Tennessee Vols' offensive line faces another prove-it game

KNOXVILLE — Missouri's defensive line might have snuck up on some offenses this season.

That won't be the case for Tennessee's veteran offensive line.

The Tigers boast a defensive front that's playing and producing well, but it's had the Volunteers' respect since the two lines faced off against each other in Knoxville last season.

"It's one of those things where you play a game, and it's the next year that you definitely remember that opponent from a year ago because there was something that happened in the course of the game that you remember," Tennessee offensive line coach Don Mahoney said after the Vols practiced on Wednesday afternoon.

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OrangePride writes:

Yes indeed. I have seen two of the Missouri games this season and that's an impressive group. They dominated South Carolina but for perhaps one or two series all night. And Sam is the real deal; better at disruption than any of the guys we've seen to date. NOW. All of that said, our guys take a back seat to no one. Missouri will have their plays, I'm sure. But we will have ours as well, and who has the most is why we play on Saturdays, so GO VOLS! WE CAN DO IT!!

BrassMonkey writes:

The most overrated O-line in all of college football. They rarely step up in big games. In the last three years the only games against quality opponents were they came through were Cinncinatti, NC State, and South Carolina. Other than they they get demolished by quality competition.

lonesome_dove writes:

another "Prove It" game ???

the Vols have four seniors and one junior on what was supposed to have been a Top-5 offensive line - if we haven't proved it by now, we ain't going to.

And we haven't. they are one of the most physically impressive, and maybe technically skilled, offensive lines in the country, yes. but as far as getting down in the trenches and getting the job done against any decent defensive unit on our schedule, forget it. it hasn't happened in four years and is not going to happen the remainder of their college careers.

I have been concerned about the loss of these linemen and the effect it will have on next year's team as Coach Jones continues rebuilding the Tennessee program. i'm not so worried anymore.

we have promising underclassmen returning and commitments from highly regarded high school and juco lineman on the way. with hard work, some decent chemistry and, God forbid, some mean streaks among those players, the new group will easily be as good as the current starters. I hate saying this since Tiny and his guys are, at the end of the day, still our Vols, but if they aren't killing important drives with penalties, then they are collapsing under pressure like an oily beach chair at high tide.

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