Alabama reviewing mass exodus of students from Bryant-Denny Stadium, could nix block seating

Block seating emptied out early in the second half of the Alabama vs. Georgia State game. (Ben Flanagan/

Block seating emptied out early in the second half of the Alabama vs. Georgia State game. (Ben Flanagan/

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- Angry Alabama football fans took to Twitter Saturday night as they watched the student section in Bryant-Denny Stadium empty out for another game, and it seems fans aren't the only people taking notice.

According to a report in The Crimson White, SGA President Jimmy Taylor emailed leaders of student organizations with block seating before the game, warning them to stay in their seats or else.

“Administrators will review photos and film of the student section from the games,” the email stated, according to The Crimson White. “Seating will be taken away from those organizations who abandon reserved seating. I have also been informed that this is a ‘pilot year’ for SOS and if sections do not remain full, this will likely be the final year of Student Organization Seating.”

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BrassMonkey writes:

Don't schedule teams that are a joke. Tennessee has the same problem

h8FLORIDA writes:

Bama fans painted the rock. Well done guys.

In response I think we need to paint AJ McCarron's girlfriend.

johnlg00 writes:

This just goes to show that (1) today's college students just aren't into football the way they were in the past, in part because (2) they have so many other things to occupy their time than they used to. Also, this generation's short attention span means that there just aren't very many things that they would tie up three or fours doing on a Saturday afternoon or evening.

bUTch__please writes:

Hey Nick, it's OK, they're just not into you. Three NC's and you're treated like yesterdays news. Don't fight it. Just frat house disrespect for you and love of alcohol running amok in Birmingham. Ingrates, all of them. Go somewhere that you're Dallas.

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