publisher

Knoxville News Sentinel

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Comments » 32

pms151 writes:

What a piece of phooey you are. Ambush your readers with one day's notice. Oh and isn't the football season about ready to start? Looks like you learned to price gouge from your benefactor, Pilot Oil. Not giving adequate advance notice or a grace period just shows what you think of your customers. No thanks. I can find plenty of biased phooey presenting itself as "fair and balanced' news elsewhere for free. Good riddance idiots.

VOL75ga writes:

I see no reason to pay for most of the low grade articles here so I'll wait until you lose all your readers after trying to chage for most of this. I would rather pay one of the other established online services like Rival or Scout.

Biggie writes:

I saw this coming. Right before football is a good time to implement it. I hope you guys choke on it. It won't be long until someone with integrity starts up another website for Vol fans.
Then you'll lose all your ads, and readers.


Funny how its the first week of football season and you turn into a pay sight. Guess I'm going to volquest.

JSmith525 writes:

Good Luck with all that. With all the negative articles written by you sports staff on the Vols and all the BS troll comments that you have allowed to happen on this site it would be a cold day in hell before I pay for it. You and your staff are the reasons that your membership is so low. BS articles that have no value to true Vol fans. I will be getting my Vol info elsewhere. Actually UTSports.com has the best info on our Vols anyway.

bspurlingcac#225603 writes:

KNS I am out of town and love the Vols. I did enjoy your site. There is no way i will ever pay for it. I am gone!

Rock_E_Topp88 writes:

KNS....pucker up and plant one right between the left and right cheek. You just screwed yourselves trying to screw your readers. Ever wonder why your subscriptions are way down?

DavidWebb writes:

Wow Jack, This is working out great.

tonyvick#213307 writes:

Pay to read on the internet? Chattanooga and Nashville sites here we come.

TheSmokyMountainThatRides writes:

what in idiotic move. you do realize jack that you are the publisher for a site that posts information like hours after the other sites right. where do you get the stones to charge for this inferior product. a subscription to the paper? I refuse the free ones at pilot on Friday. ha! sinking ship folks. women and children first.

SBWB2 writes:

in response to bspurlingcac#225603:

KNS I am out of town and love the Vols. I did enjoy your site. There is no way i will ever pay for it. I am gone!

Nashville here, and as bad as The Tennessean is, will not pay you a dime... Timing shows minus zero Class... Hope you haven't Cursed our season.

NYCApple writes:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

VolUpInCumming writes:

You have been removed from my bookmarks. Between Rivals, Scout, Bleacher, ESPN, Mr. SEC, and the myriad of others, GONE!

kyvol98 writes:

On a similar note, I have a Yugo for sale.......

FiftyOne writes:

You do realize how this advertising thing works right? You have lots of traffic on your site and the advertisers pay you more money. If you have less traffic you lose revenue. Bye bye revenue. Not a smart mve on your part.

63vet (Inactive) writes:

If I'm gonna pay, I'm gonna expect something in return. Bookmark deleted! Going to other (better) sites!

OrangePride writes:

Not making enough money there KNS? Too many folks reading your stuff without adding to your cash pot? What a horrible disgrace you are! This town is like the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. We just get some energy and enthusiasm back into this town and you idiots decide to provide an online sports blackout unless folks are willing to pony up about $150 a year. Me? I could probably afford it, but lots of others just really can't. So what a great move for Knoxville and the KNS sense of "community." Frankly, at this point I could care less if your entire outfit goes under. Guess I'll figure out something else for my VOL news. What a sad day for Knoxville and lots of your former followers. Hope your advertisers are thrilled.

orangecountyvols writes:

Vol fans,

What on earth will the trolls do now? This is a death knoll for Toddy boy, Wilted Flowers, Seven, 8, 9 etc.

Thankfully, there is the other site where we know each other and no trolls are allowed.

Also, what will Adams do with 3 or 4 readers
buying into his dumb articles, as well as the silly KNS 'polls'???????????????

GerryOP writes:

I'm 800 miles from Knoxvile and not interested in Knoxville news. I have been a GVX memeber since the early days, but not worth over $100 a year for the KNS version of Vol news. Be well KNS,,,

EastTnVols962 writes:

This is rediculous. Your price isn't even sensible. I am extremely let down by this. If I'm going to pay, I'll go to Volquest. Why? Look at some of the reasons listed above. Almost ZERO controls over trolls, and hald-arsed articles. I feel bad for Evan though, I enjoyed his stuff. Good luck KNS, but I too am out. Actually I take that good luck bad. I hope you go under.

I_Bleed_Orng writes:

Well, it was s*%$#*y while it lasted. Is this the beginning of the end of the KNS or just another step? Thinking you guys better figure out how the online revenue thing works, and fast.


RoadTrip writes:

Subscriber to KNS for over 25 years, so this is no problem to me. It's a new age in the information/communication industry. However, the only reason we subscribe today is due to the coupons we sometimes receive when they happen to actually make it into the paper and into our box. Many of the news reports and columns provided are dated, not relevant to east TN, of a political persuasion foreign to most local residents, or just plain dumbly written. We don't need you for that information. All we have to do is turn on the computer, smart phone, TV or radio.

Think about what they means. I will give you a clue. This isn't New York or Chicago and you are not the NY Times or ESPN.

Do you retain sportswriters that have negative agendas or even the opposite, hire Kool-Aid drinkers that never provide a balanced view of UT sports? Yes. When current and more detailed information is provided in a balanced way from papers and media outlets in cities over 100 miles away from Knoxville it reflects poorly on KNS. Read the posts above. They are how the vast majority feel about KNS sports reporting.

I am not one disgruntled subscriber that is unhappy with life. I am legion. I hear plenty about KNS since I am active in the community. Get the message and understand your market before you end up on scrap heap of your industry. I look forward to your improvement and reawakening to the community you serve.

Rumblefish writes:

Bad move KNS. Not to mention, the price point is just stupid!

dv8ing writes:

Guess I'll enjoy the local news on TV, they cover it better anyway. I rarely commented but feel this in forced censorship. KNS will only be around a few more years as it is, I guess it's their way of getting as much money as they can before that happens. Goodbye to all you nice folks play nice.

SBWB2 writes:

in response to FiftyOne:

You do realize how this advertising thing works right? You have lots of traffic on your site and the advertisers pay you more money. If you have less traffic you lose revenue. Bye bye revenue. Not a smart mve on your part.

Great Post.

MikeNPS writes:

Rather than calling this "A Letter To Our Readers", why don't you call it "A Ransom Note"? You are telling people to pay the ransom you want or their access gets killed.

volzzus#410530 writes:

Dear Knox News, I've decided to start seeing other people. We've been through a lot but our expectations just aren't the same anymore. I wish you well and hope you make it. I'm headed west to the Tennessean. Cheer up its not you it's me.

underthehill writes:

I am sure KNS expected the wrath of the free loaders but I do think it would have been a good idea to make provisions to permit those in far away locations to continue at a very low fee..

orangehead writes:

In LA and enjoyed reading along with the Commercial Appeal and Jackson Sun, but have to pay for the local paper here on line along with a Vol site I enjoy and that is all my budget will allow (not financially, just that's all or more than anyone needs to be spending on online media). At first I thought free on line would be good for papers, especially advertising, as without online I'd never hit the KNS, the CA or the JS, but with it I did--as I certainly wasn't going to have the paper mailed and get old news. But now with so many going to pay walls I can't see that many people paying for more than a paper or two. I know our business here cut way back on advertising in the local paper when they went with a pay portal as it cut our potential viewers in half. So hope it all works for you. I, like I do with the JS and CA, will occasionally check for free stuff but otherwise, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

bohica-figmo writes:

Dear editors: Thank you for "giving the finger" to longtime govolsxtra subscribers. I have subscribed to govolsxtra/247 sports for years to follow Tennessee football and basketball. NOW at the beginning of football season, you make me pony up another $11 a month to follow regular columnists like John Adams and Mike Strange?!?!? WTF. I don't live in Knoxville. I don't care about anything Knoxville other than UT sports. Why do I have to pay $11 when all I want to follow is sports?!?! How about, say, a $6/month subscription for a "govolsxtra only" subscription?!?! I hope you guys keep getting face-blasted by irate fans until you come to your senses!!!!

bohica-figmo writes:

And one more thing...
you realize how bone-head stupid it is that I can access govols247 content linked through your site, but I can't read the standard govolsxtra articles? And your timing sucks! One week before the start of football season?!?!? FACEPALM!

johnlg00 writes:

As far as I can tell, there are only a couple dozen people who were regular posters before who are on here now. I'm glad to be rid of the trolls, but I know I will miss MANY long-time Vol fans who just feel victimized by this sudden change. I bit the bullet because I live over 300 miles away and this has long been my main "fix" for Vol news, but this also makes me a poor target for your ads. I can't help but think that the lost ad revenue due to a DRASTIC reduction in page views will FAR exceed what you will make by charging people. It's YOUR business that will suffer, while fans can always find alternatives. And I feel even more ripped off by the fact that you still seem to be charging extra for Govols247. I think this whole exercise needed a WHOLE LOT more thinking through, especially before springing it on people literally overnight.

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