Mark Wiedmer: Can UT's season turn as bright as Smith's blazer?

Tennessee player Jacques Smith talks with reporters during the Southeastern Conference football Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Wednesday, July 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Photo by Dave Martin

Tennessee player Jacques Smith talks with reporters during the Southeastern Conference football Media Days in Hoover, Ala., Wednesday, July 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

HOOVER, Ala. — For a brief moment Wednesday morning it appeared as if Tennessee senior defensive end Jacques Smith had lost coach Butch Jones's wardrobe memo for SEC Media Days.

While Jones and senior offensive linemen Tiny Richardson and Ja'Wuan James all entered the Hyatt's Wynfrey Hotel wearing similar versions of a white shirt/dark gray suit/orange necktie ensemble, Smith opted for a more eye-catching look.

Or as Richardson said upon first spying his classmate's bright orange blazer: "Man, you look like a black Bruce Pearl."

Added James, "I told him he pulled it off kind of cool, but he could still be seen by a Google satellite."

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wononta writes:

Ha-Ha, I have the first comment. I will celebrate the occasion by answering the question.
And dont you want to know why?
Because the Vols will have the best Oline in the confrence, as well as one of the best in the country. But enough has been said about that, so I wont stand on the strength of the obvious.
At QB Justin Worley will be more than adequite, in fact will be a strength. Too much has been made out of a poor showing in the O/W game. Worley has been around a couple Yrs, started, and developed. His time has come, and he will excell in it. Hi-school, nobody gave him Mr Natl Gatorade player of the Yr. He earned it the old fashioned way.
Say what you want about Dooley, I dont intend to defend him. But the man did recruit some good talent. I think that got lost somehow in all the negative. The cupboard is not nearly bare, we have outstanding underclassmen talent. Look it up.
The Vols biggest problem last yr was we were exposed in the passing game time and time again. All because the defense was lined up wrong. We have the skilled players on defense and a switich back to 4-3 will prove it.
The multi-million dollar Anderson Training Facility has been put to good use. Every player on the team is leaner, stronger, and faster than they were this time last Yr. So I expect it to show in an all around better, faster, and stronger team in every game this Yr.
Lastly, this team has better coach's who have already shown up ready to go to work. Talk about set the example, nobodys going to lay down on these guys.

OrangePride writes:

Interesting that the topic of conversation coming out of SEC Media Day is centered on the attire of Jaques But the question about can our season be as bright is nearly rhetorical. Have to agree with Wononta. The big issues sports pundits seem to have this year include, "oh dear, what will Tennessee do for a QB/receiver corps/defensive backfield, etc. It's as if we have no talent in those areas and are out on Gay Street grabbing homeless folks to come play. I seem to recall Worley and Peterman were EXTREMELY high gets for us when they committed. What happened? They forgot how to play?? If they were so mediocre, why did all those other top programs want them as well? Again, Wononta, you have it right.....don't put a lot of stock in the O/W game. Bray stunk up the field one year and came back to have a great season. We have a great receiver coming in, several already here with good credentials and, with good game planning, we will be fine. The O-line is one of the top. The running backs are solid. The D-line and linebackers are way better than last year's Sunseri stats suggest. Most of all, we will have a staff on the sideline that has a light year's better pedigree than the one it replaces. So YEP! Our season should very well meet the bright light of Smith's jacket. LET'S GO VOLS!! AND LET'S THE REST OF US BE ALL IN FOR TENNESSEE!!!!

wononta writes:

OP- Im glad we can agree.
I wonder if anybody watched Jaquez speak at SEC days. A very impressive, articulate young man. I for one am proud that he is a VFL. He even looked good in the jacket.

In my earlier post I didn't say much about our defense. I will do so now. The problem last Yr was mostly our DB's were confused about how to line up. More on that later.
All the Dline guys say they cant wait to get back to 4-3 alignment. This is a squad with depth. McCullers, Miller, Smith, and Walls are backed up by rotation which will include Maurice Couch who looks like a monster, Daniel Hood who rotated last Yr, and Tre Saulsberry who I like because he plays with a bad attitude if you know what I mean.
LB' what can I say about AJ that hasn't already been said. Well, how about All-American by seasons end? Barring injury I think so. Then Maggitt who finished only behind AJ in tackles in the confrence and was SEC all freshman in 2011. Sapp, Propst, Brewer, Fugate Crump, and King will compete for the 3rd spot, and all will rotate. Depth, yeah.
I cant talk about our DB's without Brian Randolf , he's my guy.All-American potentual and future 1st round draft pick, this guy can do it all. Moore, Coleman, McNeil, and Gordon will give opposing QB's the fits. Depth here too, Toney, Jones, and Grey all have experience.
Sheez, I gotta quit. This defense has a bad rep, and will come out playing like they have something to prove. Top 3 SEC defense by the seasons end. Hows that for a prediction?

sameolvolalum writes:

Three optimistic, sunny skies ahead glad-to-be-on-our-feet-again posts........and all which is even more brightly lit is the ironic fact that these fellow Vol fans of mine are right on! Good posts, fella's. My health won't allow me to travel to Knoxville to noisy up Neyland with you this season, but if you listen hard enough, maybe you'll hear me singing Rocky Top from down here in SC's midlands. Thanks, buddies, for starting this site up with sunshine. GBO!

irnmanvol writes:


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