AP Source: Tide froze football staffer's contract

Alabama has penalized director of football operations Joe Pannunzio for his role in the Miami scandal while a member of the Hurricanes' staff, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the university didn't release the name. Alabama posted 31 secondary violations on its Web site Thursday involving a number of sports for the year ending June 30.

Alabama said the staffer received no raise or contract extension for one year, wasn't allowed to communicate with recruits for 90 days and had to attend an NCAA regional rules seminar.

Pannunzio isn't identified in the notice of allegations the NCAA brought against Miami. Alabama said its staffer "provided impermissible benefits to a prospect and his family and introduced prospect to a booster while at another institution."

That booster was Nevin Shapiro, the central figure in the Miami scandal.

Pannunzio was one of the former Miami assistant coaches accused of having ties with Shapiro, the former booster and convicted felon who's now serving a 20-year term in federal prison for masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme.

Pannunzio, however, was not among the former Hurricane coaches accused of wrongdoing by the NCAA, which investigated Miami for about two years before presenting the Hurricanes with their charges — the notice of allegations — on Feb. 19.

The document prepared by Alabama's compliance office said the staffer it didn't identify might have been in violation of six bylaws, all of which fell under Article 13, or recruiting.

Miami appeared before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions in June, and current football coach Al Golden said earlier this week that the Hurricanes expect "closure" to the saga soon. A decision by the committee on infractions about further sanctions, if any, against the Hurricanes could come within the next few weeks, and the school is hopeful to hear sometime in August.

At Miami, Pannunzio was a tight ends coach and special teams coordinator.

Alabama also reported six other violations against the football program, which has won the past two national championships. In one case, members of the coaching staff were cited for going over the allowed number of off-campus contacts with a prospect. The involved coaches were barred from recruiting off-campus for the first week of the spring evaluation period, received letters of admonishment and rules education.


AP Sports Writer Tim Reynolds in Miami contributed to this report.

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keepitreal4vols writes:

Pannunzio, however, was not among the former Hurricane coaches accused of wrongdoing by the NCAA
Of course he wasn't. Because it was the NCAA doing the investigating. Alabama investigated and found wrongdoing. Now seriously, does anyone not named Mark Emmert think the NCAA is even relevant anymore?

punkin writes:

31 minor infractions? Dang how many are schools allowed? Wait....it's Bama, never mind.

jakethevolguy writes:

Pannunzio will fit right in and feel at home at Alabubba.

RoadTrip writes:

Slimey comes to mind

wononta writes:

Condition of anonymity; We just made it up.

thevoice writes:

Pannunzio. Ponzi. Sounds about the same to me.

tovolny writes:


DannyVol writes:

Two years ago there was a very short lived investigation in Tuscaloosa about players signing merchandise for money - basically the same story that's hanging over A&M like a black cloud. Then it disappeared and never returned.

Just like Ohio State, it'll take overwhelming evidence collected by the media for the NCAA to act. Bama and Ohio State are nearly untouchable.

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