Former Vol Eric Westmoreland arrested for drugs

Former Marion County High School and University of Tennessee football player Eric Westmoreland of Chattanooga was charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances.

For more, read the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

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NYCApple writes:


NYCApple writes:

I love on Cops when people would tell police, when asked about drugs found in their trunk.."that's not mine. I don't know how that got in there." How many times have you been walking to the car, popped the trunk, and SURPRISE...there's 100kilos of cocaine in there!?? We've all been there right?!

BigVolinCarolina writes:


Hope it ain't true.

Sir_Spanky writes:

If they had a 100 keys in the trunk the bond would be a little steeper. What I wanna know is, is that a neck tat on the little one? And, who belongs to who, or are the chicks community property? Or what?

TeamXer writes:

Nice posse, E-Mo, especially the Jack Nicholson lookalike. Stay away from those nasty pills!

volgrog#210164 writes:

Bummer, E-Mo was one of my favorite Vols ever.

vut5686#1405392 writes:

Sad; guess we must blame Fulmer. Really, carrying this story in Knoxville as reported in a Chattanooga paper of an occurance in Alabama seems a stretch of relevant news. Realistically, it is what it is but does not make it necessary. What else did members of the '98 team do today...; worthwhile stuff that merits our knowing? Thirteen years, or so, would seem past the statue of limitations for this type news to be fed us.

Millisa writes:

I Pray Eric gets the help that He needs

off_the_porch writes:

Looks like Dan was the cooker. Tabitha will look good once she gets cleaned up.

CommodoreCapital writes:

VFL tradition rolls on.

CrankE writes:

Well, that certainly was an interesting group of people. Hooray for Diversity!

crappieking writes:

Why is this news?

licknpromise777#651578 writes:

in response to volgrog#210164:

Bummer, E-Mo was one of my favorite Vols ever.

I agree; we had a ton of great LB's in the 90's that were great players for the Vol's but couldn't make it in the NFL..Raynoch Thompson comes to mind as well as "tool shed"..Omar Gaither had 5 good years with the Eagles..Iam assuming Eric earned a degree but appears he didn't take the high road to success..Sad indeed

voloffaith writes:

in response to CommodoreCapital:

VFL tradition rolls on.

Since you're pearly white go ahead throw the first stone.....lot's of compassion by you for those who made some bad choice of who they associate with and follow.....hope if you ever find yourself in a bad situation that someone shows the compassion to you that evidently you aren't willing or capable of showing....try and have a blessed Easter as the true hope of mankind defeated sin,death, and the devil that glorious day!!

NashvillePreds writes:

in response to CommodoreCapital:

VFL tradition rolls on.

I think your name would more aptly describe vu's territory if you named yourself Commodorewestendandpartofwestemeade


SevenT writes:

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VolFanInTheBoro (Inactive) writes:

in response to Johnny_Aint_No_Del_Shofner:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Ha ha an article about Westmoreland and you bring up Dooley. He is really in your head. Wow! and you call 99% of the folks on this site losers. You are obviously the mentally ill loser

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