John Adams: UT defense dips below Sunseri line

John Adams
Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall (14) runs for yardage as Tennessee defensive lineman Corey Vereen (50) tries to catch him in the third quarter of an NCAA college football game on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall (14) runs for yardage as Tennessee defensive lineman Corey Vereen (50) tries to catch him in the third quarter of an NCAA college football game on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Just for the record, it should be noted that Auburn’s mascot never circled Tennessee’s perimeter for a significant gain Saturday afternoon. Neither did one of its tuba players.

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Comments » 25

gglardon50#417841 writes:

Bad team with a coach over his head.

towmater writes:

Getting tired of getting hammered game after game, year after year. Must be what it is like to be a Kentucky football fan.

wigmeister writes:

Don't have the horses. Not only can our players not tackle, this defense is the slowest group. They cannot catch people in space. We knew it would take time. Either this whole team steps up for the remainder of the year, or we will be bowl free again. No excuses! You either have it or you don't. BTW, I don't believe anyone has played a tougher schedule than us.

MikeNPS writes:

Adams continues to be a total embarrassment to the News Sentinel. The guy is an idiot.

pingkr62 writes:

I think it's time to start playing more or all of our true freshmen. I doubt things can get any worse. It's obvious Dooley and his staff weren't very good at evaluating players, of course there are a few exceptions. Also, CBJ should play the underclassmen of the offensive line now in order to prepare them for next season. G.B.O.!!!

Tao_of_Tennessee writes:

Did Auburn have its top three offensive producers bolt for the NFL last year?

This year has been pretty much what I expected with upside surprises against UGA and USC. The last two weeks have been disappointing, but again, the defense has had too many hard reps. I'll get on the dismal bandwagon if they do not compete well against UV after two weeks rest, but not until then.

ray61 writes:

Dont blame Adams, he is just reporting the truth.

pingkr62 writes:

I checked and saw UT got another commitment from a defensive lineman from Texas. His name is Dimarya Mixon, 6'4 250lbs but no star rating. Has anyone heard of him?

vut5686#1405392 writes:

Everybody knows we got beat badly. For Adams to try his sarcastic cuteness is not news but just piling on. Adds nothing of interest nor meaningful information. A bigger embarrassment than our team's performance. The Vols at least got some bruises; Adams just hides behinds a laptop and take pot shots at the obvious. No Pulitzer here.

Esau writes:

As I've said before the Adams haters seem to be more in search of a cheerleader than a sports writer.

cltvol writes:

Adams tells it like it is. There's nothing inaccurate with what he says. Our defense is horrible. There's no way our defense should get pushed around the way they have all year. I lay it on the coaches.

wcirwin64#584242 writes:

Mr. Adams fails to mention that Gus Malzahn recruited most of the players playeing on the Auburn offensive roster . .and recruited them to fit into his offensive scheme. That is the main reason for the quick turn around. Auburn had talent last year, but wrong coach.We all know our situation could not be flipped that quick, even if Satan, i mean Saban himself was our coach . . Nick was only 6-6 his first year at Bammer.... So bite me Adams

slb1zellwood#1421797 writes:

Come on guys, it is bad I agree but we all knew what the situation was and before you continue with the blame game take a deep breath have a cold beer and let Butch have the support it takes to get the job done. If it is the coaches he will fix that,if it is the players he and time will take care of that so chill less get thru the year, thank the kids that will be leaving for their efforts and move on to 2014. I live in Fla. and after yesterday the mess here just got bigger and they have bigger problems coming and do you know what? It couldn't happen to a better bunch of ding bats called coaches.

johnlg00 writes:

If I had posted last night, I might have put out some stuff I would not be proud of this morning. I am somewhat surprised that there aren't more negative posts on this thread. As for me, I can hardly imagine how bad the coaches and players must feel right now. We may never know how many players are playing hurt and/or exhausted after playing so many formidable opponents in a row with insufficient numbers of adequate players to begin with.

It will speak volumes about the coaches and the program if the Vols don't lose a number of their better recruiting commitments. I heard on the broadcast that Auburn's recruiting from the national champion year to the present has been just about as good as anybody's while we know that UT's recruiting had fallen off considerably over the last several years. Kiffen's one complete class looked good coming in but most of those guys have disappeared without a trace. For now, it appears that CBJ has arrested that decline, but it remains to be seen how many of these guys hang in there after what they have seen over the last few weeks. If they stay true, we can truly say that better days are ahead, certainly compared to the ones we are all enduring right now.

TommyJack writes:

Instead of bashing Butch, cuss Dooley. You can't coach speed. And BTW, this team is worn slap out.

Vol-in-GA writes:

First, Malzahn was OC under Chizik for all but 1 year. AU had recruited and built for that system. So, his return was aided by that personnel built from several top 5 recruiting classes. Much easier to succeed when the table is already set.
Secondly, anyone who has followed the Vols since Flumer's dismissal can follow the loss of personnel and lower rated recruiting. So, I hardly think comparing the two new coaches is relevant at this point. I think Butch is a good hire and a fair amount of time will tell if he is a great hire. The team has had three tough weeks against top 15 teams. Hell, some real flashes of hope since Georgia. There is a chance if the Vols can win out
to go bowling. However, Vandy's performance against Fla was impressive. Hang in there my Orange brothers and sisters we are in good hands, I'm just as tired of watching blowouts as well;
but we are going to get there.

jone8191#247590 writes:

This mess falls totally in the lap of Dooley/Hamilton, THE worst head coach/AD combo in NCAA history. This is the slowest bunch in the SEC (including Ky and that game certainly doesn't look like a slam dunk either). Auburn is light years ahead of UT. And they even have the money and wherewithal to bring their band to Neyland. It must be great to be a real SEC school.

bUTch__please writes:

Adams does not tell it like it is. That is the point. Coach Malzhan is coaching Seniors and Juniors who ran and grew up in his offense as underclassmen. He was gone for one year and came back to install the exact same offense that Newton ran to a NC. Coach Malzhen installed the one missing piece, Marshall, and off went the Tigers.

Portraying the job Coach Jones has to the turn-key team Coach Malzhan walked back into after a year's absence as similar challenges is the purest definition of yellow journalism.

ModelMaker writes:

Hey guys, with all that has been said I bet that we beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky, go to a bowl game, and "win it". That is if I got this team figured right, and I believe I do.

SummerfieldVol writes:

UT'S biggest problem is lack of talent.The defense is slow and does not react very well to the play that is run at them.Defense is mostly a reaction to what is happening in front of you, plus you can not play pass defense with your back to the ball if you can't see it you can't catch it or defend it. The 1st thing to stop is the run between tackles. Note the word TACKLE. Which we are doing very badly ( again talent). The coaches are not running the ball, blocking, or receiving the ball.Neither are they throwing or tackling. I will agree they call the plays but that is where it ends. The players are responsible for their area and making the plays in their area.

Snapshot writes:

in response to cltvol:

Adams tells it like it is. There's nothing inaccurate with what he says. Our defense is horrible. There's no way our defense should get pushed around the way they have all year. I lay it on the coaches.

You say there is nothing inaccurate about what Adams. The part where he says Malzahn just walked I an flipped a switch, well what he didn't say was Auburn has had 4 or 5 consecutive years of top ten ranked recruiting classes. That makes a huge difference for whoever the next coach was. Makes it hard to figure out why they dropped off so bad last year. I think lack of a decent qb. was a big part of it.

Anyway, hopefully help is on the way for the Vols.

OrangePride writes:

All of us knew going in this is at least a 3 year window to get the talent we need on campus and up to speed. Jones was something like 4-8 his first season at Cincy but had it turned around in his second year. Given the chance, I believe he can do that here as well, so let's not all jump off the bandwagon and again start the usual "let's change coaches" chant. THAT will do no good at all. I recall that Doug Dickey got here after 5 or 6 pretty lean years and only won 4 games his first year. Same is true of Majors...nothing spectacular early. Let's just stay the course, and let these players prove they are not the same old Dooley gang against Vandy and Kentucky. It's one last opportunity and then we go from there.

murrayvol writes:

in response to TommyJack:

Instead of bashing Butch, cuss Dooley. You can't coach speed. And BTW, this team is worn slap out.

Exactly. 4 (5 if you include FHCPF's last year) years of bad coaching, subpar recruiting, over the top turmoil, etc. has brought us to this point.

We are working our way through one of the toughest schedule's in college football with zero quality depth. I'm still trying to figure out how the hell we beat SC.

DandridgeVol writes:

I know each coach has their own style, but CBJ doesn't seem to be much of a sideline, or gameday, coach. It seems all he ever does is grimace.
Also, second half adjustments have been dismal. This coaching staff needs to improve on schemes and putting players in a better position to make plays. It isn't all speed. Poor angles, poor pad technique body position all contribute to missed opportunities. It is easy to blame it all on speed, let's make sure we are addressing all the problems, and not just making a scapegoat of speed. Nebraska won for years without team speed, as did Ohio State.
I would like to see CBJ more involved in strategy with the players on game day, and cleverness in making adjustments. That is what championship teams do.

rbromley7#1423785 writes:

Punting protection has improved since an early season block. However, do you ever follow the action of the big 3 lined up in front of our kicker? The team is basically covering with only 7 players. The big three can barely get down field & don't appear able to make an open field tackle, much less pursue. Perhaps another punting alignment would help. Virginia Tech had success several years ago by using some of their better athletic starters on special teams.

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