Geoff Calkins: Pastner and Bowen agree, beating Vols is fun

Tennessee's Jarnell Stokes, 5, and Kenny Hall, 20, reach for a rebound with Memphis' Geron Johnson, 55, during a game at Thompson-Boling Arena, Friday, Jan. 4, 2013. UT lost 85-80. (AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL)

Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess

Tennessee's Jarnell Stokes, 5, and Kenny Hall, 20, reach for a rebound with Memphis' Geron Johnson, 55, during a game at Thompson-Boling Arena, Friday, Jan. 4, 2013. UT lost 85-80. (AMY SMOTHERMAN BURGESS/NEWS SENTINEL)

KNOXVILLE — So Geron Johnson had a good idea.

"I want to play them every week," he said, grinning.

What say you, Josh Pastner and Tom Bowen? Play Tennessee every week. Beat Tennessee every week.

Nothing like a win over the Vols to make everybody feel better about basketball and life.

"A total, complete game," said Pastner, when it was done, and on this point, nobody could contradict him.

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HtownVol writes:

I said this after both UM games a year ago, McBee is not quick enough to guard any UM player. He was not the only one though.

Bottom line is that UT will never take the next step under Martin unless we start signing recruits who can score. Defense means nothing if you score under 30 points in almost every half.
Hubbs may be good but bringing in two more low level recruits doesnt make me think next year we will be lighting it up.


Orangeblood13 writes:

Have to agree htown, out basketball is boring to watch till the last 5 min

HtownVol writes:

I have no experience and Martin is the HC... BUT I seem to think that there are so many ways to get better scoring.

Tennessee seems to waste so many possesions byt spending 25 seconds trying to feed Stokes the ball and everyone knows what they are doing so they deny it then with 8 seconds left they just hope for a shot. That never works because there is not a player on the roster who can create his own shot.
When Stokes does get the ball he is always doubled. Practice moving the ball to the open man. I think Stokes gets upset at his lack of paint touches so when he gets the ball he holds on too much.

The BIGGEST difference would be for Golden, McRae and Richardson to DRIVE THE BALL!!!! UT is so much better when they can drive the ball. At least try it.

Anyway, since Martin has been HC he has signes 6 recruits. Only TWO of them are SEC starters (Stokes and Hubbs) And we dont know about Hubbs yet.

I really like Richardson, he is getting some confidence scoring and he may be very good sometime but for UT to make it deep in the dance Martin has to sign players who can create his own shot when needed.

Starting now he needs to develope relationships with the top talent in the 2014 class and sign the best class since the Chism class (06'?).
Do whatever it takes to sign four recruits at least 4 star recruits and hopefully about 2 five stars.

I love Martin as a HC but defense alone will not get us to the next level. These athletic teams line Memphis, FU and UK will be able to run us all over and put up points.

Lets all hope that we start seeing some points. 52 in the 2nd half last night is a start.

Also, Golden... COME ON MAN!!! When did you forget how to score?


JohnnyU writes:

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

If I understand your post directly, you are saying you do not like the 3-point shot era. I may just be an old curmudgeon, but I would agree. I see a lot of dribbling around for 30 seconds, good defense being played and not being rewarded when, in the last 5 seconds some guy throws up a three. Drives me crazy. Of course we don't have anyone who does that.

wigmeister writes:

I've said it before, and I will say it again. I don't care how good your defense is, if you still can't score more points than your opponent. Poor shooting = less wins. Stokes is getting double and triple teamed every time down the floor, making him desperate to score, which causes bricks to be thrown. Until Martin and his staff make some changes to free up the post, it will not change all season. We miss Maymon big time, but I feel he should redshirt. That means the existing players better learn to consistently score, because if they don't, this will be just a so-so year again. With Maymon back next year things will improve, but only if Martin can bring in players that consistently score, and be quick enough on both O and D.

bigdisbig writes:

The whole darn sports program in in the tank at Tennessee......with maybe the exception of the lady Vols but they can't even play with the top 5 teams.
Basketball Vols play like sandlot boys, football Vols are in queston big time with yet ANOTHER new coach.
It seems to me we need a QUALITY athletic director and Jimmy Cheeks needs to be run out of town. He is an overpaid loser who has all but ruined the Tennessee athletic dept. with his dumb hires. Its almost as if he wants UT to fail.

golfman1975 writes:

I am SHOCKED to hear they were happy to win a game.

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