Poll: Of Tennessee's four non-conference games per season, how many should be against teams from power conferences?

Poll: Of Tennessee's four non-conference games per season, how many should be against teams from power conferences?

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Poll: Of Tennessee's four non-conference games per season, how many should be against teams from power conferences?

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Chappy writes:

I personally like the big, out of conference games. They typically get national coverage and are exciting (at least if we don't get blown out).

I understand playing a lesser conference team 1st game and for HC, but I wish all SEC teams would play at least 1 big out of conference team each year.

mocsandvolsfan writes:

I agree Chappy. I still like playing the little guys too. 2 out of the four should be UTC and such. Why not help little sister. Those schools really need big games to help their revenues. I've never been a "Power conference" fan. I love the SEC for it's tradtion not it's top 5 teams. Let's face it! Some of our bottom teams probably shouldn't be in the SEC. Not as for as their personal "power goes" on the field or in the gym.

It's really again about money. Power doesn't mean who are the best teams. It means who brings home the bacon. Also covering those teams means selling more papers and sports mags. More blogs too I suppose.


At least one and ideally two..It gives the fans a great game to watch out of conference and also prepares the team for better competition.

Show-me-your-TDs writes:

1 cup cake to start the season and footballs to the walls the rest of the year


oldster writes:

The Vols need wins. They have been unable to beat anyone who can walk and chew gum simultaneously in a while. Therefore, until and unless they improve to the point where Akron and Troy does not strain their abilities, they need to avoid any out of conference tough games.

In fact, I have favored at least ditching the Alabama game every year as, even when you consider their down years, the match up over a period of time creates a schedule that favors UGA. Personally, I would like to see UT join another conference as I would like to see them get into another national championship game before I die.

GOJO writes:

Dedpends on how strong the team is at any given time. We do NOT need four out-of-conference power teams at this time.
In normal times, two would be fine. We need two cupcakes - - one to start the season & one for homecoming.

BigBadVol writes:

I would love to beat OR. I just don't see it happening. Weak games are good to make adjustments but bad for toughness. But I understand, lose one game and you're out.

wononta writes:

Seems to me that every 2-3 yrs UT already plays a top 10-20 toughest schedule. Kiffins first yr, and Dooleys 1st yr seems like.
EastDivSEC opponents, and Bama and somebody else from the west. LSU often, the Ms,ipis, Auburn this yr. Unlike some other SECeast teams who's names I will not mention, manage to duck Alabama and LSU in what appears like a habit or something. Tennessee plays a tough enough schedule every yr. Every yr.

Oklahoma, Texas, OhioSt, ect. name it would cry like a byitch if they had UT's schedule.

FearTheVols1252 writes:

Poll: What will the next stupid, meaningless poll question be?

antonio14313 writes:

2. as long as one of them is never the homecoming game.

go vols.


VFL_Troll_Patrol writes:

I've heard from many other fans around Alabama (Where I live unfortunately haha) Mostly Bama and florida fans, that quote "Every team in the SEC has an easy schedule sometimes because of the rotation." I cant seem to wrap my head around that considering we have had a tough schedule the last 2 or 3 years. When I say tough, I mean playing current top talent teams back to back for 4 weeks. UK had a CRAZY tough schedule last year! Why punish the teams who are trying to rebuild with a harder schedule? I say that cause teams like Bama get by with murder on a schedule. YES I know Bama has been the dominant team the last 4 years and they have a LOT of good talent! They deserve everything the have accomplished. but again, why do they get to breeze by sometimes? For example, if Bama loses to Texas A&M, they can still beat georgia and LSU and compete for another title. (Maybe it's because there isn't enough top talent in the SEC right now, to put teams like Bama up against. If they beat all 3 teams, its almost guaranteed that they will compete for a title. Any team has a chance to upset teams like Bama, LSU, Georgia but why are these 3 teams, the only ones who have more than enough talent to upset them? In other words, Georgia has a better chance to upset a team than Kentucky does. My problem with all this is that they play the tough teams in a more spread out schedule and even sometimes they don't even have to play the harder games. Maybe Im looking at this all wrong. Those teams are tough but its more broken up in the schedule. I think a lot of it has to do with politics and money but what do I know. Maybe Im just Jealous of other teams success. But I can say one thing, playing more than one out of conference power house team the next 2 seasons will be suicide (So to speak). Until UT rebuilds (Which we will) to a championship team, we need all the breaks we can get.

Im SUPER excited that UT will play Auburn this year! I want to see UT end this 5 year losing streak to Auburn! Im hoping I get a chance to go to the game because it could be a memorable game, unless its a blow out haha

*Im always watching*

Its been a long time coming: Auburn vs Tennessee 2013

VolsUpsetYetAnother writes:

First two before SEC opener should be warm ups. Then bring on the top 25 until the BCS BS is gone and we have a true playoff system.

MidTNVolFan writes:

I've always been a fan of a great opener. What better way to start the season than to immediately put your season on the line? I think its a great test. ACC is not a power conference but after we beat NC State last year we scared the hell out of everyone. I had people coming to me telling me how good of a team we had. I say for opener play one from a power conference. So we should play 3 in my opinion. Hell I havent lived in TN for almost 7 years and its a lot easier to see games on tv if we are playing a team that matters instead of a cupcake. Cupcakes give a team a false sense of security. I love that we travel to Eugene this year before we play Florida. Remember the undefeated season? We had a real test against Donavan McNabb and those damn Orangemen in Syracuse. Those are the types of game we need to get the ball rolling. Regardless if we win or lose at least we know where we stand against a 'real' team. I think even if its a very close loss you earn some level of respect from that power conference which means when we play those games people will tune in and pay to watch us. Their fan bases will want to be present at those games.

Off subject, thinking about last season, as bad as our defense played under Sunseri we still had some very close games. Matter of fact the defining moment last year was against Vandy. That game 'officially' ruined the season and made us a bad team. We win that and go on to beat KY and Dooley may still have his job. Not a Dooley lover just saying how it came down to one game that changed it all for us.

John_10065 writes:

(re-post from the poll thread)

2 is enough, 3 would be pushing it. Most teams are playing 12-13 games a year and even the pansies in their conference tend to "get up" for their traditional rivalries.

Teams need a couple cupcakes to evaluate talent against and give lower class-men on the field experience.

Besides these aren't professionals with signing bonuses, they are unpaid college athletes that will mostly do other things after college besides sports. Putting them into a meat grinder week after week with an already expanded schedule for our entertainment is wrong.

rbwtn writes:

Why don't you just put a Poem in here or something else, tired of this stupid poll, for the 3rd time cause you have nothing to write about.

Volunteerfan74 writes:

We need to play power house teams because 1. It will entice viewers. 2. It will fill the seats. 3. It will generate more money, and last but not least, challenge our team and show them different looks. All of which helping the University and the players! Great idea!

antonio14313 writes:

in response to SAMA_BUCKS:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

i respectfully disagree that a playoff would cause even more bickering with teams being left out. currently in the BCS system, as high as the #3 team in the country would gripe about being left out. but, with a 4 team playoff, as high as the #5 team in the nation would gripe about being left out, which wouldn't be as strong of a case as the #3 team being left out. that is, unless all 5 top ranked teams went undefeated, which would be EXTREMELY rare!

i personally would want an 8 team playoff. i mean, if you can't get into the top 8, then you DEFINITELY shouldn't play for the national title.

go vols!


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